In this chapter, I made two original digimons. In the database, eleven out of thirteen Royal Knights have been identified while the other two have no clear information about them as of yet. To complete the thirteen, I created those two.

A small hint of X Evolution comes with this chapter.

Here it is! Chapter 11!

Examon stood proudly, chin up and wings spread out widely while grinning. "Sorry if I didn't introduce myself earlier on I just wanted to see how you would react." The dragon emperor stated. "Not many digimons could identify me as a Royal Knight, you see." He waited for a response o f some sort but was met with silence. He looked down at the human and the bee and both were still staring at him.

UlforceVeedramon and Dynasmon moved forward; the former waving his hand in front of Fanbeemon and again no response. "Splendid…" Dynasmon sighed. "I believe you have successfully broken their minds, Examon." He stressed the sentence by glaring at the red dragon who just looked sheepish. The white armored knight then looked concerned at Tsubasa.

"Perhaps we should take them to Dr. Jijimon's Hospital?" UlforceVeedramon asked innocently while raising a finger to poke the bee digimon.

"UlforceVeedramon, do not poke him! It is rude." Dynasmon reprimanded.

The blue knight stood and mumbled. "I was just trying to help."

Dynasmon stared at the digidestined. "Well, the hospital is a bit far and I do not think they would appreciate being brought to another place when they came here. Which reminds me," Dynasmon then turned towards Examon. "I would like to hear the reason why you brought them here in the first place." All he got was a shrug.

Humming then sounded from another hallway. The three knights looked towards the source and saw red armored centaur digimon trotting happily towards them. "You seem to be in a rather good mood, Kentaurosmon." Examon commented.

Kentaurosmon smiled at them gently. "It's just nice to see the digimons living peacefully. It just feels like the Gizumon war has never happened." Kentaurosmon explained with his soft voice. He then noticed the two still-in-shock entities on the ground and was surprised himself. "A… A new human? Here? How? And how are you three calm about this?"

Dynasmon shrugged. "Examon brought them here while UlforceVeedramon and I were too busy knowing why they froze like they are now." The white dragonic knight explained nonchalantly. "We have not communicated with humans as much as you have so we do not know if this is normal or not."

The centaur knight crossed his arms on his chest while looking the digidestined over. "They seem to be extremely surprised." Before Kentaurosmon spoke again, he and the two humanoid dragon knights could hear the other dragon knight apologize. "I would suggest splashing some water on them; not too much though."

UlforceVeedramon whistled and two obelisks came down from above. He explained what they should do then they each obelisk released a small jet of water, hitting Tsubasa and Fanbeemon straight on their faces. When the knights heard coughing, UlforceVeedramon nodded at the obelisks, stopping the water and the obelisks went back to their duty.

Tsubasa and Fanbeemon both shook their head to shake of the water on their faces; the former using his shirt to wipe the water off his glasses. "You could have done that a bit gentler!" Fanbeemon snapped, earning four good-hearted chuckles.

"Forgive us, especially Examon." Dynasmon chuckled. "It was either that or be awakened by UlforceVeedramon poking you." The said digimon proved what his friend said by raising his right hand's index finger.

The rookie digimon grumbled before looking towards the new digimon and jumped. "You're Kentaurosmon!" Fanbeemon shouted. "Wow, all of you are more magnificent reading from books. However,-" He then looked towards Examon. "Why is it that nobody has written anything on your description? Your name appeared in different books but none of them described you as a full dramon."

"I am the only Royal Knight that is a pure beast digimon." Examon stated somewhat sadly. "The authors probably have figured that it would be best that they did not disclose that information especially with the rough history between human and beast digimons. Added to the fact that I rarely come to the World Tree might give a wrong impression with the beast digimons." The red dragon smiled as much as he could while saying that. He received a pat on the back from UlforceVeedramon for comfort.

"Where do you go when you're not here?" Tsubasa asked curiously and sympathetically.

Kentaurosmon, seeing his friend feeling down, answered for him. "Examon does not carry the title Dragon Emperor just for show. He is the leader of the Dragon's Roar faction, the group that manages the affairs of all dragon type digimons in the DigiWorld." The centaur looked towards the red dragon who nodded his thanks.

"Another question, if you don't mind." Fanbeemon called. "We understand the issue with the records but why didn't Tsubasa's digivice show any data about you."

The four knights looked at each other with uncertainty then looked back at the duo in front of them. "That would be a question better suited for our leader, Lord Alphamon." Ulforceveedramon said. The other knights just nodded.

Fanbeemon was taken aback. "L-Lord Alphamon has revealed himself?" Again, the knights nodded. "S-So, is he here in the World Tree?" The bee enquired somewhat excitedly; his wings flapping quicker and his antennae wiggling.

"No, he is not." Examon replied. Feeling better now. "Lord Alphamon has a special power within him that makes him the leader of the Royal Knights and at the same time, he isn't the leader."

"I'm confused." Tsubasa sighed.

"Lord Alphamon's power rightfully puts him in the highest rank of the Royal Knights." Examon continued his explanation. "However, the same power also restricts him from taking over. Thus, he is the leader but not all the time. This is also the reason why he is called the Lord of the Empty Seat."

Fanbeemon took in the information, his excitement diminished, before he looked up at the red dragon once more. "Are you sure it is okay for you to be telling us this information? That data should have been classified among the Royal Knights."

Kentaurosmon smiled at them and waved his hands. "It is alright. Having fought with the digidestined in the past, we have concluded that we can trust any future chosen children and digimons with these kinds of information and trust them that they will not disclose these information to others."

"We can contact Lord Alphamon when we want to. It'll be up to him if he wants to come. However, if it concerns you, it will be most probable that he will come." UlforceVeedramon voiced.

"What does he do when he's not here?" Tsubasa asked.

Dynasmon shrugged. "We actually do not know. All we heard was he was living a quiet life and he is quite enjoying himself." The white dragonic knight said flatly.

UlforceVeedramon turned towards the hallway he and Dynasmon came from. "Come with us. We can contact Lord Alphamon in the Server Room."

Fanbeemon quickly spoke. "No, it's okay. Lord Alphamon wasn't the one we meant to talk to. We wanted to talk to Daimon Masaru. We were told that he was here." The little bee almost babbled.

The knights looked at each other yet again then at the duo. "He's not here as well. Masaru and the other chosen digimons left for a mission yesterday and haven't come back since then." Kentaurosmon explained.

"Feel free to wait for them here. For now, why not introduce you to the other Royal Knights?" Examon suggested. Suddenly, two squeals of excitement echoed through the halls of the World Tree.

At the command center of the World Tree, eight knights lounged about, waiting for to see the reason for their comrades summoning them. The eight knights looked towards a hallway when they heard footsteps echoing from it. From the door, emerged Dynasmon, UlforceVeedramon, Kentaurosmon, Examon, Tsubasa and Fanbeemon. All eight summoned knights were surprised to see another human in the DigiWorld.

"Brothers-in-Arms," Dynasmon started. "I would like to introduce the newest chosen pair, Tsubasa Matsumoto and Fanbeemon."

A blue and white dragon white golden armor came close to the new arrivals and knelt to stare at the digidestined. The red eyes from the holes on his helm showed great loyalty and compassion. "Such a young human." He commented. The golden armored digimon then extended his right hand until it was in front of the two. It was obvious in the eyes of the chosen pair that they were a bit scared by the size of the knights. "My name is Magnamon. It is a pleasure to meet you." Tsubasa gripped a finger and shook it nervously.

A voice scoffed out from the corner. Everyone looked towards a pink and gold armored digimon leaning against the wall. The digimon looked slender with a huge gold shield like tool on his right arm and golden extensions sticking out of his body. "I cannot believe I was summoned here just to see a human brat." The digimon said snobbishly. He stood up straight and then started walking towards another hallway. "Unless you have any other business with me, I will be going now." With that, the pink knight was gone.

Another voice made a sound like he was clearing his throat. To the right of the group, there stood a white and red digimon that was the closest resemblance to a knight in the books. He had a strange symbol on his chest and an equally strange red ornament on his helm which looked like a dragon headband. He wore a red shoulder, knee armors and a red cape. The digimon bowed gently. "Forgive him for his attitude, Rhodoknightmon can be difficult sometimes but he is very dependable." The white and red knight stood up straight. "Let me introduce myself. I am known as Gallantmon."

Another white knight came forward. This one had a dragon head shaped left hand and a wolf head shaped right hand. The cape he wore was white and red. "Omnimon, the acting leader of the Royal Knights in Lord Alphamon's stead." The combination digimon stated flatly.

A tapping sound came from a brown and white digimon as he tapped his blades tip on the ground. This digimon had a slender from compared to the others, except Rhodoknightmon, had a feline head shaped helm, white wings on his back and a long red cloth tied around his midsection. "I go by the name Leopardmon, head tactician for the Royal Knights." Leopardmon said proudly.

A large purple digimon stood up from the stone he was sitting on the side of the room. He stared at the digidestined and crossed his arms across his chest. "I am Craniamon." Said the purple digimon in a deep but somewhat scratchy voice.

Two more knights stepped forward. One digimon wore a purple robe with a hood covering the head of the digimon. For the face, it was only a black area where his head is with two glowing yellow eyes. This knight floated with no signs of his feet and hands. However, beside him stood a long staff with a huge blue crystal on top. "My name is Merlinmon." The knight said silently.

The last knight was also slender but a bit bigger than Rhodoknightmon and Leopardmon. This one wore light blue armor that had patterns that looked like scales. On his shoulders, ankles and top of his helm, fins were attached. His light blue helm was closed with fins coming out of the sides. He held a spear that had a very sharp point on the end. He bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you. I am Xiphiamon." He said gently.

"Wow, you're all really big." Tsubasa commented.

"It makes for protecting the DigiWorld easier." Xiphiamon chuckled. "However, do not let our size fool you. Despite our size, we are extremely fast, especially UlforceVeedramon."

Fanbeemon raised his right claw. "If you don't mind me asking, is there something special with Leopardmon, Xiphiamon and Merlinmon?" The rookie digimon asked. "Of all humanoid knights, you three have odd characteristics like your names and forms."

"I am a wizard digimon." Merlinmon answered matter-of-factly.

Leopardmon and Xiphiamon started to glow. "Leopardmon, mode change!""Xiphiamon, node change…" The two knights said simultaneously before the light on their bodies become too bright for the others to see. When the light vanished and everyone opened their eyes, there stood a brown feline digimon with red eyes and white wings. The cat had a long tail with a yellow sphere on the tip. Beside him was a levitating light blue swordfish digimon with a visor for eyes. Fanbeemon and Tsubasa stared awestruck.

The feline digimon sat down on its hind legs. "Xiphiamon and I have the ability to transform into a beast form." Leopardmon's voice came from the large cat.

"Only a handful of digimons possess the ability of changing forms without going through any kind of digivolution." Xiphiamon's voice then came from the swordfish.

A loud clapping then rang and everyone looked towards the source, which was Kentaurosmon. "Alright, everyone. Our guests here came to speak with Daimon Masaru. However, since he is away, these two will be staying here for a while. Please make them as comfortable as possible." The centaur digimon said sternly and all the other knights made sounds of agreement.

"I thought Omnimon was the leader." Tsubasa mused.

Kentaurosmon laughed. "He is but when it comes to human concerns, I overpower him so it is alright."

"You must be tired and/or hungry from your travels. Allow me to guide you to the dining hall." Gallantmon politely offered.

Tsubasa nodded and was about to follow the white and red knight when he remembered something. "Wait, what about Seadramon? He's got to go back to Surfimon but the Piranimons." Tsubasa panicked.

The seven knights looked at the four that came with the pair. Kentaurosmon, Dynasmon and UlforceVeedramon looked towards Examon for answers. "They came here on a Seadramon who was attacked by a school of Piranimons." Examon explained.

"Do not fret." Xiphiamon reassured. "I will take care of it. I will call on my soldiers and ask them to escort your friend back to his home. Now, go with Gallantmon."

"Everyone, dismissed." Omnimon ordered before everyone went on their separate ways with Tsubasa and Fanbeemon following Gallantmon to get some food.

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