Swinging bodies, rotating hips, sweet sweat, blasting music, slurring at the bar area, the hot sweet scent of a night club. Some of the hottest guys were around, not many were ugly. The lot of them were just cute. The sweet intoxication of dancing and the night club caught up with me and here I was, just dancing the night away with my friend Peter.

Peter of course is just my friend, not boyfriend as in a relationship. He's been my friend since... well... our freshman year in high school. He's a jock which others would find hard to believe that he was friends with me and hanging out with me. He was a little hesitant at first, but now in our senior year at Riverside High we don't care what others think of us. I never really cared in the first place, but I respected his choices.

Which reminds me, he was supposed to be dancing with me, but I have no idea now where he is. If I can't find him I'm in trouble. You see... I'm seventeen and he is eighteen and this bar is pretty special since you only have to be eighteen to get access and I kind of snuck in here so if I'm not near him so he can possibly bail me out, I'm screwed and I may end up that way too... literally!

Oh, I am careful believe me but when there are all these guys around it's hard not to end up dancing in front of them. To let you in on a little secret- I don't gyrate. Not yet anyway since there has never been a guy that I want to dance in that way with. Then when I look around all I see are girls and guys gyrating with each other.

Thinking I need to get away from them and find Peter, I maneuvered my way off the dance floor. Or at least I thought I was getting ready to step off until a firm grip on my upper arm and a jerk made me collide into a firm chest.

My heart was pounding by this point. I had absolutely no idea who this was and I knew it wasn't Peter because I just caught sight at him by the bar and no, they don't sell alcohol around here since you only have to be eighteen to get in. This town is kind of messed up, huh?

Okay so now if this was not Peter behind me, then who was it? I tried moving my head to look behind me and then tried to look up, but the person had but their head on top of mine, locking me with my head forward and some-what down. Plus the person had now moved both of his hands to my hips, keeping me pressed firmly into him.

Now you think I could somewhat move right? Wrong... his grip was secure. Oh, and the person was a male... trust me. I could tell because there was defiantly something bulging behind my backside when I was pulled into him.

"Dance with me." It hissed between clenched jaws.

As the beat to the song picked up, he began to gyrate into me. I was shocked. One, I did not know how to do this, two, this was a complete stranger, three... oh it felt so good. See why I was shocked now? He hissed again and tightened his grip on my hips, telling me to start moving. Me being scared, I did. Oh boy did I try my best. Apparently I was good as I heard him groan.

Okay, now this was getting sick. Quickly, I screamed and he let go. Then that is when I bolted to Peter. He saw me running toward him and he caught me and held me firmly in a tight grip. I felt hot tears start to build and flow out.

"Let's go." I mumbled into his chest. I felt him nod and he guided us to the exit.

When he dropped me off at my house I got my key and opened the front door. Once he saw I was in, he backed up and went back down the drive way. I had shut and locked the door, turning on the foyer light in the process. Before I turned around to go further in the house I froze.

My big black dog was not barking and he usually does when anyone comes into the house. I slowly turned around and there he was, sitting in the hallway and looking at me with those golden eyes of his. However, he wasn't alone. Standing next to him was a huge black wolf. It growled and I gasped, as it lunged toward me.

I was slammed back into the door as the larger-than-life wolf pinned me and then knocked me to the floor, growling and barring his fangs at me. I kept my head to my chest, not giving it access to my neck. By now my dog was finally whining. 'About time.' I thought.

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