All I had known was gone. All I had thought was true was gone. Everything in my life had changed. My carefree life was gone, disappeared in seconds.

I had always hoped to keep some child-like things in my life. Leia lost most of hers at an early age, but I always was, 'the kid'. I never thought it would evaporate completely. Perhaps, it'll never be there again. As much as I loathed to admit it I was like Leia, forced to become an adult too young.

I had changed. My life had changed. I tried to not change with it. I was pushed by my life to change but I didn't want to. I had to grow up; I realized on Bespin that I was being ripped from my old life. Hanging there, after the damage was already done; I finally discovered it was time to learn that I had no choice in my fate.

A huge war tried to get me to change but had not. Jedi masters tried to get me to change but failed. Then one sentence changes what no one could, a boy into a man.