Chapter 64 – a bit long for an epilogue

"You're sure? You'll miss graduation." Rosalie asked me with a teasing grin on her face and I grimaced. Alice had asked me the same question a few times, but she'd also clearly thought her plans for our own 'Prom' was better.

"I'll be graduating again in a few years, if I really want to walk then I can." I told Rosalie, because the thrill of graduating wasn't all that much, even for the first time, when you knew you'd have to do it all over again anyhow. That being said, a week or more alone with Alice was a true first, though I was hoping it would be something we did more often than graduate. "Sorry I'll miss your graduation." I finally said, because even as boring as I expected that would be, I didn't want her to feel like I abandoned her.

"Oh please, as if I care." Rosalie rolled her eyes. I gave her a small smile and then turned my attention back to my closet and the new luggage I needed to fill for our trip. Alice was giving Emmett instructions about taking pictures at Prom and packing her own bag, or bags probably.

I took a bathing suit out of a drawer and carefully put it in my luggage. It looked rather lonely in the large piece of luggage, as it was the first thing in there. I stared at it a moment and whispered. "I think we might be ready." I felt more than a little nervous and excited by the idea.

"I know." Rosalie said and I looked up to see a small smug looking smile on her lips. I was confused as to how she'd know, until I realized that Alice must have said something. "That's why I thought I'd help you pack, and how I talked Alice into letting me."

I couldn't help but blush at the way she looked at me, as if studying a canvas, before I found myself watching Rosalie raid my underwear drawer. "At least she helps you shop. I would be afraid what I'd find here if she didn't." Rosalie muttered while pulling out several pairs of underwear and matching bras that I often didn't wear because my sports bras worked fine as a shirt in an emergency too. I made sure to go to the drawer and grab at least one sports bra and toss it in my bag, even as Rosalie gave me a dirty look for it.

"Make sure she goes hunting before you two do anything." Rosalie told me while looking over my shirts. "You want her eyes to be as golden as they get before you two make love, but don't be too worried if her eyes go black during the act." Rosalie pulled one of my shirts off the rod to study it, before putting it back and grabbing a different one.

"I'm not fully up to date on what two women do together," Rosalie turned to look at me, and put one leg up on a stool in the huge closet. "But be aware there is a major vein here." I blushed as she pointed to a place not very far from her crotch at all. "If she's in the area, make sure she doesn't latch on here, or you'll bleed out fast."

My face blazed with my blush and my voice was a tad too loud. "Alice isn't going to bite me!"

"I know, but the look on your face was priceless." Rosalie grinned and I just stared at her in shock. I started to growl, and she just tossed a pair of shorts at my head. "Pack those, not too sexy but I know you'll probably want to run around in doggy form and 'mark' the trees." As I pulled the shorts off my face she was shaking her head. "Do you even comprehend how disgusting it is that you do that?"

"It keeps predators away." I hated the embarrassment I felt. No one ever talked to me about that, and why did she feel the need to say something now?

"Whatever, there aren't going to be any 'predators' on the island. It's too small for that. In fact Alice will need to hunt on the mainland." Rosalie sighed and I watched as she sat down on the stool she'd used to help her embarrass me a minute ago. Her expression softened. "You two have plenty of time to be together. Don't rush things and if it doesn't feel right, wait." I was surprised at how soft her words were. "Alice is in a position to give you a beautiful first time. Make it as perfect as possible." She smiled at me again, she was smiling a lot today. "And I'd love to get a call asking for me to order a new bed for the place because you two broke it. Emmett and I are always being teased about breaking the furniture."

She continued to tease me while we packed, but every once in a while she'd tell me something important to remember. I couldn't help but be very grateful for her, because as embarrassing as it was I needed her, she was always there for me to talk to about sex.

I was about ready to zip up my luggage when Rosalie slipped out of the room for a moment. "I got you something for the long flight." She said, coming back with a stack of books. Her grin was wicked as she to my smaller carry on bag and dropped them in. One title made me stare as the word Lesbian surprised me. "Inspiration. I had to hunt for some lesbian romances, but hey," She grinned and pulled one out. "This one even has a vampire in it. Might give you some better ideas. Wolves have to learn more than doggy style, right?" I blushed painfully, and gave her a low growl, but finally I just huffed loudly and ignored her. I was sure she could get worse if I let her, so I tried to ignore her baiting me. I just glanced down at the books, without saying anything, and found I was intrigued by them. I had never read anything with actual female couples in them. "And maybe you two will spend time reading on the beach, it is beautiful there, but Esme doesn't let Emmett or I spend much time there. She's afraid we'll break the house."

We walked at human speed, carrying my luggage and after all the teasing she'd done Rosalie was rather quiet, comfortably so though. My thoughts went to Isle Esme, which was a small island that Carlisle had given to Esme years ago. It was the tropical beach that the family could visit without fear of humans seeing them, so that they didn't always have to be in a rainy town. I'd heard that even the maids that took care of the place had to boat in, no one but the Cullens lived there. It sounded so remote, so tropical and so beautiful that I was almost as eager to see the place as I was to be alone with Alice. I'd never been anywhere nice and warm before. I might actually want to sit on the beach and read for just a little while, maybe with Alice resting her head on my lap as she thumbed through a book of her own.


Twenty hours. I had no idea how very long twenty hours would be when we got on the plane, having never been on a plane, but it only took three for me to start to hate the scent filling the plane, the complete overwhelming smell of too many humans in too small of a place.

After five hours of trying to listen to my Ipod, and read I just set the book down and stared at Alice, who was working on a book of her own. I couldn't imagine fifteen more hours until we landed. It was at five hours that I started to get an idea how long twenty hours really was. Hell, I wanted to go to the back and scare that mother with the bratty child into fainting, because while her kid was most likely irritating, all I could hear from my seat was her constant nagging. "Any chance you feel like a bloodbath?" I finally asked when my sensitive hearing, coupled with that irritating voice at the back of the plane got to be too much. We were in first class, up front, because Alice said I would be thrilled she spent the money on legroom later on, and I could see that now, but even though we weren't as surrounded by humans as we could be, I could hear them all. "I promise I'll look the other way."

I watched her slow and sexy smile, even as she didn't look up from her own book. "I don't believe you're supposed to tempt me to ruin my diet." She spoke too quiet for the humans behind us to hear her. "But even those inclined to do such a thing wouldn't do it on a plane."

"Good to know." I muttered, not sure what else I could say really. "Did Carlisle give you any drugs I could slip to that woman?" I joked, thinking of another way to shut the woman up that wouldn't include me partially shifted and growling in her face.

Alice looked up at me and then glanced back to let me in she knew I was talking about. "You focus on one thing and it helps to block the rest out. That's how you filter out all the smells and sounds." I nodded just a little, understanding that she'd had super senses longer than I had. "Pick a sound, or focus on your music, and pay attention to it. Eventually you won't hear the others."

It took some practice, but Alice taught me how to focus on our flight, even to the point I was able to fall asleep and ignore what all went on around me after a day of reading, music, and small talk. It was the change in the sound of the plane that woke me up as we started to approach for landing.

My excitement for the vacation, my biggest vacation of my life, had waned during the flight, but suddenly I was staring down at the ground below us eager for it to start. I happily envisioned walking along a secluded beach with Alice, watching her skin sparkle in the sun. We were landing at night, which had been something I'm sure Alice planned for, because we would need to get away from the city, the humans, all before the sun came up.

We made our way through the airport and toward the car rental counter. Alice was in line and I stood near her for a while, until I felt an urge to wander off. It was odd, but I was used to it, so I went with it. "I'm going to just go look at that store." I muttered as I stared at the place that 'felt' like the right one.

I grimaced at Alice's slightly surprised look, but I just gave her a weak smile. "I gotta." I told her and she sighed and nodded, starting to look curious as to what I was doing. I was kind of curious myself. I worked quickly, keeping focused, because whatever I was doing here, I didn't want it to slow us down. Alice would have the car soon and we would be on our way to the dock, to the boat, and then to the island.

The store was small, and seemed like a really tiny drug store. I frowned at that, wondering if I needed first aid supplies. That wasn't a good thought, imagining myself bleeding near Alice just as we're about to take that final step in our relationship. It could ruin everything. With a heavy sigh I started to walk that aisle to see what I might need. Nothing jumped out at me. I frowned and then walked the pill section, the toiletries, the snack foods, the drinks. I was getting a bit confused as I walked down the last aisle and still found nothing that I needed desperately.

I started staring at the counter, where the man was ringing up a haggard looking woman. I took in the key chains, and magnets for tourists, but didn't even think about them. I looked behind the counter, taking in the items he kept away from sticky fingers that might steal and when I saw the item that set off my internal alarm my jaw dropped. That simply couldn't be right. My face immediately went red with embarrassment and confusion.

"I need one," I grimaced as the feeling strengthened, "Two," it still didn't go away, "No, make it six," I fought the urge to make sure no one but this man saw this, and I couldn't say it. "Of those." I pointed at the box. He gave me a teasing smile, for just a fraction of a moment, before he was all business again. He pulled his entire stock of the boxes off the hook and rang them up quickly and efficiently, which I was grateful for. I put a nearby bottle of water on the counter, because I'd rather say I absolutely needed that if Alice asked what I bought, than tell her about the other just yet.

I stood at his counter stuffing the boxes into my luggage while he ran my credit card. I had a permanent blush, knowing he was imagining me using up six boxes of condoms. I didn't bother looking at the boxes to see how many that would be.

This can't be for me or Alice, I thought as I stumbled out of the store. As I made my way to the counter Alice was at, signing for a car, I became more certain. I growled lightly, under my breath, as I ran through why I might need these and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't me at all. Isle Esme needed a stock of these, apparently, and I was the only one who would think of it. That had to be it.

It might not be true, but I was determined to believe that, rather than let myself get nervous about not knowing how two women would use something like that if we needed it. My powers would let me know later if I was right about it not being for me at least.

"So?" Alice asked me as she turned toward me with keys in her hand. I just gave her a weak smile and took a deep drink of my new bottle of water, hoping she believed the implied lie.

"Let's go." I wasn't going to tell her what I bought unless it became necessary.


The island looked amazing and tropical as we approached it. The boat bobbed with the waves a little but I paid no attention as I watched the sandy beaches and long dock we were getting closer too. The green plants made the island look like it housed a jungle as well, and I wondered how large the 'small island' was. The house was visible from here, and it was large and beautiful, and a mere small walk to the beach and just as small a walk to the treeline. It was perfect, even from here I could tell it was perfect. The sun was long since set, but there were lights on in the house and lights on the dock that would make it so even a human would see much of what I did, just not the detail I did.

"No one's here right?" I asked, the house looked lived in. I listened, but all I heard was the night's wildlife, birds, and small creatures.

"No, they just left the place ready for us when they brought the groceries." Alice smiled at me. "I told them to supply enough food for four." I nodded, thinking that should be enough food and watched as Alice docked the boat. It was rather late, and I didn't sleep too well on the flight, but the wave of tired I felt when the house was within reach disappointed me. I had to eat, and I wanted to at least cuddle for a while, before giving up and going to sleep. Tomorrow, I was determined tomorrow would be a good day.

The birds singing in the morning was very different than the noises I woke up to in Forks, and the degree of light I could feel even through my closed eyelids reminded me I wasn't at home. The smell of the ocean and the plants were very easy, overpowering and when I cracked open my eyes I saw why. The French doors in the bedroom were opened and Alice was sitting outside, lounging in the sun. I could see the beach beyond her and the ocean, but the way she sparkled like a goddess made the paradise beyond her seem plain and boring as I took in how much of her skin sparkled with her wearing a dark blue bikini. I'd seen her face, and her arms sparkle before, but the way her legs and stomach did as well, made her seem completely unreal. I'd never seen her under so much sun either and it was just beyond beautiful. I wished I could take a picture, but proof like that would be a bad idea.

I knew in that second that I was done sleeping for the day, and my heart started to beat faster, drawing Alice's eyes to me. "You're up." She smiled and that was the moment our vacation really started.

"I love you." I told her as I rolled onto my side to face her. The blanket fell to revel the nightgown that Rosalie had packed and I could see Alice's eyes draw away from my face to take in the low cut outfit. I smiled softly when I could see her slightly nervous smile that looked like she'd be blushing if she could. She'd seen me in less, my being a wolf pretty much meant it was hard to not let her see some things occasionally, but I liked that she was affected.

"My puppy." Alice smiled at me and moved to stand up. "I love you too." She whispered before leaning down over the bed to give me a soft kiss. "I'll get your breakfast if you hurry up with getting ready. It's a bathing suit day." She told me while pointing out she'd already gotten my suit out for me.

The morning went by in a happy haze as we laid out the beach reading, and then we spent some of the hottest part of the day in the ocean playing. Alice didn't need to breath, so it was slightly unfair, but she didn't tease me too much. We saw sea turtles and porpoises. I caught sight of more than a half wild parrots in the trees. I laughed as we made our way around the island in the afternoon at vampire speed to take in the entire lay of the land. It was like we had our own wildlife preserve, but none of the animals were deemed edible to Alice, which was probably why they were still there.

After an early dinner we sat outside watching the sunset. The fun affection of the day seemed to switch to a very different energy as the sun was setting and I found myself glancing at Alice and feeling a strange excitement as I considered what we might do tonight. Her eyes were still golden, but the way they seemed to caress me with more confidence that I would expect made me blush, as Rosalie would say, like a blushing virgin. I had a very strong feeling this was the last day that I'd hold that title. I hoped at least. Alice had been pushing my own control ever since she'd seen Edward able to suck venom out of Bella and not kill her, because it, apparently, gave her more hope that she could be with me fully. It seemed like a case of, if Edward can do it, then anyone should be able to, to me. I didn't talk to her too much about that, I didn't want to discourage her, because her belief had made it so I didn't need to watch her as carefully. I hadn't had to stop things in a while, as we made out on the couch or when cuddling in bed became more heated.

I watched the grace Alice moved with as she got up from her seat and walked over to me, before moving behind me and resting her hands on my shoulders. She was wearing the bathing suit under a large shirt, and her hair had been mussed a bit by our day and was just flipping up at the very ends instead of all over in the normal defying gravity way. Her fingers gently kneaded my shoulders as she also gently moved the large overshirt I had on over the swimsuit I'd worn all day off of my shoulders to touch my skin. The coolness of her skin was always a treat, but in the heat on this island it was even nicer. "I want to make love to you." Alice spoke softly, gently, and my heart started to beat a little faster at her words alone. "And I believe I'm ready, if you are, but I'd like to have our first time on the beach. It's beautiful and romantic, and" She paused but my mind was already thinking how wonderful the beach was. "The breeze will help to keep your scent down. For our first time, until I know for sure I can do this without having to stop, I think that would be better."

"That sounds good to me." I managed as her fingers moved to caress my neck. "Really good." I managed as she leaned in and kissed the side of my neck. I felt no warning, and the wolf in me loved when she did that, so I just let her. A soft moan escaped my own lips.

"I set out some lanterns and a blanket." Alice said and I could see her smile as she moved to hold a hand out to help me stand.

"You've really planned this." I nibbled on my lip, hoping I could live up to whatever she expected. She'd worked so hard to be able to do this with me. I loved that she wanted to be with me badly enough to do all of this.

"I have to." Alice stared into my eyes and pulled me into a strong hug. "I have to plan to keep you safe. Eventually we might be able to be spontaneous, but not yet."

It could have gotten awkward, but I just hugged her to me. "The beach, outside under the stars. Alice, I can't imagine anything more perfect, but as long as it's with you, well,"

"I get it, no need to claim the back of your car would have been just fine." Alice leaned back and stared into my eyes, a smile on her lips, before she took my hand and led me out to the beach. She couldn't have guessed what I was going to say, but her words did make me chuckle. The last time we'd been out in my new car I had almost been willing to tell her to just take me then. I guess I didn't hide that well.

As we made our way around the side of the house I could see the lanterns on the beach and the coloring of the sand made it clear we had a large blanket or something out there as well. She held my hand, caressing the back if it with her fingers as she led me to the nest she'd made for us. I was more stunned by the scene the closer I got to it. The fresh scent of the ocean and the jungle mingled here perfectly. The lanterns weren't necessary for either of us to see, but they leant a very romantic atmosphere as they hung from poles several feet away from the nest itself. It looked like the largest, softest blanket in the house, and it held several pillows. A half barrel sat off to the side, near one of the three lanterns, filled with ice and bottles of water and one of wine. A small radio gave off soft music.

"Oh my god." I couldn't help but whisper as the full effect of what she'd done was revealed. I glanced up at the clear sky with stars and wondered if she'd even managed to make the sky shine brighter, because this was beyond perfect. It was a bit overwhelming actually, to see this level of care, the work she put into every detail.

Her fingers caressed my arms as she slowly removed my large overshirt, leaving me in just the bathing suit. She tossed it gently onto the sand, before reaching her hands up over my shoulders. I could feel her untying my top and I felt my heart start to hammer a little. I've been topless in front of her before, she's even touched my breasts, but the way her eyes stared into mine was consuming and I found I couldn't look away. I can only blame my inexperience for the fact that after she'd removed all but my bikini bottoms Alice lowered her own shirt and I stared at her as she gave me a wicked grin, before removing her bikini top. My heart was rapid and my breathing a little fast.

Kissing her, standing up, with so little on was new. Her lowering me gently onto the blanket was also new. My body tensed up a little as she ran her hand down by body, grabbing my bottoms and lowering them. We'd never done anything with the lower body. Topless a few times, underwear off, never.

Alice focused on me and I was a weak little puppy in her hands. She kissed me so softly, over my face, neck, on the scar the redheaded vampire left on me, and then she went to lick, suckle, to the point I would have welcomed a bite to keep her mouth on me. She lowered herself and my heart hammered in my chest as Alice got much closer to that vein Rosalie warned me about, but I didn't sense any danger so I didn't stop her. Oh god, I never wanted her to stop.

I couldn't say when exactly my virginity was gone. Would it be when her mouth touched my sex, or her fingers entered me so very gently? Would it have been when I arched off the ground, keening and grasping at the blanket under me? Perhaps my virginity was gone when I lowered her bikini bottoms and proceeded to kiss her chest, breasts, and then nervously lower my mouth to her sex. It could have been when her scent, her essence, became something I craved more than she could possibly crave blood, or when I ever so nervously put my fingers into her wetness, or when I made her cry out for me. I did know that when I curled up around her to hold her and stare up at the stars I did not think of myself as a virgin anymore.

Our entire two week vacation went by and I never saw anyone but Alice. I was completely fine with that. I know that the house was visited, cleaned and restocked, but Alice was away hunting at the time and I was on the other side of the island trying to get some of my wolf time out of the way, while I didn't have her, so when we came back I could smell the others but they were gone and Alice and I continued with our vacation uninterrupted.

I lost track of how many times we made love, in the house, on the beach, we tried once in the water but Alice's ability to not breath and my need to breath made that too one sided. When it became the last day I felt like leaving was nearly the worst thing we'd have to do, even though I missed the others. I knew we wouldn't have this level of freedom to make love wherever, whenever we wanted when we went back, and it was hard to think about not bending to my craving for her whenever it hit. It hit often.

I pulled my luggage out to start to pack, while Alice was on the phone with the service letting them know what she'd like done to the place after we left. When I opened my carry on I stared at the six boxes of condom's surprised that I'd managed to forget about them. I pulled them out, at least now sure that it was for someone else. I left them in the bathroom, along with a note on the bag. "I had a strong "feeling" these would come in handy, use them." The bag was non-descript.

"What you doing?" Alice asked as she noticed me arranging the bag so it was hard to miss my writing.

"Just leaving something for Edward." I muttered, trying not to blush as I made an assumption about why I had to do this. Alice, my wonderful vampire, didn't push. She just gave me a curious look and then turned to look at the room.

"This was wonderful." She whispered and looked over at me, taking my hand. "I wish it didn't have to end, but I'm going to talk Esme into letting us come back here. And I want to show you Paris, and Africa. As soon as we work on my control enough to hunt with you, I have to take you to Africa." Her words started to get faster as she grew excited. I felt happy tears in my eyes as I watched how excited she grew planning our future. My mate.

The end

A/N: for a week readers submitted some questions for me. Below are the answers you seek, hopefully.

Answers section:

Are you going to make a sequel?

Many people asked if I would do a sequel, and I really studied the idea, plotting out what was happening in the world and considered it, but in the end I saw that the rest is all Bella/Edward and Diana isn't the protagonist for anything else that I see happening in that world anytime soon, so I found I had no story. That was actually my goal going into this fic, to use Diana to basically destroy the drama of the last three books, and in my attempts to breath life into this for a sequel I see I reached my original goal and the story is truly over. Diana has basically destroyed the antagonists for book three, made both major parts of book 4 not happen by leaving a way to not have Renesmee, and decreased the chances of the issues of New Moon getting out of hand, as the real antagonist in that story is Edward's stupidity, in my opinion.

Does Vampire Venom do anything more permanent to Diana, how long does it take to recover from?

I could have giving the venom something it could do, but in my story it doesn't have the power to do too much to Diana. The venom that Diana was exposed to won't change her, in fact her reaction is a sort of allergy, and the only real change will be the start of an immunity to the stuff, so she'll never be as sick as she was the first time. She will have a scar from the bite though, on her shoulder, forever. Alice is not happy with that at all. It took Diana about three days to burn the venom out of her system harmlessly, but Alice made Diana take it easy for a week.

Why couldn't Diana shift to wolf when fighting Victoria, how did Victoria eavesdrop on her, and how was Victoria able to bite her?

Some people were curious why Diana couldn't shift to wolf when fighting Victoria. Simply put, Victoria has a power to avoid danger, and Diana needed to be able to goad Victoria and make her so mad that she'd ignore the warnings in her head. Also it didn't hurt that Victoria would not assume that Diana, not knowing what she is, had any backup in La Push. Victoria at this point assumes wolves won't cross that border, so knowing she had a wolf there would have made her more alert. As for why Victoria didn't realize what Diana was, Diana's scent has changed some, just a little, but then she is also coated with Alice's scent. And if you remember, when she first turned wolf at the Cullen's house Rosalie said her scent got stronger. Diana hasn't turned fully wolf in a while in this part of the story.

Oh, and Victoria didn't want to drink Diana, and wouldn't have ever chosen to do so, because her blood did smell bad, but her teeth are her primary weapon.

Some wondered why Diana didn't catch Victoria eavesdropping on her and Rosalie, and the reason she didn't was because she NEEDED Victoria to do that. Diana even 'felt' she should talk about some things with Rosalie while out. That was actually in protection of Jacob, who she does still 'feel' for. The only one of the 'good guys' to fall to the Newborn army was Jacob in the book, so Diana made sure Victoria would be too upset to not go after her, and give her the chance to end the threat. Diana's talk about mates and such made Victoria pissed, because of her own recent loss.

Will Diana and Jacob ever talk about all this?

The Jacob issue isn't resolved, but then she can't even tell him anything given the rules the Elders placed on her, without running into trouble. I can say that if Jacob were wolf, he'd see what happened to her, but he'd also be exposed to some prejudice about it first, before being able to see her. By the time he turns to a wolf, she should have been a wolf for two years. I don't see any resolution to this issue until he is wolf and they no longer have to keep the real issue a secret.

What is going on with Diana's relationship with Bella, and would the Bella/Jacob situation from a New Moon chapter make Diana angry with Bella?

Diana has been trying to care about Bella, but she's fighting a losing battle there. Because of how she lost her family, her tribe, she is more cautious with her heart. She really believes that a time will come when they will all leave the human behind, and she can't find it in her to invest her heart where she knows it will just cause her pain. She's only partly aware of this, but it can cause problems and Edward is the real reason that problem exists. IF there were a case, however, where a wolf Jacob were after Bella it would be Bella who she'd side with. Diana didn't date and felt it was wrong to even try, because she knew she'd leave someone for her imprint. IF Jacob was pushing for more with Bella, who isn't his imprint, she'd be mad at the future pain he could cause.

Will Diana's father ever try to apologize, will she forgive him?

Diana's dad is, to Diana, unforgiveable. His words, even if he apologized later, cannot be erased in her mind. He is also so pig headed that he won't be apologizing, maybe not even on his death bed. He is a cold man, which I was so subtle in mentioning that few caught it. Diana's mother was the loving one in her family, and Jacob was all she had left for that kind of feeling when her mother died. Her father wont ever be a part of her life again.

Will the Cullens and the La Push people ever work out there differences, like they did in the SMeyer books?

SMeyer found a way to have the wolves work together with the vampires, and for some wolves to actually join the Cullen family, but I found her method for that rather 'miraculous' and not too realistic. I do not see that happening in between my La Push wolves and the Cullens. While there will be Jacob's confused feelings about family and Sam's slow thawing about the imprinting, they just don't understand and Diana is bitter, too bitter to deal with the elders or Paul. I don't see any large event that would make the two groups more than just tolerate each other. The Elders themselves, might, over time see they weren't too clever to banish Diana, but it isn't reversible. Tradition and their pride prevents that. And even if it were possible, to reinstate her would ruin her life. She needs to be able to follow Alice around the world, and if she, as a wolf, was a part of the tribe she wouldn't be able to leave La Push.

What will happen to Leah?

With the newborn army destroyed before it began, not all the wolves from the real story will shift. Jacob will, as he was part of the first seven, but Leah won't.

What is Diana's stance on 'Renesmee'?

As you may have noticed I had Diana do something to prevent the miracle child, Renesmee. That baby put her family in danger and even without Irina's blabbing it could have resulted in the Volturi visiting. It would have caused trouble with the pack and also threatened her family, so Diana, unknowingly, avoided the bloodshed. I always thought SMeyer was taking a juvenile easy way out in creating an imprint for Jacob that even explained away the love triangle. I refuse to be a part of that.

Diana's relationships with the female Cullens has been developed, but there is little written about her relationships with the men.

Diana's relationship with the Cullen men is not as tight as with the women. There are some reasons for this. I don't believe she will be comfortable around Jasper until she is more sure of her own place in Alice's heart. Once she fully believes she has the girl, she might not be so tense around the ex of the girl. As for Carlisle, he is still, in the back of her mind, the Alpha and since he isn't doing the job normally she is a bit lost as to how to relate to him. She also was hurt by his stance on her killing Laurent, she doesn't understand his pacifist ways. As for Emmett, she does have a relationship with him, as shown by her taking Health class with him. I haven't shown it as much, because it wasn't as key to the story, though believe me I was tempted to delve into their Health Class adventures more than I did. Really if any sequel did exist for this story, it would have been "Diana versus Health class." Where Diana and her trusty sidekick Emmett stand up against the heterosexism of their teacher and the perpetuation of damaging stereotypes about women.

After her fight with Victoria, Diana will start to consider training again, and wrestling in wolf and part forms, in case she needs to know how. I would expect that their summer would include much more Emmett and Diana time, and perhaps some more talking to Jasper, but she wouldn't be ready to spar with him just yet. At this point, a relationship with Edward is difficult to have, due to his preoccupation with Bella and his self hatred. They tried, while xmas shopping, but Diana doesn't want to be around his self poisoning.

Does Edward become less 'emo'?

Edward doesn't fully recover from his self hatred and delusions, but he does improve some in my story. One casualty to his self hatred will be some of Bella's assumptions that he's perfect as she will be more objective about him because of the existence of a 'feminist' wolf in her circle of friends. I see him as backing out of his promise to turn Bella himself, trying to put obstacles in the way of it happening, to the point that Bella will have to get someone else to turn her, and in that one move she will realize she doesn't have a prince, she just has a guy and a controlling one at that. I'm not sure if they would survive as a couple or if the single Jasper would start to look better after all of that. While I entertain the idea of what their story is, I don't really like Bella/Edward and don't have an interest in writing straight fiction, so it isn't a story I will write.

Was it Rosalie that Diana confused for her mother when she had a fever?

Diana did confuse Rosalie with her mother during her fever. In that moment, unknowingly, Diana cemented Rosalie's affection forever. Rosalie cared for Diana before that event, but seeing someone looking up at her, helpless, wanting reassurance, as if she were a mother changed their relationship. Rosalie will want to be the one Diana goes to when hurt, and Diana had, before this moment, started to put Rosalie as the one to go to with questions that would embarrass her. Unlike the other Cullen's, aside from Carlisle, Diana isn't letting Esme take on the mother role with her, but some of the need of that is coming out in her interactions with Rosalie. Rosalie actually does resemble Diana's mother more. It was unconscious, but it will benefit them both. It's underlying and not too obvious, but it would become so if there was a real danger. Rosalie is likely to move in front of Diana if a threat were there, not that she'd know that until it happened.

Why doesn't Alice say "I love you" more?

Keeping in mind that Alice's last lover was an empath, she learned she didn't need to verbally share her emotions. Alice had accepted that Diana is her mate, before the last chapter even started, and was working hard to be able to control her bloodlust so she could make love to her. She occasionally did tell Diana she loved her, but more often than not she 'felt' it toward Diana without even realizing she was doing that. Diana couldn't feel that like Jasper used to, and so Diana is a little more insecure than she should be.

When Diana ran away from the house, after Emmett made her think that Jasper was Alice's husband , what was the 'thunder' noise?

That was Alice, who, was very upset that Emmett's words hurt Diana. She didn't even think about why it hurt her, didn't take the time before she hit him for doing it. It wasn't until after that happened that she realized why it would have upset Diana and she followed her. Esme followed Diana immediately, but the others took longer because Rosalie was a bit pissed at someone else hitting her Emmet, but Emmett felt bad about making the wolf cry and kept it from getting out of hand so they could follow.

Will Alice/Diana ever get married? Who would propose?

In the future it would be Alice that would have to propose to Diana, after a period of time and most likely not too long after the Edward / Bella wedding. Diana feels completely committed and it just wouldn't occur to her that any ceremony would make a difference. She'd even be a bit taken aback at the idea of a wedding and would need convincing.

What will the future look like for Alice/Diana?

Diana will, for their first couple of moves, want to be in college and Alice will start pushing her ability to pass for older in spite of Edward's inability to do that. While they spend the larger percent of their time in college, Edward and Bella would be more focused on high school, because he can't pass for much older. The family is so large that some divides will occur naturally, not that they don't all live nearby or support each other, but their daily lives will not be as intertwined as the 5 school age Cullen's had been before. Diana will also continue to refuse to role of 'another adopted Cullen' because she is too independent, doesn't want her friend Esme playing mother, and because she clearly doesn't look like the others so trying would just add more drama and rumors. More of their relocations will have some of the younger set playing brothers or sisters to Esme or Carlisle and not children, as they try and figure out how to pretend to be a family with so many members in it.

What fandom are you thinking of tackling next?

I'm not planning on any more large stories, but I have an experiment to allow me to play in a few fandoms in the works. An A/U of my character Christy Taylor will get to 'play' in a few playgrounds. It isn't as serious a story as it could be. I may just have parts of a story, or minor plots, where she can visit some of the fandoms I've been hoping to drop her into. I like the idea of Christy in Star Trek Voyager, True Blood, Harry Potter, Gargoyles, Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, or Twilight. I've written the first portion, her leaving an Xmen world, and posted it on my livejournal. Now I'm open to write however many short stories as I'd like with a Christy landing in a different fandom, all starting with the same chapter and background.

With this, I'm actually doing something along the lines of a fanfiction of my fanfiction character, because of this I don't know what kind of audience I'll have for it. Those that have read my 'Not Myself' story will be better off for understanding it, though it isn't a sequel to that story as it isn't the very same version of Christy. This story won't require the same level of commitment as other stories I do demand, as I am upfront about it being an exploration of various fandoms.