Scenes of Refrigerator Day – Part One


A golden glint of sun was just starting to peep over the horizon. All the lights were out in the Sinclair house – for now.

"Mamaaaaaaaaa!" screamed a high-pitched voice, followed by the collective groaning of the entire Sinclair family.

After a few minutes, a tall green Allosaurus female, Fran Sinclair, entered the caveman-decorated room, wrapping her light blue robe tightly around her body. Her eyes were half open. "What is it, sweetheart?" she asked the pink chubby child as he sat in his crib.

His purple eyes glistened as he reached out to her. "Refrigerator Day today?" he asked worriedly.

Fran nodded. "Yes, dear. Now go back to sleep." She started to turn back towards the door.

"Wait! Don't go! Not tired! Gimme presents!" Baby demanded (though he was technically a toddler, his official name was shortsightedly assigned as "Baby").

Fran wearily glanced around for the small clock. She frowned. "It's 5 in the morning," she groused. "No presents until this afternoon."

"But --."

"Good night!" she barked before leaving.

Baby frowned. "But it's morning," he grumbled, pouting.

Later that morning, Spike, black-leather clad blue-purple spiky leader of the great Scavenger Pack, woke up in the Tavern on the Swamp, his HQ and jazzhole dive for the Howlin' J band, composed of small blue furry mammals. He scratched himself and stepped over the hungover pack members as he headed towards the calendar by the front door.

Refrigerator Day.

Spike shook his head and decided to resume his nap.

There'd be plenty of food to "appropriate" later today.

He could wait.

Around noon, Roy Hess, a brown Tyrannosaurus rex with a goofy smile, showed up at a large cave just outside town. He carried a small oblong package wrapped in multi-colored festive wrapping paper and a silver ribbon. He rang a bell outside and out came a blue brontosaurid head. He smiled, "Hi, Monica – gosh, you're lovely today. Your pale blue eyes blend right in with the sky."

Monica rolled her eyes. "Come in, Roy," she said just to humor him. If she ignored him, she learned, he'd stand outside all day.

Roy waited until they were in her living room, filled with cushions and decorative plant life, before clearing his throat, holding out the package as well as he could with his short arms. "I got ya somethin' for Fridge Day," he told her sheepishly.

Monica sighed. "I don't celebrate Refrigerator Day," she explained matter-of-factly.

"Well, that's because I bet you haven't seen your present yet," Roy offered with a big grin.

Monica sat her back legs down on a pile of cushions. "Roy, I'm an herbivore," she informed him calmly. "I eat fresh off trees and the occasional salad at a nice restaurant. I don't have or need a cold box to store dead mammals. It's just a stupid excuse to pump up the mall's bottom line."

Roy stared at her in confusion. He waited a few minutes, trying to come up with something to say. "But," he said finally, "I got you a present." He cocked his large head to try to see the package in his small arms. "Everybody likes getting presents, especially from the dinosaurs they love."

Monica bit her tongue. He was a blue-collar goofball who barely had the brains to get out of his own apartment each day. The fact their marriage had only been a temporary legal necessity didn't seem to faze him. Ever since, he would pop by unannounced, as though they were the closest of friends.

Still, he was too innocent to keep breaking his heart by repeating the fact she really did not love him.

Deep in the back of the cold dark box, incessant chattering and muttering was hushed harshly by a creaky aged male voice. "Today is the day," he announced … coldly.

"Today," chanted the other voices in awe.

A blue cat-like creature with a saltine for an eye patch and a fork tied to an arm stump nodded. "Yes, today is the day the 'Sinclair family' pride themselves on oppression and cruelty." He looked around to the tens of other small mammals of various colors and shapes as they shuddered in the cold. "But we will not let one more day pass without teaching them a valuable moral lesson."

"Which one?" asked a small grapdelite, with its frost-bitten brown pear-shaped head.

"Being thankful for the year's blessings?" asked another small rat-like creature.

"Coming together as family?" asked yet another creature.

"Experiencing a spiritual epiphany that leads to peace on earth for all time?" asked another.

"NO!" barked the leader with the saltine eyepatch, popping each of them on the head with his fork-hand. "Today is the day we teach them that we will not tolerate slavery and extermination!" he announced to loud cheers.

Author's Note: I don't own Dinosaurs, or the characters therein. Disney made the show and the Hensons made the characters.