Dinner was a solemn matter and I hardly ate. Everyone was quiet and the only sounds that could be heard were the scrapings of the dinner utensils on the plates. The only thing I consumed was the class of water Layla had gotten me. I hardly touched the food on my plate. I just did not feel hungry. If I were to guess why I was not hungry, I would say it was the depression from having lost someone. All the guys ate however and I suppose they had to since (from what I have read) their metabolism is higher due to the whole werewolf-factor.

One by one they all left the table and eventually it was only Layla and I. Jinx had not even shown up for dinner. Then again, I didn't even know if he ate human food since he was at least half-vampire. I looked towards Layla, sighed, and excused myself from the dinner table. I had offered earlier to help clean the dishes, but she refused the help.

I ended up taking advantage of the bathroom and made myself a bubble-bath, hoping it would help me relax. The water was hot when I first got in and started washing myself, but now it had grown cool. Time was lost to me, as I did not know just exactly how much time I had spent in the tub. I was done however and the cool water served no purpose to help me, so I went ahead and got out.

Using the towel I had set out before I got in, I dried and then wrapped my hair in the towel to help dry it. Right after setting my hair, I put the pajamas on that I had taken from my room before going to the bathroom. Now back to the hair. I let it down and used the towel to further towel-dry my hair. It was still damp, but dryer from before and would not bug me, so I left my hair down.

I hung the towel back up to dry, made sure everything was off, and made my way back to my room. I placed my hand on the knob to my door to turn it and pushed it open as a hand was soon placed over mine and a body quickly pushed me into the room. I stumbled inside, but regained my balance and turned in time to see the person shutting the door behind them.

"Jinx?" I asked, only seeing the back of the person.

They soon turned around and before my eyes was certainly none other than Jinx. He placed a finger to his lips with one hand and locked the door using the other. It was at this moment that I frowned. What was with him?

"Please…" he whispered and my expression grew confused.

"What? And why weren't you at dinner?" I asked him and grew a little angry at him since he was not there with everybody at dinner.

He did not answer and only stared intently at me while I glared right back, my frown turned into a scowl. Then it clicked. He was half-vampire and not at dinner, he was… hungry? Something close to recognition must have flashed across my face because soon, his expression grew hopeful as he stared at me.

"Oh God… you're hungry," I said, not bothering to whisper like he had and backed up, placing my hands out in front of me.

I watched him with wide eyes as he stalked forward and with the steady rate of which the distance between him and I was decreasing, I stepped back. My legs eventually hit the edge of my bed and I could no longer take a step back for every one that he took towards me. Slowly he approached me and placed his hands on either side of my waist. Only a few rays of the yet to fully set sun illuminated my room enough to make out some of the details and so far, it was enough to make out Jinx's figure in front of me.

His fingers slowly started kneading the skin at my waist as my attention went to his eyes instead of trying to avoid him by looking past him to the wall. If he wanted my attention, he definitely had it now.

I looked into those eyes what I saw almost made me break. Bags were underneath those eyes of his and they seemed even darker than the shadows around my room. It was like an endless pit of sorrow, pain, and even in those eyes I could detect a sense of desperate needing.

"Please," he whispered again in a strained voice as he brought his face closer to mine.

I let out a small squeak of a whimper and closed my eyes and gave in to him. As soon as the sound left me and titled my head to the side, his mouth was over my throat.

His mouth was open, I could feel it, but I felt his parted lips and nothing else. Soon his tongue pressed against the flesh of my throat and I took in a shaky breath. His tongue stroked over my skin with the expertise of an artist's brush. I don't know how long that lasted, as soon the feeling of teeth being pressed against my skin made me squint my eyes harder. I was scared; there was no denying that.

Quickly, sharp teeth penetrated my skin and I choked on a scream. Despite the pain, it was too much to scream and just the thought of screaming made me think that it would make the pain in my neck worse. Tears brimmed and spilled down my cheeks at the pain. It was going to bruise and bruise badly, but I couldn't think of it anymore and felt my body give out on me.

I was surrounded by darkness and felt like I was drifting between the dream world and reality. Dreams were not supposed to hurt though I thought… Perhaps I was waking up from when I had fallen asleep. I become more aware of my surroundings as the seconds ticked by. I was underneath the covers of my bed and soon I was shivering as I recalled what had happened.

I was shivering, but whether from fear or being cold, I did not know. Perhaps it was the fear making me feel cold. A name popped into my head soon after the shivering began… Jinx! Just where exactly was he now?