Just You

Written for Momo's Christmas Exchange at Dokuga

Genre: Romance / Comfort

AU/Cannon: AU

Summery: Kagome never though she'd find the greatest gift when she moved to Japan

from the States.

Word CT: 8965

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of it's characters.


Dear diary,

Monday. Today I start a new school, again. Things have changed within the last year—ever since my mother remarried.

There was a time when I really hated the old, dry routine of waking at dawn, bathing, changing, eating among my crazy and loud family, before rushing off towards school or else I'd be late.

It would always be the same. It was as if that moment in time where frozen and simply kept repeating itself. And it has remained frozen for the three years I've been in high school. I'm on my last year of high school and hopefully, things will change—until a new routine takes it's place.

Now, I wish I had that old routine back. I wish I could come home every evening and do chores, help with dinner, say grace at dinner, and then fall asleep staring out through my window at the last glimpse of twilight.

All I can do now though is sigh my past away. Thinking back on it now was like a distant—fading memory. When I think back at those days—I feel like I'm a bystander in a dream—as if it really wasn't me in those memories.

A stranger in my own memories.

Today, though, things have broken from my previous routine. I start another new school this time in Japan. I can't believe demons were still slaves not so long ago. Fifty years to be exact. Now, the schools and some public places have just been desegregated. Back home in the States, segregation is part of the long past. Well, whatever happens today, whatever things I see today...well...I only hope my step-father knows what he's getting himself into.




"Settle down now students," an elder female spoke as she entered the classroom, followed closely by another younger female.

The elder woman stood before her classroom, staring all the talking teenagers down, willing them to be silent. She noticed it was always the humans who spoke the most, while the others did not. Her long graying hair tied back in a low pony tail hung limply down her back, as she crossed her hands behind her. Her stance was serious and commanding, short as she was.

"Listen now, today we have a new student," her voice rang clear and strong around the classroom as the students all sat quietly, their full attention to her. At the mention of a new student, all of them turned to the one's at their sides and whispered to one other.

"Come on Kaede-sensei, don't tell me we have another demon at the school!" a small boy cried from the front row of the classroom. As soon as the words left his mouth he turned wildly and stared at the young men behind him with wide eyes. Demons. He gulped and stared to the front instead when a young wolf demon glared at him.

"As I was saying, this new student is new not only to the school or city—but to the country. She comes from the States, so please, I'd appreciate it if you make her feel welcomed," Kaede spoke, and as she finished she motioned for the girl waiting by the door to come closer.

Kagome approached her new teacher and smiled broadly to the class. "Hello, my name is Kagome Higurashi. It's very nice to meet you all," her voice was softer and smoother than Kaede's rough commanding voice—yet demanded full attention nonetheless.

Her vivid bright eyes searched every face in the classroom, and she smiled when she saw the boy who'd commented earlier sigh in relief. She noticed that though the schools were now desegregated, human and youkai were still separated. The humans sat in the front, while the apparent demons sat in the back. Just before she brought her eyes to the front once again, another young man caught her attention. He was obviously youkai, the marking on his face pronounced him so instantly. He sat in the corner of the last row of seats. Pale, moonlight hair cascaded down his back, a few stray strands fell over his shoulder. His warm honey eyes reflected the sunlight seeping in through the window next to him. What caught her off guard, was the way those eyes were trained on her. Ever watchful.

"You may sit, my dear, where ever you'd like," Kaede spoke searching the room.


Sesshomaru knew today was going to be just as boring as the day before when he noticed the teacher was going to be late again. He leaned his elbows on his desk and stared out of the window he sat next to. The days seemed so meaningless and bland, he couldn't tell when one started and another one ended. They just seemed to blend tightly. He sighed, wondering when it would all end. He was not one to feel pity for anyone, yet for some reason, he wanted the wars over.

For years, humans and youkai have fought. The difference was that the old weaponry consisted of guns and machinery, and now they consisted of words and oppression. Segregation was now over, yet they were still separated one way or another. Humans would never accept humans, just as youkai would not accept humans.

His thoughts were interrupted as the familiar smell of musk and spice invaded his nose. The teacher walked into the classroom and bid every one's attention. He himself didn't bother. It was history class, therefore whatever was going to be taught, he'd probably already learned. Sesshomaru's bored golden eyes continued to stare out into the yard below, watching as late students hurried to their classes.

Suddenly, a new fresh scent invaded his nostril, causing them to flair instinctively. A miko. The warm sweet smell filtered into his being, spreading warmth inside of him. He turned towards the entrance and saw a young woman standing by the door. Sesshomaru couldn't help himself, his eyes traveled the length of her lithe body lazily, absorbing every detail. From her dark almost blue hair to her bright sapphire eyes, and down to her narrow waist, and lower still.

Try as he did, Sesshomaru could not move his eyes away from the woman before the class. He couldn't help but admire the way her jeans captured and accentuated her shapely legs. She did not wear the school uniform as she was new and probably didn't have it yet. Yet, he looked forward to see it on her.

The States, that's where she came from. Interesting. The States were a completely free country, where youkai and human roamed freely—and always had. Many youkai had tried to leave Japan and move to there, yet they never made it. It would be interesting to see how she managed in a foreign country. It wouldn't be long until she learned of the natives' ways. Of how youkai were looked down upon. And it would be specially interesting to see how she would react to everything. Suddenly, Sesshomaru's day didn't seem as boring and meaningless as before.

Sesshomaru's insides stilled when the girl looked around the room and her expressive eyes landed on him. Gold clashed against azure violently, causing a turmoil of chaos to erupt deep in his belly. Such emotions should not be possible for him, and yet there he was, feeling them. He found himself wanting to learn more about her, more about where she came from. But most of all, he wanted to know if she'd succumb to the other humans' way of treating youkai. Would she look down upon them—as the miko she was....or would she keep to her American ways?


Kagome blinked a few times, regaining control and focus. She searched the room for any seats and noticed all the seats in the front half were taken. Keeping her smile in place, her eyes roamed the back half, and found a seat available. She moved through the rows of students towards the back. Many of the students followed her, the room too silent suddenly. The tension rose drastically as both human and youkai followed her with their eyes. Each of the student's silent protest floated palpable in the air, but Kagome ignore it—ignored them.

Reaching the seat second to last by the corner, she sat and stared back at the humans. If they had a problem, then they could tell her right then and there. The class hurriedly turned towards the front as Kaede began class.

She could feel the eyes of the youkai boring into her—but she refused to look at them back. It wasn't because she didn't like them. Back in the States, where youkai and human mingled without worry, she had many youkai friends. As a matter of fact, before her own mother had married her step father, she'd even dated a few.

Sighing she concentrated on the lesson the teacher was giving. She idly felt the attention of the demons in the room slowly leave her and return to the lesson.

All except for one.

She could feel it—the power of the demon's eyes boring into her back. Frowning, she thought of turning and looking behind her—but decided against it. The demon behind her must be able to sense her inner miko—something only the most powerful of demons should be able to do. Or perhaps he was simply curious....at least that's what she hoped for.

"Alright class, you've received your instructions, pair up and get to work," Kaede said, erasing what was on the white board.

As soon as the words were out of the teacher's mouth, all the student's turned towards the person next to them and began chatting comfortably. She looked around and found all the students already paired up, even most of the youkai. The youkai who sat next to her stood and sat next to their friends. Before she could turn fully in her chair and search the room, one of the demons in the room stood and walked towards her. She noticed he was the same one who'd glared at the human earlier in class when the teacher had introduced her.

"Hey, I'm Kouga. Kagome right?" the youkai spoke, sitting in the vacant seat next to her, and offering his hand.

"Yeah," Kagome smiled up at him tentatively, and shook his hand.

"So, what are you doing all the way over here?" he asked interested, keeping his eyes leveled with hers.

That was a question she did not want to answer, not yet at least. She couldn't say it in front of so many humans. Japan was still a post-slavery country. People still needed some getting used to, humans and youkai alike. Deciding to answer with some honesty, "My parents are here on business. We don't know how long it'll take, so we moved here for now."

Kouga nodded and smiled sympathetically, "Must be hard then."

You have no idea...Kagome nodded, smiling back, "It is, but you get used to it after a while."

Kouga straightened himself in his chair and took in a deep breath. "So, you want to be partners?" he asked, looking around.

Kagome looked around and nodded, figuring there would be no other people available. "Sure."

"Great, then I guess we're done now," Kouga said, grinning at her. "I mean, we were just suppose to find partners and decide on a time line."

Kagome looked at the board and down at her notes. Good thing she'd written them down, since Kaede had already erased them.

"Alright then, what time line do you want to do? We could do the Tokugawa Period or Moromachi Period?" Kagome read off her notes.

"Let's do the Tokugawa era. I'm an expert on that one," he said the last with a mischievous smile.

Kagome tilted her head to the side, but didn't ask anything. "Alright then, we'll do the Edo era then."

The bell rang and the student all filtered out the room. Kagome took her time and placed her books inside her backpack neatly. Kouga hurried to his desk and grabbed his folder, then walked back to her. Throwing her backpack over her shoulder, Kagome was shocked to see the youkai with the golden eyes still seating behind her. Her eyes widened when both their eyes clashed.

He'd been sitting there, that whole time......listening and without a partner. She felt guilty for not having turned when she'd looked around the classroom, perhaps she could of asked him. Too late now though, she was already partnered up with Kouga. Gulping, she let her eyes fall down towards her desk.

Kouga stood next to her and grinned broadly, "You ready? I can show you to your next classroom if you'd like." Kagome nodded and turned around, walking towards the exit. She didn't spare a glance back but she could feel his hard stare boring into her retreating back.


Her scent had caused a bombardment of chaos to surface inside of Sesshomaru the moment she sat in front of him. He tried holding his breath and yet it still invaded him. All he could do was stare right ahead, and even then she grabbed his attention. His fingers itched to reach out and feel her long black tresses cascade over his fingers. Every time she moved her head it caught the light and shined brightly.

He glared at her head instead. He idly heard the teacher instruct the class to pair up and decide on a time line. The opportunity to learn more about the human miko was more than obvious when she was the only one without a partner. But would it be wise to be so close to a female that caused such a reaction from him? Perhaps it was dangerous. A miko was, by nature, attractive. Not physically, though the one before him qualified. But more so inside and around her. She was a youkai predator after all, and nature made a miko look trustworthy and gentle. All the more so a youkai would let their guard down.

Was she deceitful? Modern miko's were practically nonexistent, and those from long before were cold and unmerciful towards youkai. Her aura shone bright and honest, innocent and gentle. He didn't feel threatened in any way, and deciding to trust his instinct for once instead of his logic, he decided to speak to her. Before he could say anything though, a wolf youkai sat next to her.

He growled inwardly when the wolf's scent mingled with hers, causing it to sour with his stronger one. The insatiable urge to shove the wolf away and cover the girl with his own scent took hold of him fast and hard. Sesshomaru wanted to look away, but his body wouldn't obey his silent command. Instead, he leaned his elbows on the desk and supported his temple with his fingers.

Every word she spoke he picked up, wanting more. Time flew and still he listened intently to the conversation she carried with the wolf. When the youkai asked her to be his partner, something dark inside of him lifted it's muzzle in a snarl of rage. Though he was asking her to be partners in a project, his instinct took it differently. The bell rang all too soon, and Sesshomaru remembered he had not found a partner or decided on which era he would do his project on. Cursing to himself, he looked around and saw the students rush out the door.

His eyes trailed back to the miko before him, and stayed there. When she stood, his eyes followed, hypnotized. Sesshomaru blinked, and found himself staring into surprised big blue eyes. His mouth literally watered as his eyes landed on soft plush pink lips, beckoning for him. Is that what the wolf saw? Is that what he'd been looking at for the past half hour while talking with her?

She turned and walked away. Away from him. She'd spoken and been polite to a youkai, perhaps she wouldn't fall under the pressure of all the humans around her. Perhaps, she wouldn't turn against youkai...against him.


As always, the first day of class was always the worst. In ever single class introductions were made, even though she'd been with most of the students in previous classes. Fortunately, Kouga was there by her after the embarrassing introductions.

"Thanks for waiting for me Kouga, I really needed someone to help me around the school," Kagome sighed, already struggling with her overloaded backpack.

"Don't worry about it," Kouga waved it off.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow then," Kagome waved bye as she stepped onto the curb where her mother waited for her in the car. Kouga waved bye and walked back the other way.