Author's Notes: This bunny was born as a result of wanting to surprise Pi90katana for Christmas. I know it's not much but I hope she enjoys this little tale that I've managed to whip up. I know it's not exactly my best work but I just wanted to do a little piece that explores the big brother side of Leonardo. This story wasn't that hard to write because it took me less than twenty minutes to come up with this story. The only thing that's bugging me is the tense that I used. I tried to write this story (more like drabble) in the present tense but something about the flow of the story is bothering me. Oh well… When I get the chance, I'll have my beta take a look at this and have her go over it. But until then, happy reading! Remember constructive criticisms are welcome! Happy Holidays!

Disclaimer: I don't own the TMNT or anything related to the TMNT franchise.

Dedicated to Pi90katana

He was considered a lot of things. To his brothers, he was their leader. To his father, he was the eldest son and the pride of his clan. To his enemies, he was invincible and fearless. But there was one title that he took the most seriously: his role as an older brother.

To him, nothing was more important than making sure his brothers were happy and safe. Regardless of how much he pushes them to their limits in training or how much he might annoy them with his lectures and overprotective nature, deep down he knows they appreciate and love him dearly.

There are times, however, that he feels as though he might end up pushing them away permanently. He doesn't mean to be so overbearing and suffocating but he has no other way to show them how much he cares. He can't express his feelings openly because he doesn't want his family to think that he's weak or vulnerable.

However, he would be lying to himself if he said it didn't hurt him a little bit inside, each time one of his brothers got upset with him or said angry words to him. Whenever those moments happen, he tries valiantly to ignore them but the pain never fully subsides.

Rather than hating his brothers for how much they seem to take him for granted, however, he doesn't mind. He knows they never really mean any harm by their words or actions anyway.

Secretly, he cherishes each instance where Raphael opens up to him freely, each instance where Michaelangelo drops his mask long enough to let him see the true him and each instance where Donatello confides in him when he doesn't think he can handle a certain task.

Granted, the three of them might be a pain in the shell from time to time, nothing will ever change the fact that he loves them. They're his family and no matter what anyone says or thinks about him, he will always be there for them.