'Cause spending time together was enough for her…

As the snow fell heavily outside, Mary laid against Jack with a smile on her face, holding her cup of hot cocoa in her hands.

"You sure you don't want to go out or anything?" Jack asked, looking over at her from the corner of his eyes. When she shook her head, he sighed, "It's the Starry Night Festival, Mary! Wouldn't you rather go to the town square? Or hang out at the inn?" It was obvious that he was feeling a bit guilty. Then again, he hardly ever found 'sitting still' as something entertaining.

Nah, he preferred exploring the mountains and searching for things. Not that Mary minded; in fact, she preferred going to explore with him too.

But today was different.

Mary shook her head, shifting her eyes to the extreme left of the room. "This is fine, Jack. I kinda like it…" She smiled at the little crib near the side of their bed. "We hardly have any time together. With you working, and me always taking care of the baby. It's fun to have some time to ourselves."

"I guess you're right." He sighed, looking upward before rubbing his forehead. "I should really take this farm seriously. It's been three years already, and it hasn't improved since the day I got it." He closed his eyes, smirking, "Granted, once I started dating you, it really did start to get better. You'd be a way better farmer than me, that's for sure."

Mary frowned, narrowing her eyes. But before she could start scolding him for putting himself down, she felt him shrug, and then wrap an arm around her. "But if sitting here with me makes you happy, then I'm all good with it too." Jack muttered, turning her head so that he could give her a small kiss. "…Happy Starry Night, Mary…"