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-Summary-: Amu Hinamori is the adopted daughter of Midori and Tsumugu Hinamori. Oh, that's not the hard thing. The hard thing is Amu's not a patient at a rehab center with split-personality problems. When joining, she meets eat disordered blonds, messed up childhood king-wanna bes, pyromaniac Kairi's, and our famous, and common suicides. Yep, life is a bundleof joy when your causing havoc in five different personalities. And, what is the mystery behind this key and lock Amu and Ikuto have, as well as Amu's true parents' murder? REAPER'S OC SHALL BE JOINING SOME TIME~ SHUGO CHARAS MAY APPEAR, IF NOT, THEN A MAGICAL 'WORLD' SEEN BY REAPER'S OC~!

-Pairings-: Amuto, Tadamu, NagiRima, KairiAmu, KukUta, KukYa, AmuOC -anything you want-

-Rating-: Rated T for teens, only because of language, might change.


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~_~_~_~_~_~CHAPTER ONE: AMU~_~_~_~_~_~

"Tadase-kun, please stop screaming." A girl, probably at the age of thirteen looked over, her shoulder length bubble gum pink hair swayed as she turned her heard, her yellow-honey colored eyes blinking. She was wearing a simple black two finger wide strapped summer dress that touched about three inches away from her knees. Her black flats shuffled as she shifted her footing.

"Hinamori-san, that's Tadase Hotori. He's in here because he's suffering from child abuse and childhood issues." The lady next to the girl said. She giggled slightly. "He always says he wants to rule the world. Acts like a king, he does." She said.

Another girl came up. She had blond hair in two pony-tails and purple eyes. She was probably fourteen, maybe fifteen. She blinked at the girl.

"Who is this?" She asked in a snobbish voice. "Utau-chan, this is Hinamori Amu. She's going to be joining us here." The lady said. "Midori-san, I don't see it….wait, she has the same last name as you." Utau said. The young girl, Amu, suddenly realized it was Hoshino Utau, the famous singer. She remembered the news said Utau was sent to rehab for an eating disorder of something of the sorts.

"A-ah. She's my new adopted daughter. Her real parents were friends of ours. Poor child. Saw her parents murdered in front of her eyes. She doesn't speak much…when she's Amu. But…oh, can you go get Yaya? Lunch is almost done." Midori smiled, seeing Amu glare at her. Utau nodded. "Oh, I forgot to ask. Have you seen Ikuto? I can't find him." Utau said. Midori shook her head. Utau sighed.

Midori showed Amu to a seat on the couch, next to Tadase. Tadase, blond-gold hair and red ruby eyes, stared at her for a second, before smiling. Amu looked at him, and nodded her head.

"Move." A small girl, yellow hair and gold colored eyes pushed Tadase, taking his seat next to Amu. She turned, being small and cute, and stuck her hand out. "Rima. Mashiro Rima." She said to Amu. Amu nodded her head and shook the hand. "Can't you speak?" Rima asked bluntly. Amu paused, before shrugging her shoulders.

"Boring." Rima frowned, seeming to have lost interest in the new kid. "Rima, it's rude to push people." Tadase, acting all innocent and fragile. "I don't care. New girl, new friend. As long as Ikuto and Lulu don't mess with her." Rima said.

"Rima-san…." Amu looked over to see a boy, long purplish hair tied in a pony-tail, wearing a black shirt with jeans. He looked annoyed at Rima's attitude.

"Nagi-kun…." Rima jumped off the couch and ran at him, hugging him. "New girl." Nagi looked over at Amu. He smiled. "I'm Nagihiko Fujisaki." He smiled.

"She's Hinamori Amu. She doesn't speak for some reason. At least, as Midori said, Amu doesn't speak." Utau popped up, dragging a child with her. The child was wearing piggy-tails and was acting like a baby. "But Pepe needs food!" The girl cried. Amu guessed this was Yaya.

"Yaya, your name is Yaya! Not Pepe!" Tadase scold. Prince…. Was all Amu could think at the scene.

"Where is Kukai? I need to find him and Ikuto." Utau hissed. "Don't forget Kairi!" Yaya chimed in.

Kairi? Another girl? Amu thought.

Suddenly, three boys ran in, the two younger ones laughing, while the oldest just smirked. "We played a joke on Nikaidou." The oldest boy said. Amu stared at him in awe.

Midnight blue hair, dark blue eyes you could get lost in, like sapphires. The other two barely caught her interest. A-astonishing. She thought, staring at the oldest boy.

"Kukai!" Utau hit one of the boy's head's. "Kairi." Too Amu's amazement, she hit the other younger boy's head. "IKUTO!" Utau glomped the god like boy, who was staring at Amu.

"Hm? New meat?" Ikuto asked, staring at Amu, who was trying to sink into the couch. Utau frowned. "She's Hinamori Amu. She doesn't talk." Utau said to the three boys. They nodded. "Lulu said she isn't hungry. Go figure." Ikuto rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, a little three year old came running in. "Ah! Onee-chan! Onee-chan!" Ami Hinamori ran up to Amu, hugging her before she jumped onto the couch, and sat on Amu's legs. "Mama said she needs to go buy lunch. I'm hungwy! Food!" Ami cried. Amu patted the girl on the head.

Utau pulled Ami off of Amu. "Don't bother with her Ami. Go ask your dad." Utau pushed Ami out of the room, just as Amu frowned.

"So, do you write to talk?" Yaya asked. Amu pulled out a notepad from thin air, and wrote down:

Yes. How else would I talk?

Yaya clapped her hands in amusement. If Amu could, she's sweat drop. But, she was 'cool & spicy' as Amu's personality should be.

Yaya, why do you call yourself Pepe? Amu wrote one. Utau slapped a hand over Yaya's mouth before she could speak. "Please, it's a LONG story." Utau begged. Amu nodded. Not that I mind, or anything. Amu wrote, placing a bore expression on her face.

"Cool." Yaya said, stars in her eyes. No, no Amu-chan! Not how you act! Never! Amu winced slightly in the inside as the voice yelled at her. Stop yelling at her. Another voice hissed at the other voice. Both of you stop fighting-desu. A third voice cried.

Yeah, Amu-chan is probably getting a headache with you two.A fourth voice giggled. Amu frowned on the outside.

Ow…. She wrote by accident. Everyone raised an eyebrow. Nothing. Amu said, flailing her arms mentally. The four voices in her head giggled. Shut up, all of you. You're ruining my personality. Amu thought to the four.


Midori came back soon after, lunch in hand. Fast food, real healthy~

Amu took a bite of her burger before dropping it. I'm full. She wrote. She nibbled on some fries even after writing that, making Rima giggled.

When the group had free time, Amu met Lulu, who was having the same problem as Utau, but worse.

The new girl…seems interesting. Ikuto thought. He sat down beside Amu, and swung an arm over her shoulder, causing Amu to jump. "So Amu, how do you like it here? Why are you here anyways?" Ikuto asked, Amu's name coming out sweeter than the rest of his sentence.

I'll tell if you tell first. Amu wrote, staring at Ikuto with a blush on her face. "Utau and Lulu because of their disorders. Tadase because of his childhood issues and such. Kairi because surprisingly enough, he's a pyromaniac. Kukai because he has a mental disorder that has something to do with his body and his limits, or something. Rima, Nagihiko, Yaya, and I were suicides." Ikuto explained. Amu's eyes shot wide.

Wow!-desu~ All five thought in Amu's head thought together. Su, being the last, added her 'desu'. Amu was about to write something down when everything went black.