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Chapter 13: Reunion

Isamu awoke slowly from his deep sleep as bright sunlight filtered through his closed eyes. He tried to get a few more moments of rest by squeezing his eyes tightly shut, but although he was exhausted, the warm light still managed to seep through and force his brain into consciousness.

Is it morning already? He wondered as he gave up all hope of some extra shut eye.

"I guess, if I can't go back to sleep then I may as well get up," he grumbled as he pried one eye open. It automatically snapped shut as the dazzling early morning sun blinded him. They adjusted after a couple of minutes, and when he was finally able to look around he became utterly confused as he realized that he was no longer in his room.

"Where am I?" Isamu wondered aloud as he sat up and slowly took in his surroundings.

He was sitting in the middle of a field of vibrant flowers. The sky above was a lovely shade of buttermilk blue with soft white, fluffy clouds. There were butterflies flittering all around and a gentle breeze blew past him, ruffling his hair. The fragrant scent of the flowers surrounded him and it helped to clear the last dregs of sleep from his mind. He leaned over and ran his hands over the carpet of green grass that he'd been sleeping on and immediately realized that he was able to move easily and that all of his aches and pains were gone. In fact, he actually felt refreshed and energized.

"Is this a dream?" he asked aloud as he reached out his hand to touch a nearby flower that was a blue so deep that it was almost black. A beautiful black butterfly with purple markings alit softly on his hand just as he touched its delicate petals. He raised it slowly to his face to get a better look at it, amazed at its beauty. "Or is this another part of my inner world?"

"In a way it's both, Isamu," a woman's voice answered behind him.

Isamu yelped in surprise and spun around quickly to face the speaker as the butterfly fluttered away in alarm from his sudden movements. He tensed for battle, but immediately froze in shock instead when he realized who it was.

"Mom…," he whispered with quiet disbelief. "Is it really you?"

Her violet eyes seemed to glow with happiness as she looked at him and her raven black hair blew gracefully around her face as she stood calmly in front of him with a joyful smile. She was small and delicate looking, but she had an air of strength and confidence around her that belied her fragile appearance. She was dressed in the exact same yellow dress that she wore in his photo of her, but pictures apparently didn't do her any justice because, as far as he was concerned, she was a hundred times more beautiful in person.

"It's me, Isamu," she said as she opened her arms wide, inviting him in for a hug. "I've been waiting for a long to be able to see you again."

He took one tentative step towards her and then another. He was half afraid that she would disappear or he would wake up and this wonderful dream would be over, but as he made his way slowly towards her, she remained in the same spot waiting for him. It seemed to take forever, but at last he came close enough to reach out a trembling hand to her. She met him halfway, and as soon as her soft, strong fingers grasped his, he felt all of his fear and doubts disappear and he dove toward her.

"Mom!" he shouted as he tripped over himself and fell into her open arms. She caught him carefully and they sank together to the ground while he buried his face deep into her dress and began babbling uncontrollably. "Mom…, I missed you so much! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I wish I had died instead of you… I'm so sorry…"

He clung tightly to her while he continued to blubber apologies. He cried out all of his pain, his frustration, and most of all, his guilt in a torrent of tears and incoherent words. He knew that he was being hysterical, but he just couldn't seem to stop himself.

While he lost it completely, his mother simply stroked his hair and let him cry. He didn't know how long they stayed like that, but she just held him and murmured soothing things until he finally had nothing left and he felt empty and numb.

"Isamu," she said when his tears finally subsided. "You don't have anything to feel guilty about. In fact, I'm the one who should be sorry…"

"No, Mom," he interrupted as he pushed himself away from her so that he could look into her face while he shook his head vehemently back and forth. "You don'…"

"Isamu," she interrupted him a little sternly as she grasped his face between her hands to stop him from shaking it. "I want you to stop right there and listen to me."

Isamu was so surprised that he shut up.

"You and your father are so alike," she sighed as she let go of his face and brushed his unruly hair out of his eyes. "You are both so stubborn… and so intent on feeling guilty about the wrong things."

"But Mom…," he tried to continue, but she clamped her whole hand over his mouth this time and he stopped.

"Listen carefully, Isamu," she said as she grasped his face in both of her hands again and looked intently into his eyes. "I know that you feel like you're to blame for my death, but it was no one's fault. Not yours, not your sister's, not anyone's. It was something unfortunate that just happened. Even if I had a chance to do it all differently I never would because having you two was the best thing that I've ever done with my life."

Tears welled up in his eyes and he tried to speak, but his mother frowned a little and he stopped. His father and his grandfather had been trying to tell him the same thing, but it was different hearing it directly from her. They could have been simply telling him things to make him feel better, but he could tell by looking at her face that this was how she really felt.

"I'm sorry that I had to leave you… all of you alone, but it is what it is and nothing can change that. You need to keep moving forward and live your life the way it's meant to be lived. The worst thing you could do is to give up and stop living your life because you think you don't deserve to."

The knot of pain and guilt finally loosened as he gazed into her sincere, loving eyes and her words touched his heart. He felt so many things all at once that he had no idea what to say. He was happy to hear his mother's warm words, relieved to know that she didn't blame him, and even a bit sheepish that his behavior had been so bad that his mother had to somehow come back from the dead to scold him.

"I'm sor…," he began again, but his mother almost instantly interrupted him.

"Uh-uh," she said with a shake of her head and a small teasing smile. "I love you Isamu, but if you say 'I'm sorry' again I'm going to have to start talking to you like how I usually talk to your father… by slapping you around."

Isamu blinked in surprise at her teasing tone and words. She was just like he imagined in some ways and a little bit different in others. Dad never mentioned this side of her to me…

"No more apologies Isamu," she continued. "Just go forward and become stronger. That's more than enough for me."

Isamu nodded his head and almost stupidly blurted out another apology, but he caught himself as his mother eyed him sternly with a small frown. He rubbed the tears from his eyes instead and murmured, "Thanks, Mom."

She smiled at him then and drew him close in a warm hug. He joyfully hugged her back and breathed in her clean wonderful scent. Her warmth filtered through his entire being and he felt almost whole again.

"I wish we could stay like this forever," he told her, but upon hearing his words his mother gave a small, sad sigh and hugged him a little tighter.

A disappointing thought crossed his mind and he felt the hot prickling of tears building up in his eyes again. He brushed them away impatiently because he wanted to be strong for her, but the thought hurt him more than he could ever imagine.

"This is just a dream… isn't it Mom? You're not really here and I'm going to wake up and everything that you just told me is something that I just made up to make myself feel better..."

"Like I said before, Isamu," she answered as she let go of him so that she could look into his face. "This is a dream, but I'm really here and I'll still be here in your inner world - in your heart - when you wake. When you finally meet with your little sister you will both learn the truth about your Zanpakutous and everything that's happening now should start to make sense."

"Why can't you tell me now?" he asked in confusion as he rubbed the last of the wetness away from his eyes. He was relieved to know that this wasn't just a dream, but he didn't know why his mother couldn't just explain everything to him right now. "We're both here and we have time to talk. Can't you…"

"There isn't much more time for us to talk, Isamu," she interrupted as she glanced around a little nervously. "I managed to arrange this meeting area for us, but I can't keep him out much longer."

"Keep who out?" he asked, but before his mother could answer a rumbling sound interrupted them and the ground beneath their feet started to shake violently. A huge crack suddenly opened up right below them, like a gaping maw that was trying to swallow them whole. Isamu quickly grabbed his mother and leaped out of harm's way.

"Isamu!" his mother shouted at him, the rumbling noise had become deafening as the crack in the ground continued to grow. "You need to wake up right now!"

"No!" he shouted back at her as the dirt inside of the crack suddenly exploded outward. The spray of dirt and rocks obscured everything for a moment, but as it finally started to clear the sight that greeted him from below made him hug his mother tightly to him.

His inner hollow stood atop a huge mound of debris where the beautiful field of flowers had been. He was grinning maliciously up at them, his Zanpakutou already in his hand.

"No!" he repeated, shaking his head. Fear for his mother's safety causing his heart to race wildly in his chest. "I'm not going to leave you here all alone!"

Isamu landed with a jarring thud a few dozen feet away from his evil mirror image. His mother somehow managed to land more lightly next to him and immediately stood after she hit the ground. She moved slightly in front of Isamu so that she was partially blocking him from his inner Hollow's view.

"I found you," his inner hollow said in a singsong voice that managed to sound happy and sinister at the same time. His face was smiling, but his eyes seemed to be two burning yellow flames of hate. At first, his gaze was all for Isamu, but he soon noticed Isamu's mother next to him and the evil grin on his face got even wider. "Why, Isamu, you've found our mother! I was wondering why I was having such a hard time finding you in here. How convenient! Now I get to kill both of you at the same time!"

Protective anger welled up inside of him as he tried to move in front of her to block her from his view, but his mother suddenly pushed him back and moved so that she was solidly in front of him. He fell with a jarring thud on to his butt from the force of her shove. He never realized that his mother was so strong.

"Mom! What are you doing?" he shouted at her as he scrambled to get up.

"Wake up Isamu," she repeated as she turned her determined face towards him. "You're not ready to face him all on your own because you haven't fully accessed the power of your Zanpakutou yet. You and your sister need to be together for you to be able to do that. I was only able to talk to you now because she is in the human world and is almost at the clinic."

"But I can't leave you to face him all by yourself! You gave up all your powers for us! He's going to kill you!"

"He's only trying to bait you into getting into a fight with him," she answered impatiently as she blocked him from moving towards his inner hollow. "He can't hurt me Isamu, but he can hurt you so you need to leave… NOW."

He ignored her words and tried to move around her again, but she suddenly shoved him again - hard. Caught off guard, he stumbled backwards and found himself falling into a dark pit.

"Mom!" he shouted as he tried to stop himself from falling, but there was nothing for him to grab on to. The light from the opening of the pit rapidly began to dwindle as he fell further away from her. "Mom!"

"I'll be fine, Isamu," he heard her say just before the world was swallowed by darkness. "Find your sister…,"

Ichigo placed the tray on the desk next to Isamu's bed, and looked back at the closed bedroom door while he wondered what the hell was going on.

What was the old man so worked up about that he had to dash out like that? Ichigo wondered, but a loud explosion erupted from right outside the clinic before he could think about it anymore.

He looked out of Isamu's window in time to see a huge Hollow on the ground, struggling to get up. There was an enormous crater in the street where someone had released some sort of spell to repel the monster. Ichigo stared into the darkness to see if he could see who was fighting the Hollow, but there was too much smoke and debris still in the air.

I wonder if this is why the old man rushed out of here so suddenly, he wondered as he tried to see if he could feel the old man out there, but the barrier kept him from feeling anything outside its perimeter. It must be him, but he's being extra noisy for a regular old Hollow.

He wondered briefly if he should go out and help him, but decided that Isamu was his priority and that the old fool was more than capable of handling a Hollow of this level by himself. He started to turn away from the window, but he whirled back around when he saw a flash of color out of the corner of his eye. It was a color he was intimately familiar with that he wouldn't expect to see anywhere, but in his own bathroom mirror. He rushed to the window and squinted out into the darkness. The smoke finally began to clear and he gasped in alarm as he got better view of the Hollow's opponent.

Long, bright orange hair was the first thing that he noticed and it took his shocked brain a moment to process what it could possibly mean.

Masumi, he thought in a panic as fear gripped his heart. He didn't know how he knew for sure that it was her, but it didn't matter. All that mattered at that moment was that his little girl was here with him in the human world and she needed him. He grabbed his Shinigami badge and released his soul from his body just as she got shakily to her feet.

"Masumi!" he shouted as he leaped out of the window and made a mad dash towards her. He watched her grasp her necklace in her hand and heard her shout a phrase that he never thought he would hear again.

"Mai! Sode no Shirayuki!"

He didn't wait to see if her Zanpakutou appeared or not. He drew Zangetsu from his back and ran towards them with an infuriated growl, but he was stopped short by the barrier that surrounded the clinic.

"Son of a bitch!" he shouted in frustration as he watched the Hollow rip a lamp post from the ground and fling it at her. He took a few steps back, raised Zangetsu and sliced violently at the barrier to try and break it.

"Getsuga Tenshou!"

A huge, crescent shaped wave of energy flew directly into the barrier, but it hit and was immediately absorbed by it. It was made to stand up to a direct attack by Isamu's hollow form, so it was apparently going to take more than his Getsuga Tenshou to break through.

"Damn it!" he shouted as he got ready to try again, but he stopped when he noticed Masumi standing in front of the Hollow with a beautiful, white sword in her hand. It looked like a smaller version of her mother's sword, but it was missing its long white ribbon on the hilt.

"No!" he shouted as the Hollow raised its meaty fist and tried to smash her flat. Ichigo felt his heart stop as he helplessly watched her barely leap out of the way in time. "Masumi!"

She didn't seem to hear him as she dashed forward and ran directly under it, sliding between the Hollow's legs like a baseball player stealing home, so that she could get behind it. Then, almost faster than he could follow, she turned and neatly sliced the Hollow in half with her Zanpakutou.

He stared at her in amazement as she collapsed to her knees in exhaustion. The fight must have actually been only a few minutes long, but to Ichigo it felt as if it had taken an eternity to finish. Right after she fell to her knees, he noticed his father stopping a few feet away from her with a dumbfounded expression on his face. He must have used the portal on the other side of the house to get out of the barrier to help her.

The one that I should have remembered was there so that I could go help her, he thought in disgust with his forgetfulness. At that moment Ichigo saw Masumi swoon and his father rush to catch her.

"Masumi!" he shouted again as he turned towards the portal in the barrier to get to her.

"Ichi-Nii!" Karin called out to him as she, Jinta and Yuzu came rushing out of the front door. "What's going on? We heard a huge commotion and…"

Her voice trailed off as she looked past him and saw their Dad holding Masumi in his arms. Her eyes widened in shock as her jaw dropped.

"Ichi-Nii…," she asked softly. "Is that who I think it is?"

"Oi! Karin! What's the matter?" Jinta Hanakari asked as he finally reached them with Yuzu close behind. "Why are you standing there like a dead fish with its mouth wide open?"

"Jinta," Yuzu began to scold him, but Ichigo didn't wait to hear the rest of their conversation. He ran to the exit on the other side and found it already open. The old man must have left it open in his haste to get outside and help Masumi. He dashed through and met them half way as they were returning to the portal.

"Masumi," Ichigo whispered as he stared in disbelief at the small, orange haired girl that his father held in his arms. Her Zanpakutou had returned to its original form and he could see the familiar star shaped pendant sparkling in the dim light. He reached his arms out tentatively and took her from his father. He half expected his father to do something idiotic, but for once the old man didn't say anything stupid and just let him take her.

She looks just like her mother, he thought numbly as he held her unconscious body close to him. His emotions still hadn't caught up to the shock of seeing her appear so suddenly before him. Fights like her too…, he thought with a feeling of pride as he held his precious little girl.

"Ichigo," his father said gently. He had been so engrossed in taking in the sight of his long lost daughter that he jumped at the sound of his voice. "We need to get her inside. She's been hurt."

"That's right Ichigo," Urahara Kisuke's voice drolly answered from above. Ichigo looked up to find him standing atop a nearby wall with Tessai standing next to him. "You should hurry and take care of her. What kind of father are you anyway?"

"Are you responsible for this, Urahara?" he demanded as he looked up at him. He meant for his words to sound angry, but it came out softer then he meant it to. Even though Masumi had been in danger, the joy of having her with him again tempered his tone. "Did you somehow bring my daughter back home to me?"

"I wish I could take credit for that, but unfortunately, I had nothing to do with it," he replied with a small frown as he jumped down from the wall and walked to their side. Tessai followed behind him like some sort of huge, silent shadow. "But let's get her inside the clinic so that we can treat her wounds… Besides, by the looks of it no one is in the house keeping an eye on Isamu right now."

Ichigo felt his heart sink as he looked around and realized that Urahara was right. Everyone was outside and no one was watching him. He dashed back into the house with Masumi still in his arms.

"Wait, Ichigo!" Urahara shouted after him, but he was so concerned about leaving Isamu alone that he didn't even pause. He went straight upstairs and almost broke Isamu's bedroom door down in his haste to get back there.

"Mom!" Isamu cried as he sat up abruptly in his bed, his heart pounding in his chest and his body soaked in sweat. He looked around in a panic until his brain finally registered that he was back inside of his room. He was alone and there was a tray of food sitting on his desk.

Where is everybody? He wondered as he slid to the side of his bed. It seemed unusually quiet and the food still seemed to be warm, so it couldn't have been there long. He was just about to get out of bed to look for everyone when his father suddenly burst into his room.

"Isamu!" his father cried out as he came in. He was breathing hard and he had a panicked look etched all over his face which eased the moment he caught sight of him sitting on his bed.

"Dad? What's wrong?" he asked in confusion. He started to get all the way out of bed, but he stopped when he noticed the small orange haired girl his father was carrying. Her clothes and face were dirty and she looked like she had been in a fight, but her face was just like he remembered her from his dream.

"Masumi?" he whispered as his conversation with his mother came rushing back to him. It wasn't just a dream, he thought in amazement, Mom said she was close and now she's here. "Dad… How did she… I mean, why is she…"

"I don't know, Isamu," he replied. Isamu stared in amazement at the tender, joyful look on his father's face that replaced his worried one. "But I finally have the both of you here with me and I…"

Isamu got unsteadily to his feet and started to walk towards them, but a gentle hand with a firm grip grasped his shoulder and stopped him from moving any closer.

"I don't think you should get too close to each other just yet Isamu," Urahara said as he pulled him back towards the bed. "We aren't sure how or why your sister is here and we don't want either of you to give the Soul Society a reason to take action against the two of you."

"I don't understand, Urahara sensei," Isamu answered. "Why would moving closer to Masumi make the Soul Society upset?"

Instead of answering, Urahara looked at his father and spoke to him instead.

"I thought you explained everything to him."

"I did," his father replied defensively. "But a lot has happened since then. You can't expect him to remember everything."

Urahara sighed and nodded his head. "Why don't you take Masumi downstairs to the clinic and treat her wounds while I have a little talk with him?"

Isamu watched him hesitate for a moment, but he finally nodded.

"I'll be right back, Isamu," he said as he turned to leave with Masumi. He turned his head and shot a glare at Urahara. "Don't tell him anything stupid or pointless, okay?"

"Kurosaki," he said with a small smile as he peered at him from under the rim of his green hat. "You know me better than that. You know I never say anything stupid or pointless."

Ichigo looked as if he was ready to change his mind about going downstairs without him, but as if on cue, Masumi gave a small groan and started to wake up.

"You better hurry, Kurosaki. She is going to be in a lot of pain once she's fully conscious."

Isamu watched his father shoot his teacher another look, but he turned around and headed towards the stairs. "I'll be right back."

Once his father was gone Urahara sighed and turned to face him.

"Have a seat, Isamu," he said. "I want to make sure you understand the dangers of having both of you here in the human world before you go to meet your sister."

It hurt to wake up.

Every muscle felt torn and there was a throbbing pain in her side that made Masumi wish that she was unconscious again, but despite all of that, she immediately realized that she was being carried by a pair of very strong, loving arms. They held her firmly, but gently and she could feel the person's concern for her through them. It was such a familiar sensation that she spoke without even thinking twice.

"Byakuya Oji-sama?"

The arms holding her stiffened and they stopped moving forward. They continued on after a second or two, but there was tension and anxiety in this person's grip now. This unexpected reaction to her words made her eyes snap open in a panic.

Where am I?

Adrenaline flooded her as she realized that she wasn't at home in Kuchiki manor and her surroundings were completely alien to her. She struggled for a moment against the arms that were holding her, but she stopped as the throbbing pain in her side multiplied and shot throughout her whole body.

"Masumi, it's okay," an unfamiliar male voice called out to her. Her head snapped up and she looked at the face of the person holding her. The sight of his face jogged her memory and the events from the past couple days came rushing back to her. Tears began to fill her eyes as she realized who was holding her.

"It's okay," her father repeated. "You're safe now."

"Father?" she asked as she gazed into eyes that were the exact same shade of brown as hers. His hair was a bit longer and shaggier then it was in the picture that she had of him, but it was still the same bright orange shade as hers. "Is it really you?"

His face softened then and the look of worry and concern was replaced with a small smile.

"Yeah, it's me," he replied as he continued on into a small room that reminded her of the Squad 4's examination rooms. "But you don't have to be so formal. You can just call me Dad."

He placed her gently on to an examination table and started grabbing some things from a nearby table.

"This is going to be a bit uncomfortable for you Masumi," her father told her as he started to clean her wounds with something that stung an awful lot. "But just bear with it for a little while, okay? As soon as Orihime is able to come back then she'll be able to heal you completely."

Orihime? Masumi wondered. Who's Orihime?

But before she could ask, a whole group of people came barging loudly through the door behind him.

"Ow, Dad!" a young woman with long black hair snapped at the older man who she had seen just before she had passed out. She turned to him and gave him a quick kick that sent him flying back out the door and into the wall. "Stop trying to push past me! Masumi is hurt and she doesn't need your stupid antics right now."

Masumi blinked in amazement at their behavior and temporarily forgot about her injuries as she stared in wonder at the colorful assortment of people in the room with her.

"Karin," the older man sobbed as he lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. "How could you be so cruel to your father? I just want to give my granddaughter all the love and affection that I haven't been able to lavish on her for over ten years…"

Granddaughter? Masumi thought as she stared at the man crying on the floor. She brightened as she realized what his words must mean.

"Grandfather?" she asked tentatively as she peered around her father who spared one exasperated glance for her grandfather before turning back to her to start examining her wounds. The young woman, Karin, stopped yelling at him the moment that she spoke and turned a startled look at her. "Are you my grandfather?"

"Oh, you don't have to call me grandfather, Masumi!" he shouted joyfully as he instantly stopped crying and started to leap gleefully to her side, his arms open wide like he was about to give her a bear hug. "Pappy is good or even…"

"I thought I told you that she was hurt you stupid old man!" Karin yelled as she gave him another kick that sent him flying out the door again before he could wrap his arms around Masumi. As soon as he was out, she slammed the door closed and locked it.

"Karin," a young woman with light brown hair chided as she made her way over to Masumi with a bunch of bandages and other medical looking things. "You don't have to be so rough on Dad. He's just really happy."

"He's been a doctor for like three million years," she muttered. "You would think he'd know by now that he shouldn't act that way towards an injured patient."

"Hi Masumi," the woman with the light brown hair said cheerfully as she started to help her father with her wounds. They were being really gentle, but she still flinched involuntarily every time they moved her. "I'm your aunt Yuzu and that's your aunt Karin over there. We're your dad's younger sisters."

"Yuzu Oba-sama and Karin Oba-sama," Masumi replied shyly. She felt nervous about suddenly meeting so many new members of her family so she fell back on her manners that had been ingrained in her since she was a baby. "It's a pleasure to meet you both. I'm sorry for dropping in unannounced. I hope that I'm not intruding."

Everyone stopped doing whatever it was they were doing and just stared at her.

Masumi felt her face heating up and turning red under their intense stares. I don't understand… Did I do something wrong?

"Did I say something strange?" she mumbled as she averted her eyes from theirs.

All of a sudden her father burst into laughter and she looked up at him, completely startled.

"Well, I guess you can definitely tell that you've been raised by Byakuya," he chuckled as he started wrapping a bandage tightly around her broken ribs. Masumi took in a sharp breath as he continued to minister to her wounds, but she still felt embarrassed and slightly confused by their reactions.

"I'm sorry, but I don't understand…"

"You don't need to be so formal, Masumi," Yuzu Oba-sama explained kindly as she grasped Masumi's hand after she handed her father some cloth for him to clean her wounds with. "We're your family and you don't need to be so polite."

"That's right," her father said after he finished placing a bandage over a scrape on her cheek. "You're home with your family and we love you even though this is the first time we've met since you were a baby. It's ok to relax and be yourself."

Masumi looked up uncertainly at him. "I'm home?"

"Yup, and we've all been waiting for you," Karin Oba-sama added as she joined them at the table.

Masumi looked at each of their smiling faces and she felt tears begin to well up in her eyes.

"I'm home, Father" she told him as she closed the small distance separating them and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt her father's surprise at her sudden hug, but he almost immediately got over it and wrapped his arms gently around her.

"Welcome home, Masumi."

A dark shadow stood dispassionately outside of the barrier surrounding the Kurosaki Clinic and thought about what it should do. Its master had ordered it to gather data about the twins, but since the girl and the boy were now both behind the barrier it was unable to retrieve any information. It thought that the Hollow would flush the boy out of hiding when it attacked the girl, but to its disappointment the father and grandfather had emerged instead.

It puzzled over what to do next as it watched the grandfather seal the barrier behind everyone and enter the house.

There was no rush now that both of them were in the human world. It would take the Soul Society a few weeks to figure out what happened and prepare themselves to retrieve the girl, so it decided to bide its time and wait for the twins to be alone. Even if there were no barrier, there were still too many powerful beings protecting the two of them right now.

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