King Bowser Koopa and Charizard starring in...

Bowser and Charizard: Idiots Never Notice (BAC: INN)

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

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Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: You did see that announcement I made earlier, right? Well, yeah, I'm not going to be doing any longer jabbering until I make a really big achievement. As in, I mean... a really, REALLY big achievement. So with that, I got nothing else to say, but enjoy, everyone! And now, I leave you with my copypasta, of which will be used for all of my stories from here on out: Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the story! Read and enjoy!

PS: Heehee, notice the nice thing I did with the abbreviated title? I guess you won't notice it right away. :P

Disclaimer: (sigh) I thought he would never stop jabbering. (clears throat) Bowser, Charizard, and all other related characters and such other things belong to Nintendo. Doctor Harryhausen Howard Hoshi belongs to Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus.

Bowser and Charizard were staring right at each other, eye to eye, nose to nose, mouth to mouth. ...Okay, maybe not mouth to mouth. But they were staring.

"Hrmm... you know... I just thought of something," Bowser stated as he rubbed his chin, "What are our purposes here?"

Charizard blinked, and he scratched his head. "Well, I guess we-"

"HA, YOU BLINKED!" Bowser laughed as he clapped his hands together with glee.

Charizard soon realized this, and he jumped up and down, growling.

"Argh! Darn it! How could I be so stupid!" Charizard shouted as he kicked a football into Bowser's face, which devoured it within minutes. He then pointed at the black sky and asked, "So, what's the plot for the story this time?"

Bowser made a quirky face. "Urrr, how should I know?" He replied dumbfounded.

Charizard slapped his forehead. "Bowser, "urrr" is not a word. You know, yadda yadda..." The red fire-type dragon Pokemon started jabbering his head off, while Bowser placed ear plugs on his nose, to help get the sound out that was coming from Charizard's mouth.

Dr. Mario and Ridley, who were watching Bowser and Charizard from a distance, looked at each other.

"So, how are we going to watch these two progress?" Ridley asked as he scratched his head.

Dr. mario paused, and he then snapped his fingers, turning to face Ridley. "Well, we could increase the word count." The good doctor suggested, winking.

"Increase the word count?" Ridley asked, blinking.

"Increase the word count." Dr. Mario replied, smiling as he folded his arms and closed his eyes.

"...Well, what good is that gonna do us?" Ridley remarked as he folded his lanky arms together.

Dr. Mario shrugged in response, shaking his head. "I don't know. I thought it would make for a funny gag."

"Well it's not funny. It's stupid, it's lame, and it just clutters a pretty crappy fanfic." Ridley pointed out as he pulled out his sunglasses, placing them on his eyes.

"Well what would you write in its place?" Dr. Mario asked as he folded his arms.

"I would make it so that there's actual interesting stuff in the story to keep people interested, to actually get them hooked." Ridley began as he made a certain posture, standing up and pointing his right hand at the dark, night sky. "And furthermore, I would actually make the story related to the category that it's actually part of. Never mind to actually make the characters actually act like what they do. And proper grammar... and..." He rambled on about the proper ethics of fanfiction. He was the leader of the space pirates from Metroid for a reason.

"...This is completely pointless." Dr. Mario admitted as he sighed, shaking his head in disappointment and turning around, only to notice that...




(Dramatic Pause)




Bowser and Charizard were gone. Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen.

Dr. Mario scratched his head, only to have a blue-winged butterfly land on his brown bushy hair. The doctor smashed his head, only to see the butterfly flying away. Dr. Mario frowned as he rubbed his injured head, feeling the pain, while in the next second, Ridley stated the obvious.

"Where did they go?" Ridley exclaimed in shock as he and Dr. Mario looked around for the two monstrous reptilians.

Not too far, Bowser and Charizard are running like little girls, shrieking in horror as they are being chased by the girly girl, Ness (who recently went to see Birdo and got his gender changed, actually being female now because he, I'm sorry, 'she', is that insane in the head).

"Keep running! Don't let his girliness touch you!" Charizard hollered at the to of his fire-filled lungs as he tripped over a green frog and started tumbling down the hill, with Bowser retreating into his spiky shell and following.

Ness called out at the two reptilians, giggling as she shouted, "Wait, boys! I wanna go with you!"

"NO!" Bowser and Charizard shouted back at Ness as they hid behind a nearby urinal, only to see Ness sitting right behind them. Destroying the laws of physics, Bowser and Charizard morphed into piles of goop and transformed into vapor, quickly disappearing in the air, leaving Ness to cry in her place.

Dr. Mario and Ridley looked at each other, and only slapped their foreheads while shaking their heads as they noted the stupidity of their two idiotic friends. What an adventure this would be.