Heart and Soul

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Plot-Naruto becomes a Heartless he is then seeking for new hearts and a new world to call home.

Chapter One-Mind, Body and Soul-Will of the Heart

'Why is it every time something good happens to me it always gets taken away from me?' Naruto thought to himself

Naruto was by himself in the forest thinking to him self what he should do tomorrow, Naruto felt weak about him being. He felt his strength hasn't been push beyond its normal limits, Naruto felt much weaker then he should his heart felt more and less happy.

Sasuke and the other ninja had their bloodline which made they strong and tough what did Naruto had beside his shadow clone? Nothing, nothing that can make him stronger so everyone would like him or respect him?

So he rest there in the forest alone just sitting there under a tree not a care in the world he just sat there thinking and thinking what should he do to become more powerful.

"Damn it I need to become stronger but how every time I train my strength doesn't…grow." Naruto growl while sighing then a creepy voice rang out from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

"Why do you seek more power when you are already powerful enough?"

The voice ask Naruto, the boy looked around to see where the voice was coming from yet there nobody there not a living soul was there in the forest only Naruto was there.

"This world has been connected, Tied to the darkness…soon to be completely eclipsed."

"Who there what are you talking about?" Naruto kept looking around to see anybody there yet no one was there yet the voice was there.

"There is so much to learn. You understand so little."

"What do you mean by that? If your talking about I'm dumb I'm not I'll master every Jutsu in history and I'll be Hokage and everyone will respect me like that should!" Naruto yelled as his voice ring out through the forest since he was the only one there.

"A meaningless effort."

"Damn it I will…learn…I just need to know how? All my life I lived alone with no one to care no one to love I have nothing!" Naruto sighed

"One who knows nothing can understand…nothing."

"I want to know something! So I can be something!"

"If its wisdom you seek I will help you."

"Who are you?"

"Your heart I can fell the light fading away?"

"My light disappear along time ago there no light there nothing in this heart…just…nothing." Naruto grabbed his chest with his right arm feeling the emptiness fill inside his heart.

"Are you ready to learn?"

"Teach me."

"There is very much to learn."

"Teach me tell me anything I want to learn!"

Your heart…darkness is your heart true strength feel the rage feel the hate the anger feel your every being lock inside that one place. All heart are born from darkness the light is just a tool created to give darkness strength darkness is the heart true strength!"

Naruto sigh unsure to trust this voice?

"All worlds are born in darkness there are so many worlds fill with so many hearts the world this world of your heart is in the void of forever darkness, Kingdom Heart is the place all hearts are born even yours."

"But isn't a heart fill with joy and hope?"

"There are…some who still hang on to their hope and dreams. But what of your Naruto what about your dream your hopes being Hokage wasn't that your dream your hope your light. Without that the only way to reach your dreams is through darkness."

"My…heart…my…light I lost that light a long time ago, but I still have some…"

"Has anyone from your village truly care about you truly have anyone every told you that care love you respect you?"


"Like I said there is very much to learn and you understand so little."


"In the end, every heart return from the darkness from which it came, darkness is the heart true essence the heart true power is DARKNESS!"

Naruto then felt funny his heart felt funny he start losing his strength his will his body start to act on it own, Naruto took off his orange jacket, wearing a black shirt a strange symbol appear on Naruto chest.

A black heart with an X over it then from that very symbol a small tiny black creator came out from Naruto chest. It the form of a small baby fox with yellow eyes with nine small tails its face was that of Naruto yet close to being a fox as well.

"What…is that?"

"The creator born from every hearts that is your Heartless. Yet you are still able to keep your original body oh yes there very much you can learn from me, boy."

"Who are you?"

"I am Ansem the seeker of Darkness."

Next Time-Naruto farewell

Now that Prologue is done time for the real beginning to start, yes. That little heartless is Kyuubi which is Naruto heartless how he looks well you already saw Four Tailed Naruto which does look like a huge Heartless, right now Kyuubi is in it baby form and not full grown adult. Kyuubi is like the Shadow the first Heartless you first in Kingdom Hearts.

The more Naruto is empower by darkness the more Kyuubi grows and become powerful like Ansem giant Heartless bodyguard, the story take place before Kingdom Hearts. Ansem came to Naruto before he went to Sora.

Some of Naruto's powers will be like Ansem like…

"On Guardian" or "Come Guardian"-The Heartless protect its master from harm (It sound like he's saying On Guardian)

"Submit!"-The Heartless Guardian attacks the enemy and control them like a puppet until the master call it back.

"My Strength return"-The background turns black as the Heartless came out of five or six holes in the ground by surprise while the owner restore his strength, while the users is protected by a powerful aura of energy.

And here are Naruto Original Heartless attacks

The Will of Darkness-Naruto summons seven shadow clone heartless each one perform a heavy combo to the enemy, the seven upper cut the enemy into the air as Naruto finish it off with a heavy blow strike from the heavens. Once Naruto strike down a pit of darkness absorb the enemy turning them into a heartless.

Rasengan of Darkness-Naruto and Kyuubi perform each of their own Rasengan combine it together and destroy there target with this attack.

Charka Roar-Kyuubi while protecting Naruto roars out pushing everything or everyone away or sucks everything in as Kyuubi shoot out a huge wave of charka to destroy his enemies.

Touch of Darkness-Naruto own special attack, he thrust his right fist inside the person chest fill their hearts with darkness from his own heart. Easily turning this person or thing against their friends or master.

Zero-Naruto burst into another zone dragging the world into darkness infusing it with his own charka turning this world into his own Kingdom Heart-Naruto will only use his attack in Chapter 2.

First World Naruto will or tries to cover in Darkness by himself will he success or fail?

Bleach-Princess of Heart-Unknown, Keyhole-unknown


NarutoX-Three girls for his pairing but who?

Female Haku










Bleach-During Near the final days of the Soul Socitey Arc

Kingdom Hearts-Part 1

Naruto-A day before Zabuza and Haku end

"Denizens of the light why you hate the Darkness? Why do you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing? We who were turn away by both light and dark-never given a choice?"-Xemnas-

"So, you have come this far and still you understand nothing. Every light must fade every heart return to Darkness!" Ansem (Xemnas Heartless)

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