Lone Wolf

AUish Twilight Story focused on Alice/OC

By Princess Alexandria


They would never forgive me, I thought as I stared out at the darkened woods. The action had ended, and a dead deer was laying across the log. That had little to do with my current problem though. I took a shaky breath, and I could still smell the scent of her in the air. I was downwind of her kill, so I could also smell the remains of the doe, but it was her scent that had me inhaling deeply again.

A small whimper escaped my lips, as the scent that should have been repellent to my kind was nothing but sweet. I hung my head down and nosed the ground, sniffing at the dirt to try and give myself a moment of peace, but her scent still came to me. My newly enhanced senses were tormenting me.

"Diana" A mental call from one of the pack had me moving to quickly shift back to human before my thoughts were listened into by the newly shifted Sam. The breeze on my naked skin was cool, but I rarely got cold anymore. I stared with my human eyes at the spot where I'd seen her, and the memory of her grace and power filled my mind.

"This isn't supposed to be possible." I whispered, even though I was sure I was alone now. My voice was a touch deeper than it had been two months ago, before I became a werewolf. We only came into being to protect our people from vampires. There were only three of us now, but more were clearly coming, our pack was growing. I couldn't have betrayed my pack like this, I tried to deny it, but I could feel it. The feeling that Sam described when explaining to me what I was and I knew I had imprinted. My instant attraction to her was proof of it, but she was a vampire and this was going to be a disaster.

I needed time to think about this, and the pack's telepathic connection would force me to talk to the others when I still didn't understand it. They'd never forgive this. My arms shook as I pushed myself up onto my feet fully and turned so slowly to make my way out of the forest on two feet. I didn't care that I was naked, it was preferable to the hell I was going to go through the first time I was shifted when one of my pack was as well.

The pack hadn't been able to guess how I'd imprint, being the first lesbian werewolf the tribe had ever had, and the first female one on top of that, Sam, the slightly sexist alpha thought I might imprint on a male, I'd been firm that I would stick to females. I know this complication hadn't been on anyone's radar.

She was so beautiful, and her expression as she stared up at the stars captivated me. Her pale skin and her dark hair made her seem like a moon goddess, as she'd taken down that deer. She never even saw me there, but I was never going to be the same after seeing her.

By the time I reached my car, and my clothes, the sun was getting ready to rise. I pulled on my shirt and stared out at the forest, trying to come to grips with what I needed to do. I couldn't hunt her, I couldn't protect my tribe from her. One glimpse of her and I was rendered impotent of my power. I was a protector, and I couldn't be that against her or her family. I couldn't imagine hurting her, and it scared me how much I loved a vampire girl I had never spoken to. Imprinting was a horrible, horrible thing. To know she was my mate and if I couldn't have her, I'd never be fulfilled, was terrifying. No one else would do for me now. A tear traveled down my cheek as I struggled with that. No one else would do.


Lone Wolf - Chapter 1

I stared at my reflection in the foggy mirror, taking in the jeans and my best shirt with a grimace. I glanced at the bag I had in the corner, wishing it contained more clothes, before looking back at myself. My hair had a slight wave, a testament to my half white heritage, but it was still a very dark brown. I self consciously ran my hands over my shirt, smoothing it down. It was a button up light colored jean shirt that I suspected wouldn't be in style at the new High School. I tucked it in again, and sighed. It was the best I could do.

My stomach growled as I moved over the creaking floor of the shack I'd found to live in after being run out of La Push. My father had disowned me rather quickly, all his pride in my being one of the protectors didn't prevent that once I admitted that I'd imprinted on a vampire. A slight growl escaped my lips and I just picked up my bookbag and slipped out of the shack, being careful not to hurt the door as I closed it.

I was going to be a super-senior, which wasn't really all that super. A fifth year student at a new school, there was no point in worrying too much how I'd look, I was bound to be treated like an idiot. My last semester at my last school had been going well until I started to turn into a werewolf, and I'd had to miss a lot of days. I might have still pulled through with a passing grade in my requirements if I hadn't then lost my home and been banned from the area. That made actually attending school rather difficult.

I found this shack while hunting for food, because I couldn't afford to buy food. I had no electricity and no running water. I lived as a wolf a lot more of the time, and I'd learned to shield my thoughts from the pack now, but that was too late. I found a small job in town at the bookstore, but they couldn't give me enough hours to live as a human does. I did earn enough to buy some things, and I managed to talk the owners of the gym across the street into letting me just pay a small fee for use of their showers. I didn't tell them I didn't have one at home, I just claimed that I worked out before work and didn't want to be sweaty all day. I felt pathetic.

Holding the backpack tightly I ran through the woods towards the high school, missing my car, which I couldn't afford to keep. The trees whipped past me as I used all my werewolf speed in my human form, something I was getting increasingly good at. I slowed as I heard cars and laughter.

I stepped out of the woods and walked at a normal pace towards Forks High School, doing my best to not appear as nervous as I felt. I found the main office easily, as I'd had to register myself here. I was going to be here all year, I lost some credits changing schools, but I suspected that would work for me. I gave a small smile to the receptionist and waited for her to finish talking with some other girl who wasn't happy with her gym class time. I understood why, no one wanted to have fifth period gym and spend sixth period all sweaty. When the receptionist claimed they had showers I did my best to not laugh, the teachers in high school never gave students enough time to actually use them, as if they'd want to try. I didn't expect it would be different here.

That strange feeling came over me again. It was just a feeling I got sometimes, a sense that I should do something. After a few times ignoring it as a child, I'd learned to pay attention. "I could switch classes. I have sixth period gym." I offered, because I couldn't imagine what else that feeling could be telling me to do. I considered that feeling my werewolf sixth sense, but the others didn't seem to have it. It was almost like a 'spidey sense' but I was no Spiderman.

"Really?" The girl looked over at me and I could see she was sizing me up even as she gave me a grateful look. I just shrugged, as the receptionist gave me a grateful look as well. I suspect this girl would have whined for a while.

"Doesn't make a difference to me." I muttered. It didn't really, because I knew I wasn't going to sweat in a class for humans, and I really had no idea how I was even going to hide my strength or speed. I couldn't actually try in that class, my main effort would be in trying not to do well.

"We'd need to rearrange your schedule." The woman said, reaching for a file cabinet. I didn't need to tell her who I was. I was the only new senior here and she'd probably remember me, since I had to register myself all by myself. "And Jessica, if we can't make full schedules for both of you, we aren't doing this." The secretary warned the happy looking girl, making Jessica's smile fade a bit.

"Of course Ms. Cope." Jessica spoke as the receptionist handed me my schedule. I glanced at it to see I'd have to get rid of fifth period biology as well. Damn, biology was a bit more interesting than physics, which had been my other choice when I'd picked it.

It turned out to be okay, and Jessica smiled and waved at me as we left after seeing the counselor. I didn't think Chemistry would be too painful, definitely less math than physics. I also had to switch another class, to make this all work but it was still US History, just at a different time, and with the Juniors, but it would work. It wasn't like I was taking classes with friends, or even my own age group, so I didn't care what class they put me in. Jessica had been rather grateful after seeing how much work went into switching my schedule around.

I had to rush to class, and almost walked passed my first class. The teacher was already at the front of the class so I rushed up to her and gave her that pink slip she needed to sign. As I turned to look at the room while the teacher wrote I noticed where the empty seats weren't, as it there was only one. I glanced at the blonde sitting there and I had to blink and look again. She was beautiful, and her eyes moved to look back at me, probably realizing where I'd end up a moment after I did. I took a subtle sniff of the air and my eyes widened a bit more.

"Here you go, go have a seat and we'll get started." The teacher actually startled me as she handed me my pink sheet. I slowly made my way over to the table in the back no one else had wanted to share with the pretty girl, and sniffed again.

"Dog." The whisper was way too quiet for a human to hear, and it wasn't at all the friendly. I gripped my backpack a bit tighter and took a breath before answering.

"Leech." I spoke just as quietly and sat down next to her, noticing her shift further away. As soon at the insult left my lips I felt a pang of guilt. That dark haired goddess was one of this vampire's coven, and I didn't like the idea of anyone calling that amazing creature a leech. It was disrespectful, and not true. They did try to live off animals after all. "Sorry." I glanced over at the blonde next to me after a moment. "My name's Diana." I spoke a little louder, enough that is was something the people right in front of us could hear, as I turned and gave a small smile.

Since I had spoken loud enough for the human's to hear she gave me what looked like a tense fake smile. "Rosalie." That was all she said, before turning to the front of the room again. I sighed and pulled out my binder as the teacher started talking.

Every once in a while I'd inhale, sniffing the air, as I struggled to understand the difference. Rosalie wasn't nearly as sweet and tempting smelling at the other one, but she also didn't repel me. She wasn't a scent I'd seek out for sure, but I could stand it.

I had heard the Cullen's went to school here, which was a large part of the reason I didn't just go for a GED. I signed up at this school hoping to get to know someone from that coven, and my table mate was from it. I sighed softly as I considered how to start a conversation with her.

"Okay, I want you to pair up for your first assignment." The teacher spoke and I looked back to the front of the room for a moment, trying to remember what that assignment was. "You will write an 'interview' of your partner as if they were famous, giving us a good idea of who they are and what they stand for."

I grimaced, having missed that entire conversation. "When is this due?" I turned and asked Rosalie. I wasn't comfortable with this at all. I could just imagine myself as some sunglass wearing star holding up a hand saying 'no comment' to every question. There was way too much of my life I wasn't able to share with a full human.

"Friday." Rosalie answered and glanced around the room. I noticed the other students pairing up, usually with their table mate or the person behind them. A boy started to turn to look at me and I cringed at the sharp scent of pheromones he put off while looking at Rosalie, or I. His eyes traveled between us as if picking his partner.

"You're with me right Rosalie?" I turned and gave the vampire a slightly pleading look. I whispered superquiet, "Neither of us can play twenty questions with these kids." Rosalie grimaced, but she nodded. I did notice she wiggled her noise a little and held her hand over it in a subtle insult as she did it, so this wasn't going to be all that fun. I turned to the boy. "We're all paired up." I smiled at him, baring my teeth a bit. It was strange, but his scent bothered me a hell of a lot more than hers did.

"You will need to meet outside of class in order to complete this, but I'll give you the rest of our class time to get started. " The teacher smiled, pleased with this assignment, and I sighed as I turned to my reluctant partner. Not wanting to talk too much here, we just agreed to make time sometime this week to get an acceptable paper. I offered to let her edit my work, which did seem to thaw her attitude out a bit. I wouldn't write anything she wouldn't agree with. That earned me the right to see hers as well.

Once the bell rang, however, I found myself alone so quickly I wondered if anyone thought it was strange she moved that fast. English class would definitely be interesting this year, I thought, as I packed up my stuff and pulled out the map. When pheromone boy started to walk towards me, I slipped out quickly to avoid his attention.

When I slipped into my Chemistry class, I noticed Rosalie look up as soon as I stepped inside and I gave her a subtle smile, glancing at the empty chair beside her. I was starting to like this, I thought as I got my form signed and moved toward her table.

"Not both of my classes mongrel." Rosalie muttered quietly. "I need a break from your stench." Okay, that hurt a little. Apparently I really did smell like werewolf to them, even if they didn't smell like vampire to me. I sighed and nodded at her, while moving to the left, taking the empty seat two tables over. I didn't want her to hate me.

When all the seats except the one next to her were taken I watched as pheromone boy came in. "Should have gone with me." I whispered so quiet the girl next to me didn't hear and smirked as that boy sat down next to Rosalie. I could hear his nervousness, which was instinctual, near a vampire, but his eyes still raked over her when she looked away. Rosalie was going to regret letting that boy that close. I kept my eye on them as the teacher spoke, unsure what I'd do if the vampire snapped at his less than subtle looks at her breasts. I couldn't let her kill him, but I could sympathize with why she might want to.

My other morning classes were less interesting, with no vampires in them. I waited until the last minute to go in, each time, wondering if I'd get a vampire I could learn more about that beauty from, or even that goddess herself, but nothing.

As I sat waiting for the bell in my fourth class, Math, I mentally counted how much money I had in my pocket. I could afford lunch and by now I was so hungry. I actually needed to eat more than a full human did now, but I didn't have enough for that. I'd need to hunt tonight to build up my meat supply at least.

What did the vampires do about lunch time? I thought as I walked down the hall, by myself, towards the cafeteria. I did stop long enough to put some of my new textbooks into my locker, and make sure I could open it. I was eager to get a glimpse of her again, and maybe to learn her name.

"Werewolf." I hear the end of Rosalie's comment as I stepped into the cafeteria, and honestly if it weren't that word I probably would have missed in the loud room with a hundred conversations.

"threat?" I heard a male voice ask, but the rest of it was drowned out by pheromone boy, who was apparently called Mike.

Mike stood in front of me, "Want to sit with me and my friends?" He smiled and was a bit stunned that I hadn't smelled him approach, I was too distracted.

"Thanks, but no." I started toward the food, and wished he wouldn't follow like he was. "I need to talk with my English partner." I lied, sort of, but looking at him I decided I'd rather face Rosalie's anger and work out a schedule for that paper now, even if they were talking about me. I glanced at the table and watched with wide eyes as the dark haired female started to sit down. She glanced up and her slight frown was puzzled and confused looking. I slipped into line behind Rosalie and the large male vampire she was next to.

"Hi, I'm not planning to be a threat." I spoke softly as I watched them pick out food, which confused me. They wouldn't really eat that would they?

I could see the cold stares from the other three as I glanced at their table as Rosalie paid for her food, so I focused on Rosalie. "I work tonight, but if you have time tomorrow night we could work on that paper, or we could try and get it done during lunch."

Rosalie just nodded, but before I could let her go I just had to ask. "What's your sister's name?" I glanced at the table, and noticed the dark haired girl vampire looked a little startled at that. Rosalie was quiet for a bit too long, so I looked back at her.

"Alice." She gave me the name rather reluctantly, and I just nodded for a moment, trying to think of what to do. That only got me more searching looks from the Cullen table, but as I stood there wondering where to go, Jessica waved me over. I sighed as I saw Mike was there as well, but I did need somewhere to sit, and it would be clear I was sitting with HER and not HIM if I went to Jessica's waving hand. I wasn't getting any invitations to the Cullen table, not yet.

I gave one more glance at the vampire table, and felt a thrill as I saw Alice staring at me. I gave her a smile, but I couldn't stop the blush. I had to tear my eyes away and focus on other things, before I was too obvious.