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Chapter VII-Love of a Heartless

Somewhere in a world called Traveler Town:

"I wonder where Riku and Kairi went too. This is going to be harder than I thought." The young boy sighed on his journey to find his two best friends. But lucky for the young boy named Sora he had two new friends on his side to help him search for Riku and Kairi.

"Don't cha worry Sora will ya find your friends right Donald?" said Goofy.

Donald Duck said with a nod to Goofy "Yeah Sora but right now we need to get out of here." Sora smiled while he nods his head "Alright then c'mon guys let get going."

The three walked toward through a wooded gate way while unknowing little Hollow Nel and her brothers were following Sora and them.

"Is that our target Nel?" one of them said.

"Rukia-sama said boy with spiky head." Nel said then she thought of a quick idea a good one "Oh Nel knows perfect idea to get spiky hair." As Nel grin with a dumbfull look on her face as Sora was their main target.

Somewhere in Kingdom Hearts:

Outside the white castle staring at nothing but emptiness black, Rukia could see her King was lost in his thoughts watching him outside his castle floating in midair staring at nothing but the blackness of this space area.

"King," Rukia spoke her lover's name Naruto answer with an "Hmm."

"What's troubling you?" she asked as Naruto didn't give an answer he only said after a long moment "Rukia do you hate me for what I have done to you?" his words caught her off guard.

"I made you into a heartless; you cannot accept the light of hope. Darkness is your home now and forever. If you do then I understand if you hate me for doing this." Naruto turn smiling at his lover as Rukia stared in his unloved heartless eyes.

"I don't hate you Naruto, in fact I am grateful you turn me into a heartless you gave me new strength and although I cannot explain it by becoming a heartless you took my pain away you took my painful sin away that was eating my heart." Rukia explained her reason for not hating the heartless being.

Naruto said this with truth in his mouth "Rukia the first time laid my eyes on you. I could only see beauty in its pureness form. From there I have decided you would be the person that I shall make into a heartless my first heart was yours."

"Naruto what are you trying to say?" the dark princess asked

"I love you Rukia." He told her.

"Stupid." She said "How can you love me when I was in love with you to begin with."

"Rukia," Naruto smiled he held her together with his hands "I want to create a world where those who are turned away by the light are welcome. A kingdom of darkness a place where people like us are welcome, Rukia my queen I ask you. Will you help me on such a quest many worlds and many people will be consume by the darkness in their hearts. A cruel thing I know but without darkness, light cannot shine so bright."

His words reach to her black heart heartless or not she was still Rukia a soul reaper, a death god protecting those from harm and evil, such as hollow and people to want to consume all. But does this make her evil as well to follow and help the wish of her beloved.

"But many people will suffer and many hearts will be lost." She said to him as the heartless ninja easily read through her words.

"Rukia I don't want to consume all. My heart was consumed by darkness because I was weak and I lost my light years ago. I believe I can help those who are lost in the dark. A darkness of light I will become a king of the heartless a voice to the heartless." Naruto smiled "Yes my heartless are my friends. They follow the one with a strong thought and with power. I shall become there king I shall become King of the Heartless and you Rukia will be my Queen of darkness?"

"Promise me one thing." She said to him as he was open ear "Yes Rukia."

"I don't want them to be in this." She spoke of her friends and family meaning she doesn't want her world to be consumed by darkness. Naruto wrap his hands Rukia's hip and kissed Rukia on the lips and said "As my Queen wishes so shall it be done."

"Thank you Naruto," Rukia smiled at her love as Naruto return the smile.

"I want a family." She told him as the news didn't bother him at all "A child born from heartless lovers?" Rukia wasn't sure if the child would have a heart or not.

"I say it will be the first of our race my love." He chuckle he let go of his hold over Rukia. He walks through the white hallway with Rukia by his side.

"Naruto, where you are going?"

"I told you I wish to bring some new comers from my home world. I want to make some heartless." He said as Rukia remembered that so she said "I shall come with you."

"That won't be needed my love. I have already sent Halibel." He said

"Oh." Rukia stop in her track and chuckle "What's funny?" Naruto asked his love.

"I just got news from Nel she found the chosen one." She told him as Naruto smiled "That good news tell Nel-chan for now just follow them and if not befriend them as well. Knowing Nel-chan that is going to happen."

"Right," Rukia's thoughts reach out to Nel's mind telling her what to do next.

The throne room:

"I see that you have created a heartless from a hollow heart. Your power of darkness has surly grow indeed child." Ansem spoke to Naruto as the seeker of darkness appeared to meet the young heartless.

"What bring you here?" Naruto asked him.

"I have come with news." Ansem chuckle "News that can help you. But have you found the keyhole to Rukia's world?"

"No I have not it will take some time. But enough about her world but news do you have?" Naruto asked Ansem.

"I have found the keyhole to your world it lies in the heart of your world." He told Naruto as Naruto's left eye twitch so suddenly "I…see very well then I will handle that myself."

"As you wish child but I have felt a sudden change in power in Rukia's world. A strong change indeed if I were you I would take it while its doors are open." Ansem giving Naruto some good advice but the young boy said "The only thing in Rukia's world I will change is its problem. Darkness cannot win if another force of darkness stands in its way."

"Indeed deal with that darkness if you wish to find its keyhole. I don't know who stand in your way Naruto but I truly feel sorry for them." Ansem laughed knowing Naruto's darkness grows more powerful every heart he takes and the more hearts he takes the more powerful he shall become.

Rukia overheard the two were talking, Naruto knew she was there listening but he didn't mind his queen listening to them.

"So Ansem I have a question for you." Naruto said to the dark seeker.

"What is your question?" Ansem asked.

Naruto pause for a moment before speaking choosing his words wisely "What was your true reason for turning me into a heartless?"

Ansem close his eyes and pause he smiled "All I simply did to turn you into a heartless, however your strong heart was the reason you are strong and able to keep your true body. Like you I too have a strong heart filled with darkness. And I have seen greatest within you, who knows in power you maybe even stronger then I am. But you are young and I have known the darkness before you were even born."

Ansem stared at Naruto "The heartless they need a leader, surely one will know his defeat. And always plan ahead I know in the near future I will be defeated or not but. Yours and Rukia's darkness match to even my own darkness only to a small bit of my true power and thus is why I telling you this. Only those with powerful dark hearts have the will alone to control the power of darkness only those with darkness can control darkness."

"As the same with light only light can defeat darkness," Naruto spoke

"And only darkness can defeat light nothing else can. Light and Darkness are forever. Naruto are you darkness and this boy Sora is light. Destiny has picks their chosen ones. However the time will come where you and I shall do battle and hopeful that time will come and I will see how well your darkness has grown."

"So tell me what stopping you from fighting me now?" Naruto asked Ansem as the seeker of darkness stared at Naruto as Ansem's grew a smile "My boy I plan on making good uses of you. I don't want to end your new life so soon. You are young you do not know the true power of darkness. And I have and you are not ready to take me on boy let's leave it at that." Ansem laughed as he vanished into darkness leaving Naruto alone "You are very special to me Naruto don't waste your new life." His voice echo through the throne room as Naruto sighed before saying with sweatdrop "He's more of a nut every time we speak."

"Seeker of darkness didn't that give you a hint?" Rukia said as she enters the throne room. Naruto chuckle "I suppose your right Rukia. But he can easily defeat us believe it or not I'm still new to this."

"I know." She said "I may be a heartless but I am able to use my death god's powers."

"Rukia: Heartless Death God." Naruto spoke Rukia's new title "Sexy." He added.

"I like it." Rukia smiled at Naruto as she got close to him.

"So Rukia do you think of Halibel?" he asked.

Rukia took a quick thought "She's shy doesn't say much. But I believe we can trust her you did turn her into a heartless. I didn't think a Hollow could turn into a heartless matter at fact I didn't hollow have hearts."

"Hollows do have hearts." Halibel's voice was heard.

The two didn't see her at all until she come out from hiding behind Naruto's throne chair.

"How long were you here?" Rukia asked.

Halibel said "Long enough to hear that man speaking with Naruto-sama." Halibel got on one knee to Naruto "Rise my servant of darkness tells me did you find anyone of my world that can give off such darkness?" Naruto asked.

"Yes." She said "There are selections of three males."

"Go on." He said.

"One is a young boy with red short hair. The second one is a boy with raven black hair with strange eyes he has. And the third finally male I have discover so far is a very lazy one." Halibel spoke the three males to be chosen as heartless.

"I know two of them but the red hair one is new to me. So Shikamaru and Sasuke are chosen males to be heartless I knew Sasuke would be one but never Shikamaru. I guess darkness has different class then hate and loneliest." Naruto rub his forehead "Very well then Halibel I will give you a mission turn the red head into a heartless when you do that bring him here to me but right now rest you must be tried from your journey."

"No I am fine Naruto-sama I will compete this mission." Halibel said as she bows her head. Naruto got off his throne "I say rest that's an order." He told Halibel "You will do that mission tomorrow."

"Yes Naruto forgot my rudeness." Halibel said while Naruto sweatdrop 'She's a strange one but she is a very good servant.'

Rukia Halibel a good question "Halibel tell me do you have any friends or any servants of your own?"

"Yes." She said Rukia's question "How many?" Rukia asked

"There are three of them." Halibel said.

"They names are?" Naruto asked this time.

"They names are Sun-sun, Apache and Mila-Rose." Halibel spoke of lovely three fraccion of Halibel's team.

"Are they strong?" Naruto asked.

Halibel rose up making eye contact with Naruto's eyes "Yes. They are strong but they get carry away and respect me those are my girls."Halibel said with a calm friendly tone.

"Of course they strong I mean do they have strong darkness?" Naruto said.

"I am not sure each Espada has a form of death they rule over." Halibel explain.

"And yours is?" Rukia asked Halibel, Halibel nod before speaking "Mines is Sacrifice."

Naruto was silence when he hear the word sacrifice "I see." Were the only words he spoke of before leaving his throne room?

"King?" Rukia spoke Naruto's title.

Naruto kept walking down the hallway to his chamber his bed chamber that is.

"Did I upset Naruto-sama?" Halibel asked Rukia. Rukia shook her head "No you did not Halibel, but to tell you the true I never did ask how Naruto how he became a heartless?" Rukia bit her bottom lip "I became a heartless by Naruto." Rukia told Halibel.

"You accepted darkness but you're a Death God?" Halibel was confuses "My past sin consume my heart and I gave it but in the darkness I found light in Naruto." Rukia told Halibel.

"Let's ask Naruto-sama how he became this way." Halibel spoke a very good idea as Rukia agreed.

Elsewhere in another realm:

(Kingdom Hearts Music 1: Dive into the Heart)

In a cold dark place with no light to shine at the brightest high a place where beings of darkness are welcome. The former fourth Espada Ulquiorra Cifer of Aizen's army stood there in the darkness in his second true form. The last thing he would recall was his defeat by the hands of Rukia's although how she would gain such strength in a short time we unknown to him he hear she was just a low level Death God.

"This place…must be where she gain her new power." He said to himself.

Then a voice spoke from nowhere to Ulquiorra "You must be the other one." said the voice.

Ulquiorra didn't speak back to the voice only listen.

"Your eyes are so empty but yet you had a heart. Fill with darkness yes deep darkness nothing but despair and emptiness ah truly a heartless you are." The voice told Ulquiorra "But you don't care that you were defeated you don't care why you are here and you don't care what I have to offer am I correct?"

"You are correct whoever you are." Ulquiorra said to the voice.

"It matters not every dark heart becomes a heartless. But you are strong you might keep your body like the other three before you."

"There's two more like that girl?" Ulquiorra asked.

"Oh yes and very soon there will be more. With your defeat do you think Aizen cares about bring you back to life?" the voice told him "Here you can become so much more little one you can become a heartless unlike no other. Darkness suits you very much and I shall give you more Darkness! A black devil you are now but with the power of darkness and the power of the heartless you black devil will become-"

Ulquiorra cut off the voice "I do not want anything from you whoever you are. The only thing I care about is why, am I here and what for. I do not need your power."

The voice laughed "Very well then but before I go I will ask you one simple question."

"What is it?" Ulquiorra asked.

"Is this the power you seek?" the voice became hollow speaking those words.

The floor that Ulquiorra stood on was no longer cover in darkness there was a large image on there. There were four people on this image. One being Ulquiorra himself who looks like he was sleeping in the sky the other was Rukia and a young boy together and the last person was Halibel who staring at the sky with a frown.

"What is this?" Ulquiorra asked.

Another rumble was heard as the ground shook a little bit there was three items there. A sword, a shield and spear/lances "Is this the power you seek? Choose carefully your choice will mark your fate."

'So one of these items will revive me but which one?' Ulquiorra thought.

(Music ends)

Naruto's Chamber:

(Kingdom Hearts 2 Music: Organization XIII theme)

A large room with a big bed the walls were color white but the bed was colored black and red mix together. Naruto rest on his bed thinking to himself of his next plan 'Alright Naruto your next step is to find more hearts for kingdom heart. But what other world there is to consume?' Naruto held his right hand as his keyblade of his world appeared in his right hand 'Do Rukia really forgive me for what I did to her I can see pain in her eyes.'

"Naruto," Rukia spoke his name as the young king rise his head up to see Rukia and Halibel at the feet of his large bed "What is it?" he asked.

Rukia spoke "How did you become a heartless in the first place I know Ansem turn you into one but what was your reason?" Naruto sighed he didn't really wanna talk about it but there was no way out of this plus he didn't want to get them upset for not giving them an answer.

Naruto place his right hand on his face before he spoke "I sacrifice my heart to become something. In my world I was a nobody I was nothing I hated for no reason. They gave me those hateful eyes as a young child I didn't have a childhood I had to become an adult quick. As a child I was told the world isn't nice or filled with flower or none of that story crap. I was treated as a monster but I try and try again and again to prove to them I am the best."

But he wasn't done there "As a child I wanted Death to come and take the pain of living like this feared by people for no reason. I was a child I didn't know I never had friends because of this. I never had a mother or father. I have always given in darkness but when I met Ansem I fled so…normal I became a heartless to be free and I did alright I did have some friends but they never were my real friends I left my world to no longer bring pain or hate and then I met you girls."

Naruto fled someone's hand touched his right hand that was over his face "It's time to remove your mask Naruto. It's time to show your true self there is no reason to hide your true feelings."

"A leader shows no weakness or fear not a single drop of it if you are our leader Naruto-sama?" Halibel said to him as Rukia got upset at Halibel "Naruto is our leader he made us heartless. He's not weak Halibel remember your place." Rukia glare at Halibel.

"Ladies don't fight. What I don't want are my beautiful ladies fighting. I am who I am I'll deal with my problems my way." He said.

"Naruto you are not alone. You help me fight my darkness at least let us help you." Halibel saw Naruto's look in pain "This is not helping Naruto-sama never had true love." Halibel grab the zipper to her black jacket and zip it upward casing Naruto's face to blush red "Halibel what are you doing!"

Halibel could only say "I am helping my leader give what he never had isn't that right Rukia?" Rukia smile then nod.

(Music ends)

"Ladies there no need to act this way." Naruto slowly back up but Rukia jumped on Naruto holding his hands down. "I guess I can't talk you out of this huh?" the girls shook their heads "Alright then but before that we might wanna give them some orders." Naruto jerk his head to his left as the girls could see the cute small heartless the shadows and the soldiers were watching the two female heartless overpower their young king.

"Boys if you would so kindly leave the room. And go help Nel-chan with her mission befriend with that Sora boy would you do that for me?" Rukia said as the heartless nod their heads and vanished into the ground.

Naruto chuckle nervously "Oh great they left me."

"Strip him." Rukia said to Halibel.

"As you wish Rukia." Halibel withdraw her sword and quickly slice Naruto's darkness clothed off the moment Rukia got off him. Embarrass by his women "This is so not happening." Naruto cover his manhood.

"It's happening." They told him.

"Crap." He sweat drop.

"Why so embarrass Naruto?" Rukia asked him as she removed her clothed as Halibel did the same as well. Rukia's body was beautiful and perfect being a heartless her body had mature giving her the body of a young adult rather than the body of a teenage. Rukia's long sexy legs her nice round double big double B-cup breasts.

Naruto's jaw drop "Holy crap!" he said while blushing.

"Naruto-sama like what he see?" Halibel asked Naruto while Rukia was beautiful and sexy seeing Halibel double E-cup was mind blowing even for Naruto. Halibel's sexy golden eyes were sexy adding her beautiful fine body and her voice as well as having her as his servant was too much for Naruto to handle.

"Naruto-sama your bleeding are you alright?" Naruto was bleeding from the nose "Damn it." He said. Rukia laugh "Don't worry Halibel Naruto just got a little too happy. And he's a virgin."

Halibel and Rukia giggle "Shut up it's not funny." Naruto mumble to himself. Rukia smiled at her lover and gave him a kiss on the lips. Naruto relax on his back on the bed with Rukia fully naked on his stomach the love kiss deeply. While Naruto felt his lower body having…Halibel's touches or rather the touch of her breasts.

Feeling Halibel's breasts rubbing on his six inch penis Halibel's breasts were very soft and heaven. Halibel took Naruto's penis into her wet mouth while giving him a tit job as well, feeling his penis throbs inside her wet hot mouth she bob her head giving Naruto pleasure while him and Rukia were making out.

Naruto broke the kiss he and Rukia had a moment ago, kissing her neck slowly to make his queen feel at ease. He grabbed her left breast and slowly rubs it while his thump rubs on her nipple. Rukia moan loving Naruto's touch.

"Rukia get up." He told her as Rukia got off his stomach. From there Naruto had a full view of Rukia's pussy as Rukia tease Naruto a bit by masturbating in front of him before sitting on his face. Having his tongue inside her licking and eating his queen pussy.

"Ah Naruto your tongue it feel so good." Rukia moaned.

'Rukia taste so good and oh crap I can't hold it Halibel is gonna me cum. Well good thing I saw those sex Ed classes.' Naruto thought to himself, Halibel took his penis out of her mouth and a loud pop noise was heard as Naruto cumshot on Halibel's breasts.

Halibel kept stroking his penis with her breasts milking his penis of all his sperm he had to give her. Rukia got off Naruto and switch places with Halibel who was now getting eating out by Naruto. Rukia herself was a virgin and Naruto would be her first taking his penis inside her pussy for the first time.

Rukia felt pain as he broke into her. Rukia rest her hand son Naruto's stomach as she began to ride her lover. Feeling him throb inside her, Rukia loved every moment of this. Halibel got off Naruto to let Naruto give Rukia some hard thrusting loving. Halibel finger herself while she watched Naruto pound Rukia on the edge of the bed.

Rukia wrap her legs around Naruto's hips not letting him go. The pleasure was getting to her she wasn't thinking right just compete pleasure was consuming her thoughts. Rukia dig her nails into Naruto's back which surprise Naruto very much.

"Naruto I'm close…I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming." She said over and over again.

"Same here Rukia I'm gonna cum very soon." Naruto moaned.

"Please let it out let it inside me!" She told him.

"RUKIA!!!!" He yelled her name.

"NARUTO!!!!" Rukia screamed his name.

Naruto unload his sperm inside Rukia deeply "AHhh ahhh!!' Rukia yell. Rukia stare in Naruto's eyes he saw love in her eyes as well did he. The two lovers kissed deeply and Rukia roll over with a big smile on her face.

"How was it?" Halibel asked Rukia.

"Totally worth it he might get a little rougher with you." Rukia told her.

"What? I'm hard again? In sex Ed they said an hour until the male get hard." Naruto couldn't believe he just finish making love to Rukia and now his penis was ready for round two with Halibel.

"You're special Naruto-sama." Halibel told him as she kissed him. Naruto held Halibel close to him a lucky guy Naruto was to have sex with two beautiful older women. Halibel rest her head on a pillow with her legs open wide. She fled Naruto thrust his penis inside her pussy he was rather tick for a guy his age.

'Oh man Halibel she is way wetter then Rukia but not as tight as her still their both great.' Naruto smash his penis inside Halibel. Halibel grab the covers of the bed she moan loudly feeling Naruto thrust deeper and deeper with a hard smash thrust. Naruto push it to a new level. He had Halibel's legs over his shoulder and forces himself into deeper smashing it deeper and harder inside the female hollow.

'He's gonna make me cum if he keeps this up. God he's thick oh god damn it.' Halibel moan again and again Naruto pound her faster and faster pumping his cock into her again and again.

"You're about to cum aren't ya Halibel-chan. Your pussy is getting tighter and can you hear the sound of my manhood inside you." Naruto said to her within another five seconds Naruto came inside Halibel's pussy and Halibel came hard.

Few seconds later:

Rukia and Halibel both were cuddle together with Naruto in the middle while the two were asleep. Naruto was thinking about his new member the red hair boy whoever he was then Naruto also wonder about the hollow that Rukia fought what happen to him and is he gone for good?

But right now the king needs his rest after mating with his females.

Next Time-Ulquiorra's Choice

Omake moment:

Ulquiorra was thinking which weapon to take the sword, the shield or the spear? Ulquiorra grab the sword when he did he saw small text below saying "Is this the weapon you want? Your attack will be strong but you defense will be weak."

Ulquiorra States:

Attack Power 12-************

Defense Power 3-***

Special Power 9-*********

Ulquiorra let go of the sword.

Normal State:

Attack Power 7-******

Defense Power 7-******

Special Power 8-********

"What is this?" He asked.

"That is your level your level is four. Is this your first time playing this game? Would you like to switch to an easier mode?"

"Game?" He said "No I'm fine with this…mode."

"Ok…but remember to save your file after you leave this room there no turning back. Don't want to lose like last time man she kicked your butt a level thirteen mini-boss she was. But you were a level forty-four how did you lose too that? But now your back at level four again good luck!"

"…." Ulquiorra remain silence he grab the spear, the sword and shield and went through the door.

"Hey you can't do that pick only one! Hey do you hear me? Hey, hey, hey listen!"

End of Omake:

Well everyone there you have it another chapter for ya hope you like the lemon at the end, wasn't feeling it at most of the moment but will do better next time. Anyway next time Ulquiorra will pick the weapon for his path and more moments with Nel and Sora. And Gaara has been pick to become a heartless from the ninja world.

Well that's all for now everyone see ya!