Title: 5 Reasons
Pairing: Jack x Mary
A/N: My Secret Santa gift for Jean Cooper. Man was this hard to write…but I hope I managed to pull it off. Ehehe. It's basically five, unrelated one-shots--the LJ comm really helped me out with this. Hehe.

'Cause, to me, she had the most beautiful eyes…

Her eyes, my wife's eyes. They were one of the many things I found insanely attractive about her. Seriously, I don't remember the last time I actually won an argument after looking into them.

Not that we argue that much to begin with.

And most of the time, the reason why we were fighting in the first place usually smashed right through my closed window. Mary had such big eyes and--I must've picked this up from one of her historical romances--I always managed to get lost in them.

When she was actually staring at me, that is, and not looking down at the ground when we spoke. Usually, I would have to lift her face and make her look at me.

I'll also admit: I always did have a little 'fetish' for librarians, and those outdated, half-framed thick glasses of hers only added to their beauty (which, of course, further added to hers). So I didn't really mind that she wore those glasses…all the time.

I remembered having a conversation about that with her; if I remember correctly, it was a few days before our wedding.

"You know, Mary…I've never seen you without your glasses before." Was what I think I said, while I was roaming around the bottom floor of the library.

All she muttered was a pretty flustered "R-really?" and we dropped that little conversation right there. Mainly because, after pulling out one book, half the ones on the shelf decided that they wanted some freedom too.

I didn't think she would remember my comment, so you could imagine my surprise on the day of our wedding when she came into the church: dressed in her white gown, her long hair pulled up into a tight bun and…no glasses.

No. Glasses.

Mary was beautiful before, but damn! Without her glasses, she was…her eyes were…I don't think I can even put it into words. I guess I could say "Freakin' hawt!" or "Downright sexy" or…or a lot of other things that she would totally not approve of. But all I could really do was just stare at her with my mouth open just a little, and my eyes wide.

"W-what's wrong, Jack?" Mary had whispered to me after the ceremony, giving me that adorable little worried look of hers. I had resisted the childish urge to pull my wife's cheeks. "You've been acting weird ever since you saw me. Did I do something wrong?"

I had told her, after fumbling around for my words like an idiot, it was because this was the first time I'd seen her without glasses. All she did was giggle after that, get on her tip-toes and murmured:

"You know, hubby, if you ever want me to take them off…all you need to do is ask!"

…I'm sure she now regrets ever making such a suggestion.