Time seemed to flow differently for people. To students attending classes, it went far to slow. To people enjoying their days, to fast. Right now, for Ginny Weasley, it was going annoyingly slow. She was waiting, rather impatiently, for her order to arrive. Sitting next to her on the full size bed, was Bella Swan, who was equally impatient. They had finally gotten enough money to order the potions that would bring back their, at least to them, lovers. What Bella didn't know, though, was the Ginny had to plans to stick to their deal. She was going to kill the disgusting vampire, Edward freaking Cullen, who dared to steal her beloved Harry from her. There was a potion for that. One that would turn the blood of a vampire to liquid fire and burn the hideous from the inside out. There was no cure, at least, not one that she would tell anyone abut. The only cure was the blood of a mate. A transfusion, if you will. But she didn't know anyone would willing bond to such and odious creature. When she told Bella about the potion that she ordered, she lied and said that it would bind the creature to her, bending it to her will.

Bella had been ecstatic. Nothing was going to stand in their way. Now, how to give it to them...

Harry stared down at the innocent looking kitten. The innocent looking kitten who was sitting in the middle of his room, surrounded by shredded paper. Paper that had been in his notebook. A notebook that was full of notes for school. Notes he needed for homework that night. He cursed silently under his breath and sighed. "What am I going to do with you? At least you live up to your namesake."

The blue eyed kitten, who had been named Kali, mewed at him and purred before prancing out of the room. Looking around the room once more, Harry pulled out his wand and waved it, wordlessly incanting a repairing spelling. One giant whirlwind of paper, cardboard and wire later, his notebook was fixed and sitting on his desk. "Thank Merlin for magic."

Sighing again, he went over to afore mentioned desk and sat down, prepared to at least attempt his homework, only to be hopelessly distracted by the shrill screech of a cat followed by the barking of a dog, which was them followed by a crash and the annoyed cursing of a French woman. Harry groaned. Yup, just another typical day in the Weasley-Potter household. Maybe he should go over to the Cullen's for the next day or ten. It was sounding more and more appealing by the second as another crash sounded through the house, which subsequently woke Teddy from his afternoon nap. The sound of the baby crying made Harry get up and go into the adjacent room to pick the child up. "It's alright, Teddy. Just the crazy animals acting up again. Why don't we go over Edward's house, huh? It's nice and quiet there."

Teddy just blinked up at him with blearing and watery eyes. Harry took that for an agreement and went to his room to pack somethings. As he was putting Teddy's diaper bag together, he heard the sound of a rather familiar car. He grinned and scooped Teddy up once more, after setting both bags onto his shoulder. It wasn't long before they were both settled into the car, Teddy in the car seat that one of the vampires had bought for him, and Harry in the front seat. "Alice tell you I need to be rescued?"

Edward grinned his crooked grin and replied, "Yes. Something about you going crazy and locking yourself in your room with a giant bag of chocolate, muttering to yourself."

Harry scoffed and shoved his vampire boyfriends shoulder, not that it did any good as he didn't budge, "Yeah right. The most I would have done was silenced my room. But thank you for coming to get me. Saved me a phone call as Luna took the car, again, to La Push. I should just buy myself a new car. Would save me the trouble of fight over it with Luna."

Edward chuckled and pulled up the drive to the Cullen house. Harry loved that house. It was one of the reasons he always went over. "I thought you came over for me."

Harry glanced over at Edward and grinned, "Nope, for the house, and Esme's lovely cooking. Saves me from having to make something."

He laughed at the put out look on the other 'teens' face. They got out of the car, Edward taking the bags and Harry grabbing the slumbering baby and made their way into the house. In the living room, the other 'teens' were all grinning. It seems that they heard Harry's comments to Edward. Esme came bustling in, carrying a plate of sweets for the mortal teen. "There you are, dear. Enjoy."

Harry beamed at the motherly vampire, "Thanks, Esme. You know I will."

He picked up a cookie and took a bite as he sat on the couch. It took him a moment to realize that his arms were bereft of baby, only to glance over and see that Rosalie was cuddling the child, enjoying having a baby in her arms. Harry smiled and finished his treat before sliding down onto the floor and emptying his back pack out onto the floor. Wrinkling his nose slightly, he picked up his history book, before looking up at Edward with pleading eyes, silently asking for help.

Edward just sighed lightly before joining his love on the floor and helping him with his homework. Harry grinned and nestled against him, listening to him and writing down the answers to the questions they had to do.

Steady beeping echoed around the silent hospital room. Beeping the signified that the person the machine was attached to was still alive. This caused to small amount of relief for Bill who walked into the room to visit his father. He had been stable for the past week, neither improving or declining. What ever the doctors were doing was working, at least a little. They had managed to isolate the main ingredient of the poison, which was, coincidently, cyanide. They could treat cyanide poisoning. The medical team working on his father was surprised when they found out what he had been poisoned with and that he had survived for so long with it in his system. It was probably thanks to the other ingredients of the potion that helped him for that long.

Bill padded quietly to the chair next to his fathers bed and plopped down into it, putting his head in his hands. He was so tired. The stress of everything was getting to him. His idiot family, his father, his psycho sister. It was all getting to much for him. Most of the time he just wanted to break down and start to cry. But he knew that he couldn't. He had to stay strong for his family. Fleur and Harry, Luna and Teddy. They were all counting on him to be the steady one. They one that they could come to for all of their troubles. He knew that if he needed to, he could turn to his wife, but she was acting so odd lately. Cheerful one moment, then an enraged veela the next. Frankly, she frightened at the moment.

A nurse bustled in to check Arthur's vitals before replacing his saline drip and give him his medicine. She smiled kindly at Bill before bustling out again.

In her wake came the steady beeping of the heart monitor.

Luna giggled happily as the pack around her wrestled playfully. She was sitting behind Leah, playing with her hair. Leah was practically putty in front of her, practically glowing from the attention. She had often felt left out of the pack, being the only female, and was distant from her cousin, Emily, who was the Imprint of Sam, who had been her boyfriend before he had shifted. People seem to think it's fun to be part of a love triangle. Well, it wasn't. She resented it.

Right now, though, she had found a best friend and confidant in Luna. The little blonde girl was always so perky and chipper, seemingly never in a bad mood. She fit perfectly with Jacob, who often times had trouble holding his temper back when he got mad at Sam or Paul. She knew, with out a doubt, that if he were to break from the pack, she would follow. One, because Jacob was her friend. And Two, well, Luna was her best friend and where Jacob was, so was Luna and vis versa.

Luna finished braiding the flowers into her hair and smiled. She missed having a girl friend. Ginny had been her friend, but that had bitten her in the arse one to many times over the years. Especially when she became friends with Harry and Ginny had just used their friendship to get closer to Harry.

Suddenly, without warning, the mock scuffle turned into a real one. Neither of the girls knew what set them off, but both Jacob and Paul had shifted and started going at it. Really going at it. Luna turned to Quil, probably one of the only ones who would tell her what was going on. Seeing her look, he said "Paul started going off about you being friends with the leeches and your brother and... uh..." he flushed lightly, "then some other things that I probably should repeat. It wasn't exactly polite."

Luna scowled and huffed. Paul just didn't know when to quit, did he. She looked down at Leah, who was also frowning. Before she could say anything, though, a howl cut though the snarls and Sam came bounding up. This caused Luna's frown to became harder. She didn't really dislike Sam, but she didn't like him either. Especially when he did was he was doing right now to her Jacob. He had grabbed him by his hind leg and wrenched him back, pulling the joint from it's socket, both hip and knee. Jake howled in pain and whimpered, turning his head back to lick at his wounded leg.

Luna stood up and marched directly over to Sam, conjuring a rolled up newspaper as she walked. Before the large wolf could even comprehend what was happening, she whacked him solidly on his rather sensitive nose. Repeatedly. The other stared at her, bewildered. Sam was cowering slightly, trying to get away from the evil paper, but she had enchanted it to follow his every move. Behind her, she could hear Leah laugh rather uproariously. Sam finally shifted back, but the newspaper was still at it. He scowled and grabbed it, tearing it to sheds. Luna was over next to Jacob, used the healing skills she learned during the war to help pop the joints back into the place and dull any pain he felt.

When he was healed, he shifted back, both of them blushing when they realized that he had nothing to change into. Thankfully, Quil was kind enough to toss him a spare pair of shorts. Jake pulled them on before turning back towards Sam. Sam was scowling at Luna, but thankfully dressed. "And what, pray tell, was that for?"

They could all tell he was pissed. Luna, unfortunately for all of them, was pissed as well, "That was for attacking Jacob when he was defending my honor. And for being an awful alpha and a bad doggie."

Some of the pack snickered at the 'bad doggie' comment, but was quickly silence by a look from Sam. Except for Leah. She went right ahead laughing. Sam took a step towards Luna, only to be stopped by a growling Jacob. It was only thing to go after a pack member, but to try and attack an imprint, now that was just begging for trouble. "You know, Sam, I've had enough of your shit. From this day forth, I'm done with the pack. And if anyone wants to join me, I'll welcome you."

Leah leaped up, "I'm in! I've been waiting for this day."

She flipped Sam off and walked over to Jacob. She was followed by Quil and Seth. Quil because he was Jakes best friend and Seth because he went where ever his sister went. That he like Jacob better than Sam.

As the new pack left, Sam stared after them, dumbfounded. What the hell just happened?

Harry stretched his arms out over his head, sighing in satisfaction when his back popped. Having to sit hunched over while doing homework sucked. But, it was finally done and he had nothing to do for the next two days. Hurray for weekends!

He looked around and found that he had been so absorbed in his work that he didn't notice when the others left the room. Only he and Edward remained. And since Teddy was also missing, he was being doted on my the three women in the house.

Harry packed is back pack and set it to the side before climbing up onto the couch and collapsing. "The homework has defeated me. I am done for. Do not forget me when I pass to the beyond!" he cried out dramatically before he faked passing out. Edward chuckled and scooped the mortal into him arms, earning a squeak, and carried him upstairs to his room. Harry just pouted as he was placed onto the bed. "Not fair, ruining my death scene."

"Forgive me, I meant no offense," he said, mock seriously.

Harry just huffed, rolled his eyes then held out his arms. Edward was quick to join him on the bed, where Harry was then rewarded for finishing his homework. He quite liked it too.

Bill walked through the front door to a blissfully quiet house. Briefly closing his eyes in relief, he walked to the over stuffed couch and collapsed onto it. Fleur joined him a moment later, sitting at his feet and removing his shoes and socks before rubbing the sore appendages. "Bill?"

The red head cracked an eye open and looked at his wife. When he saw the look on her face he sat up, instantly worried. "Fleur, what's the matter?"

"No'sing is ze matter. I 'ave some news for you."

He looked at her expectantly and watched as she took a breath. "I am pregnant."

It took a moment to register. When it did, Bill's eyes widened before he fell back in a dead faint. Fleur just sighed, "Mon dieu, 'opeless man." (1)

Yay! A new chapter! I don't even know where it came from. Hopefully there was a good enough plot twist and character development.. not too sure.

1- Mon dieu = My God.

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