The 12 Days of Christmas – Winchester Style

Story Title: The 12 Days of Christmas – Winchester Style

Summary: A small tribute dedicated to our favorite family; the Winchesters.

A.N.: Sleepless nights. This variation, and a few others, came to me at about 3:35 a.m. two nights ago. Just thought I'd write them down and sent them to you all. Hope you enjoy! More Christmas and New Year's oriented ones to come during the next week.

Spoilers: Set during season 2 at Christmas time.

Disclaimer: Simply put; NOT MINE! I only take claim for the original character, ideas for the general story line, and the episode twists.

Winchester's 12 Days of Christmas

It was Christmas time once again, and at the home of Bobby Singer, the four occupants were winding down to celebrate Christmas Eve. Sam handed Bobby a card addressed to him from Raven. Inside it was the song 'The 12 Days of Christmas' set with a Winchester-like theme. The small accompanying note said for him to read it out loud. So, after the boys settled down on two chairs, he proceeded to do so.

For the 12th day of Christmas, the Winchester's thought to bring:

Twelve dead guys burning

Eleven demons dying

Ten vampires leading

Nine ladies swooning

Eight ghosties killing

Seven agents swarming

Six werewolves baying

Five salted rings

Four amulets

Three frightened civies

Two gorgeous boys


One '67 black Impala Chevy

"Ahh, that's cute," he said after having the fun of watching the changing expressions of the two younger men.

They boys looked as him askew. "That's twisted," Dean said.

"I'd have to agree," Sam chimed in.

And from about midway up the stairs came a feminine voice. "You think that's bad, just wait til the next year."

Bobby's laughter was lost at the sudden flurry of movement as two suddenly young boys were racing out the room and down the hall, to chasing the young woman who was running out the front door.