Reaper: FINALLY! A UPDATE. AND THE LAST OF ALL IN THE MIND. Yes, you read right. THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER. LAST, CHAPTER. It is -I admit- rushed and very straight forward, but all in due time. I was getting bored of this story and wanted to quickly move to the sequel. The sequel will deal more with the other characters, and not so much Amu like this was. Also, please forgive me for making this chapter so short for it being the last chapter. But again, I AM MAKING A SEQUEL. So, without further ado - the last chapter of All in the Mind!

Also, this chapter is centered on Amu since the sequel will -more or less- STILL be centered on Amu but with be more focused on the other characters. Also, this chapter focuses on cutting, so if you feel easily sensitive to this subject, please don't read this chapter. I have no experience with cutting, nor have I ever acted on any impulse I've had (thought I will admit I've had moments when I've almost cut myself) therefore what I've written in this chapter was merely taken from what I know, understand, think of the matter, and the experiences from my friends. If anything I write or say may offend you, I'm sorry.


Make it stop. Make it stop.

Begging wouldn't do anything. It was the action that matter, the actual movement that stopped everything.

But she couldn't. It started, it kept going. It was a obsession, a habit she couldn't stop.




Amu shot her eyes open, her eyes going wide as she stared at the new -

-So beautiful, so red-

- cut on her arm, forcing a scream to stay in her throat. No, no, no! What-why-how-when did she-? Amu slammed into the tile of the bathtub, sinking down as she looked at her surroundings. She was in the bathroom, one of the secluded bathrooms in the further areas of the building. When did she-how did she-why did she-?

-So thin, so numb. It was beading down almost impossibly, looking like it was coming from a dream-no-a cartoon. The red was almost a surreal red, a kind of red you only saw in moments of shock and awe. The kind of red that you imagined in you veins.


Amu's unwounded hand shot up, covering her mouth as she felt bile and a caught scream forcing its way up her throat. No-no-Stop it!


Amu flinched and jolted out of the tub, crashing to the white tile, staining it red. She gasped and panted for breath, finally letting go and cleaning her stomach of any contents it held.

Curling to a ball Amu gasped, her eyes wide and dilating as her mouth started to grow stiff and sticky, a foul stench filling her nostrils. Tears beaded down her cheeks and she shakily sat up, her eyes moving to the razor blade a few feet from her, her arm pulsing, begging to be cut again.

"N-no!" Amu gasped out.

"They're leaving in two days," Midori's voice rung out and Amu gave a shocked, almost started squeal as she snapped her head down, as if the movement would cease the words ringing-mocking in her head.

Amu gagged and scooted against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest. She felt trapped, closed off. She couldn't move. The walls were closing in on her, her eyes training on the razor blade that was calling out to her.

Where did it come from? Where-when-how did she get it? What-what was going on?

Amu bit her lip , breaking the skin as her nails dug into her flesh, drawing blood once more from now three places.

"H-Help!" She whispered weakly as tears beaded down at a more rapid rate, her body shaking.

"M-Midori! R-Rima! Nagi! Kris! Someone! Help! HELP! HELP! HELP ME IKUTOOOOO!" Amu screamed at the top of her lungs, burying her head into her knees in a defensive motion, her voice starting to grow raw as her voice hit a higher note, her volume growing louder as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

It was begging her, calling her, pleading for her to use it. She couldn't stop. She couldn't disobey. Wasn't she raised to always listen? She had to listen. Listen. Listen.











Amu's eyes opened up, her eyes meeting a painful, blinding white. A beeping sound was echoing around her ears and she instantly knew she wasn't at Midori's 'home'.

Sitting up sluggishly she looked around. The room wasn't a room of the Rehab center. It was of a hospital, that Amu knew. Amu blinked, in a daze.

Why was she in the hospital? Did she get sick? Her mouth tasted horrible, the taste rotten and stomach-lurching. She turned her gaze to the door as it slid open, a red-eyed Midori coming into sight.

"AMU-CHAN!" Midori cried in shock and rushed over, tackling the girl into a bear hug. Amu blinked and wondered what was wrong. Suddenly a pain shot through her arms and she gave a gasp, the air in her lungs leaving her. Midori quickly let go of her and watched as her adopted daughter looked at her arms.

Bandages. Bandages covered her arms. Bloody, soaked bandages.

"They need to change your bandages," Midori whispered softly. Amu shot her gaze up, shocked. She opened her mouth and froze-her memories came back to her and she suddenly couldn't talk.


"It-it wasn't real-it-it couldn't be. I don't-I didn't-I couldn't have-," Amu whispered as she started to shake her head.

"Amu….your lock," Midori spoke and Amu shot a hand to her neck, only to feel nothing there. Her eyes widened and she saw Midori holding it.

"Amu….there were three razors, not counting the one we found with you, hidden inside this locket," Midori explained and the color drained from Amu's face.

She remembered.

-She had to hide them. Mother would be mad. Father would be oh-so furious if they knew she was doing this. She had to hide them. Where? Where?

Amu's eyes fell on her clover shaped locket.


Amu's eyes went dark and she slumped back against the bed, sighing deeply.

"I-I don't remember getting to the bathroom. I don't-I woke up and there I was, sitting on the floor, arm already bleeding. It-I don't-you're voice-it pushed at me, Midori-san. It pushed at me and I gave in," Amu whispered as she brought her arms, ignoring the painful stinging, to cover her face. She started to softly sob, before she choked.

"A-Amu?" Midori asked and Amu jolted up, her tear-stained face meeting Midori's.

"T-THEY'RE SILENT!" Amu all but screamed in a panic all of the sudden, her arms shoot to her head.

"T-THEY'RE SILENT!" She screamed again and the door burst open, a few nurses and a doctor or two rushing in.

"Midori-san, I can't hear them! I can't hear them!" Amu cried out in a panic, her eyes wide and unfocused. Midori panicked, never having dealt with a situation like this before.

"C-calm down!" Midori gasped out and saw a doctor inject something into Amu's IV while some nurses were holding down the struggling girl. Midori's pale figure watched as Amu's gasping and struggling body started to slowly-slowly relax. Her eyelids closed and she fell into a sleep.

"Hinamori-san, could we talk for a moment?" The doctor asked and Midori looked over, shakily nodding her head.


Drip, drip
What is it that spills?
Trip, Trip
Falling into the endless darkness.
Crimson red, a precious liquid.
The nectar of life, the reason we breath.
Taking it away, watching it pour,
with what wings-the ones that are broken-can you soar?

"Amu-chan, Rima, Nagi, and Lulu left today. Rima's going to be staying with Lulu for a while, and Yaya's leaving tomorrow. Tadase, Utau, Ikuto, Kairi, and Kris are still with us. Isn't that nice? Kukai left a yesterday, shockingly. He finally got over his mental illness," Midori hummed and combed through Amu's pink locks. Amu stared at her.

"Eh? Kukai left? Isn't Utau sad?" Amu asked softly as Midori stopped humming.

"She cried. But Kukai kissed her and said he'd come pick her up when it was time for her to leave. She's eating more-in the week you've been here," Midori spoke as she stared sadly at the restraints keeping Amu from moving. The poor girl had flipped out three times in the week she had been there and was being kept on sedatives at all time. She was now in a drug-caused calm state, staring tiredly at Midori.

"Kris is leaving too….huh? Didn't he get in because of me…?" Amu asked softly and Midori went back to humming, nodding her head.

"Tadase, Ikuto, and Utau are the only ones left. Kairi-Yaya's been coming to visit every day so he's taking it alright. He's getting better. Soon he'll be out too. Because of you, everyone's getting better. They've been asking where you've been, Amu-chan. I told them you were sent to America to go to this special rehab center that would help cases like yours. They believed me," Midori informed and Amu nodded.

"Gomen…" Amu whispered. Midori gave a sad, tear-glistening smile and shook her head, holding back sobs. What did this girl do in a past life to get such hellish punishments?

"Excuse me Hinamori-san, but visitation time is over for today," a nurse informed as she knocked on the door. Midori nodded and leaned down, kissing Amu's head.

"See you tomorrow," Midori whispered lovingly and left.

Amu stared up at the ceiling, closing her eyes.

Ran, Miki, Su, Dai, Iru, Eru, Amu thought. She felt, heard, and sensed nothing. She gave a painful, tired sigh and jumped when the bed dipped near her feet. She opened her eyes and stared into the beautiful purple eyes of a blond haired kid, whose innocent orbs were wide and child-like.

"They're sleeping," he whispered secretively. Amu raised an eyebrow, and the boy patted her head.

"They're waiting-waiting for the time when your heart calls for them. Right now they are sleeping-you don't need them. When the Embryo calls for them, they'll wake up," the boy said mysteriously and Amu felt her lock, against her chest, heat up almost painfully. She flinched and if she wasn't restrained, would have grabbed it from her skin. The boy smiled regretfully at her.

"I'm Hikaru," he introduced and kissed her cheek.

"Beware of Easter," Hikaru warned and when Amu was forced to close her eyes from the burning, opened them, again to an empty room.

"Right now they are sleeping-you don't need them. When the Embryo calls for them, they'll wake up."

Embryo… Amu thought and jolted up when she felt a warm, almost comforting pulse rack through her skull.


"Amu-chan! Come on! Just because you haven't been to a public school in a year doesn't mean you have the excuse to be lazy and sluggish! Get a move on it girl!" Midori called and heard a cheerful voice call from up stairs of their house, "Coming Mama!"