Tsubasa and Fanbeemon followed Gallantmon of the Royal Knights through the winding halls of the World Tree. However, after a few minutes, considering the size of the headquarters, Gallantmon offered to carry the duo which the two accepted. The paths, walls and ceiling were made of rock, even though they were in the trunk of the World Tree. Glowing crystals were on attached to the walls to illuminate the path. The only part of the interior that showed any relation to the tree were roots and vines that has crept on the walls and ceiling. The vines and roots would occasionally glow and the light would go back and forth the roots and vines.

"What is that glow on the vines and roots?" Fanbeemon inquired.

Gallantmon looked to the vine on his right and saw a light that went though the vine's path. "Oh, that is data. The World Tree receives data from the whole DigiWorld." Gallantmon explained. "These data are used for surveillance to check if there are any crises or crimes that are occurring in those areas."

"Oh." Fanbeemon said as he continued scanning the hall while looking at the vines and roots when they send or receive another data packet.

Every so often, they would pass by a door or two; some doors were open some were closed. One of the rooms looked like a gym with various equipment spread out. Another showed a huge bathroom with a giant toilet. After seeing the door was open, Gallantmon quickly shut the door. The white and red knight was thankful that his helm hid the blush on his face but he was also sure that the digidestined pair knew that he was blushing as the two was staring at him.

A few doors down, they arrived at a gigantic room. The room had multiple tables and chairs on one side and three sofas on the other. The furniture was made out of metal and beside the tables were a couple of vending machines then a path towards what looked like a kitchen. Before the three new arrivals went to the kitchen, they saw Leopardmon sitting on one of the couches and they could faintly hear beeping from him.

"Wow, everything looks more normal than I imagined." Tsubasa commented while looking at the whole kitchen. There was a sink and an oven, multiple cupboards and a giant refrigerator. The kitchen's counter and closets were made of the some stone that makes up the walls floor and ceiling. The sink had some plates and cups in it. The knight carefully deposited Tsubasa and Fanbeemon on the countertop.

Gallantmon laughed heartily before opening the refrigerator. "We may be powerful digimons but digimons nonetheless." He then took out a large piece of meat and something from the cupboard. "We are no different from the rest of the DigiWorld." With one hand holding the meat, Gallantmon offered to carry the duo with his other hand. Tsubasa and Fanbeemon saw something on the hand they were supposed to ride on and after getting on; they saw that the item was a bottle of DigiHoney, a small knife and fork with a loaf of bread. The three items were normal sized, dwarfed by the knight's large hand. "The furniture and appliances, however, were ideas from Daimon and his digimon friends. They said it would make the World Tree feel homier." Gallantmon proceeded to walk towards one of the tables.

"Even how the Royal Knights act seems to be affected by their stay." Fanbeemon remarked with a smile. This statement earned a confused look from their knight companion which the bee took as a hint to explain himself. "Well you see, based on the writings about your group, all of them described you as stoic characters. They say that you are emotionless who just fight and patrol all over the DigiWorld."

"Is that so?" Gallantmon introspected. "I am not actually sure myself. We did not interact with other digimons as much as we wanted because King Drasil had plenty of work for us all the time." The white and red knight thought to himself for a bit before having a look of brilliance. "If you really want to prove or disprove that information, you could always talk to each of our armies."

"Y-You have your own army?" Tsubasa asked surprisingly.

Gallantmon nodded. "Each Royal Knight, except Lord Alphamon, has their own army and their own base camp." The knight stated calmly.

The digidestined looked at each other and both grinned. "That's the leader for you. No more need for an army when you have great skill and strength." Fanbeemon chimed.

"That's probably true." Gallantmon said while gesturing to his companions to take their share of the food. The duo instantly started cutting pieces of meat and making sandwiches out of the cut-outs, honey and bread. The two sat on the table surface. "Besides, he did not really want to create his own army seeing as that he is not present all the time. However, if Lord Imperialdramon the White was still here, Lord Alphamon might have reconsidered."

Tsubasa took a bite at his meat sandwich. "Who'sh Imfirialdamon ba whaish?" The human talked while his mouth was still full.

After swallowing another part of his honey sandwich and interpreting what his partner said, he replied. "Imperialdramon the White is a paladin and is the founder of the Royal Knights. Legend has it that he chose the thirteen strongest warrior digimons who became the Royal Knights." Tsubasa and Fanbeemon heard Gallantmon hum in agreement.

"Lord Imperialdramon is very strong and wise. After he brought us together, he trained us for a while before setting out." Gallantmon told. In the last sentence, he looked upwards to the ceiling. "He told us that we were strong enough as it was and we did not need him anymore." The white and red knight heard Leopardmon pause his game momentarily, knowing that the other knight also misses their former master. "Rumor has it that he is outside our planet and is now the guardian of the three moons of the DigiWorld."

"Then how did you come to work under King Drasil?" Fanbeemon asked curiously.

"One day, King Drasil appeared and sown the seed that would eventually become the World Tree." The knight started. "At first, we thought he was an invader and was ready for battle. King Drasil then spoke to us. "He told us that he meant no harm and that he came to bring great change that would benefit all digimon kind."

"We were uncertain at first but one time after another, King Drasil showed benevolent actions upon all the digimons." Gallantmon stopped, took a bite out of his share of the meat then resumed after swallowing. "During a drought that ravaged the plains for months, King Drasil said that he would make it rain shortly and true to his word, it did rain for two days, rejuvenating the plants, earth and water supply. He made a few more miracles and having seen no reason to intervene with his actions, we submitted ourselves to him and vowed to carry on his orders for the brighter future of the DigiWorld."

Tsubasa finished another sandwich and was reaching out for one more. "So what happened to King Drasil now?"

"Five years ago, the DigiWorld and Human World were supposed to collide with each other and King Drasil commanded that we annihilate the Human World so that the DigiWorld would survive." Gallantmon explained while standing up and moving towards the vending machines. "Not all of us agreed with that plan but we had no choice because we were bound by honor to not comply with King Drasil's word. It was only through Kentaurosmon and Daimon's group's words that we took the courage to stand up against King Drasil. Kentaurosmon was the partner of the acting leader of DATS, Captain Satsuma Rentarou." Gallantmon returned with three cans of juice, two are smaller than the other. The trio drank their juice silently, while contemplating about the details they discussed.

Tsubasa was the first to finish and place the can on the table. He then faced Gallantmon once more. "Do you ever talk to Alphamon?"

The knight shook his head. "Lord Alphamon told us that he was working on a project and he would like it to have the least number of interruptions as possible." Gallantmon took a last swig of his drink before setting his can down. "Well, I think that is about it. If you have any other question, feel free to approach any of us here. Right now, I think you need to rest."

Fanbeemon then finished his drink. "If you don't mind, we'd like to take a look around." The bee digimon said.

"It'll be nice to try to get to know you guys." Tsubasa stated excitedly.

Gallantmon thought for a second then nodded. "Alright but I'll have to assign a bodyguard for you." The knight whistled then a levitating crystal obelisk appeared before them. "Please go with Tsubasa and Fanbeemon here around the base."

"Thank you, Gallantmon. For the food and the nice conversation." Fanbeemon spoke to the knight while he and his partner stood up and bowed.

"It was nothing." Gallantmon chuckled. He laid his hand on the table so the duo could get on and be deposited on the ground. The knight waved at them as Tsubasa, Fanbeemon and their guard walked off to the other side of the room.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Royal Base, two voices converse over a dark plot. "How long will it take for the human to come back?" A demonic voice roared.

"We are still not sure." A feminine voice replied. "I am sure that the boy and his partner have not suspected anything with our plan." The female then got an idea. "Do not worry, master. I will call upon the others to help so as to recover the delay we have taken."

"Very well, underling. Continue. I shall await your report." With that the two voices disappeared.

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