Exvee did not like this place. It was full of death, yet it was still very much alive. It was natural, yet unnatural... but he had decided to obey Pocamu's requests.

Pocamu had heard of Rustwood from the villagers of Shoal. The trees were said to have a magical property that would rust any metallic object and destroy objects such as gold coins or screws. However, his theory had been proven to be correct. Both his Keyblade and his Protosteel armour were immune to the rusting effects of this region. He had been certain that his Keyblade would not rust, but he had not been sure about his armour. It had come from another world though. Protosteel was a solid metallic, electricity conducting form of Protodermis, the material that made up the Matoran Universe AKA the former forty-foot-tall robot body of Mata Nui, and all living things inside of it.

"Well, we have an advantage then," Exvee said, noticing Pocamu studying his armour, "I figured that anything made out of Protodermis would survive this forest." The Canopy Elf continued his work of plucking leaves off of some trees.

"I wouldn't call it an advantage, Exvee." Pocamu replied. "You remember those gorselings I tricked a few days ago? Normal ones are green. I didn't have to change the other half of the swarms to red to make them fight each other... it could have been any colour. They attacked each other because they were different... They found each other to be a threat to each others territory. We are different from the other inhabitants of this world. If we are to remain here, then we have to keep our differences to a minimum or we may find ourselves being hunted down by the very people we have sworn to protect. I cannot change the fact that my armour and weaponry cannot rust, but we cannot reveal the true extent of our powers to anyone until we have proven ourselves worthy of the trust of the people of this world."

Exvee frowned. "That's going to be difficult... When you fainted after your attack, I felt your heartbeat as I swung the two of us to safety." He then grounded up some leaves into a fine powder.

"How is that so strange?" Pocamu replied with a confused look on his face.

"I not only felt it physically, but... something inside of me told me that you were okay... It's like... my heart told me so." Exvee replied as he added some water to the fine powder he had created from some of the leaves and other materials of the forest.

"Coel is supposed to be the only telepath in this group..." Pocamu said sarcastically. "But I know what's going on. When I was in Castle Oblivion, I felt it in my heart that all four of you were okay... and I still feel that way. Our hearts are close, so in a way, we are still all together in our hearts."

Exvee finally held up his creation, a bottle of orange and red liquid. "You know, an average Floramancer would find it almost impossible to do what I just did. But being the Dezenta of Earth, it wasn't that hard to meet your request... but then again, if we have such a powerful liquid, then we are going to be quite different than the norm."

"It's a last resort," replied Pocamu. "I'm not being hypocritical. It is just a good thing to have if we are to find a place in this world." Pocamu took the bottle. "Make about nine more... If we come upon any enemies with swords... having ten of these rusting potions would be a great 'ace in the hole.'"


A black-coated figure stood atop a jagged hill overlooking a dark, rocky valley. Raging storms seemingly engulfed the entire planet. As the figure studied her surroundings, she realized just how dark this planet was. In the middle of the valley was a large crevasse were the planet had begun to crack apart.

A winged creature landed behind the shadowy figure and readied for a sneak attack from behind, but the figure had detected the creature. She summoned a Keyblade and slashed the creature into oblivion. The attack had caused her hood to come off, revealing a young woman around Pocamu's age with long, black hair with a white stripe running through it. She had a small mole to the left of her nose as well. This being was not too fond of Stormia, but she had felt some connection to it for some reason... As well as this connection and some other fragments of memories, three names were in her mind. One was "Chase," the other who could wield a Keyblade... the other two names belonged to two beautiful females. The black-coated figure had adopted the name of the one who had died, and had changed the letters around and added an "x" to the mix. She was not sure where she had gotten this idea, but she figured that it must have been one of her fragmented memories. As Xetha walked down the dark jagged hill, she noticed an army of Impits marching her way.

"Great, more Impits have come out to play..." Xetha said with a smirk as she readied her Keyblade.