When Jill Met Marcie

Chapter 1: Welcome to L.A.

This was an idea that popped into my head some time ago. I got to thinking about how these two gearhead girls got together. I then decided to come up with a possible origin for the two.
This would tie into the Cannonball Run 2000 series and not the original film. At this time, I'm working on rewriting Cannonball Run 2003 in case you're wondering why some plot details conflict with said story.
Once again, I have a cast list so you know who these characters are based on:

Jill Boyd-Tinsley Grimes
Marcie Thatcher-Jordana Spiro
Pete Rivers-Danny Strong
Steve Carter-Mike Epps
Scott Temple-Justin Grant Wade
Tony Basilotta-Seann William Scott
Caesar King-Sharif Atkins
Ted-Tom Lenk
Mrs. Rafferty-Laura Innes
Vinnie Basilotta-Vyto Ruginis

And so, here we go.

May 16, 2001

A young man walked away from the office of a gas station somewhere in the Mojave Desert. He walked over to a yellow Volkswagen GTI with a Neuspeed decal on the sunvisor.

"Hey, you just pay for your gas?" asked a young, blonde woman with a southern accent.

"Yeah, what about you?" he asked.

"I used my card." said the woman. "It's a pretty handy innovation."

"Where are you from?" asked the man.

"Alabama." said the woman. "Montgomery to be specific."

"So, what are you doing out here in California?" he asked.

"I wanted to try to make my way in auto racing." she said. "I thought I'd have a better chance in L.A."

"Guess you're not trying out for NASCAR." he said.

"Nah, I'm going for the NIRA circuit." she said. "Gonna try with this little cutie." She pointed to a white '99 Honda Civic Si which had an AEM sticker on the fender and appeared to be two inches lower than stock.

"Oh, it's a cutie alright." he said. "But is she a track star?"

"What do you say we give it a try?" she asked.

"You're on." he said. "First one to the next town wins."

The two of them got into their cars and started them. They then pulled out onto the highway and drove alongside each other. She looked over to him. He counted down with his hand. After he got to one, they took off racing.

Having the advantage of knowing when he was going to get to "one", the guy took an early lead. However, the girl wasn't about to let him shame her and made an effort to catch up. Within half a mile, she started to pass him.

That was right about when a large truck appeared in the oncoming lane. The girl swerved onto the opposite shoulder before the driver could get on his air horn. After passing behind the truck, the Honda was neck and neck with the Volkswagen.

"Let's see whatcha got, babe." he said as he threw the VW into the next gear.

She had the same idea and upshifted herself. She managed to keep up with the GTI and pass it. She had her rear bumper even with his front by the time they got to the next town.

"Ha!" she exclaimed.

She let him pull ahead of her, then followed him to the parking lot of a convenience store.

"Not bad." he said. "But you're not there yet. Gotta do a little more."

"Thanks." she said. "I'll keep that in mind."

"It's gonna take more than your skills to advance." he said. "You're gonna need connections as well. You can start here." He reached into her car with a slip of paper which she took. "Call that number and ask for Steve. He can set you up. Tell him Bobby sent you."

"Thanks again." she said. "If you're in L.A, look me up."

"Who do I ask for?" asked Bobby.

"Jill Boyd." she said.

"Alright." said Bobby. "See ya, Jill."

"See ya." said Jill. She put her Civic in gear and drove off.

A few hours later, an older woman led Jill into an apartment. "This should fit your budget perfectly." she said. "This is the main living area and the kitchen. In here is the bathroom."

"Thank you, Mrs. Rafferty." said Jill.

"As you know, the rent is due the first of the month." said Mrs. Rafferty.

"Yes, I'm aware of that." said Jill. "Is that all for now?"

"Yes." said Mrs. Rafferty. "If you need me for anything, you have my number."

"Thank you." said Jill.

Mrs. Rafferty then left Jill alone in the apartment. Jill walked over to the couch and sat down. She took out her cell phone and dialled.

Somewhere else in the Los Angeles area, an African-American man answered his cell phone. "Yeah?" he said.

"Is this Steve?" asked Jill.

"Yeah, Steve Carter." said the man. "How can I help you?"

"My name's Jill Boyd." said Jill. "Some guy named Bobby gave me your number. I'm looking to get into the races. Got anything for me?"

"Yeah, there's a race meet tonight at the docks." said Steve. "If you want to show your stuff, bring your A-Game. Gotta warn you, though. Even though we're not on the streets, this is still highly illegal. But don't worry. We'll warn you if the cops show up."

"Thank you kindly." said Jill. "I'll be there with bells on."

"Got it." said Steve. "The belle will be there with bells on."

They hung up their phones and Steve walked out to the driveway. A short man sat on the hood of a black Toyota Paseo while someone else worked on a purple Ford Probe in front of it.

"Hey, we got ourselves a newcomer at the races tonight." said Steve.

"Oh yeah?" asked the short guy. "Who is it?"

"Her name's Jill." said Steve. "She's a southern belle looking to get into the scene. She raced Bobby."

The person working on the Probe closed the hood. She turned out to be a redheaded woman. "If she beat him, that's already a step in the right direction." she said. "Then again, who can't beat Bobby in a drag race?"

"Yeah, Marcie, well you're gonna see this chick in action tonight." said Steve. "We're gonna see if she's all she thinks she is."

That night at the docks, racers from all over gathered for some drag racing action.

A white late 80s RX-7 pulled alongside a yellow Eclipse. A flag man stood in front of the two cars and held up his hands. He then dropped them and the cars took off. A few seconds later, the RX-7 had dusted the Eclipse.

A red Mustang GT pulled up to the start next to a blue Camaro. The cars' V8 engines revved just before the flag man dropped his hands. The two pony cars raced down the line before the Camaro took the checkered flag.

The next two cars were a black '90 Honda Accord coupe and a green Dodge Neon coupe. The driver of the Accord made some rude gestures at the Neon's driver, but he was too wrapped up in checking his systems to notice. The flag man dropped his hands and the cars took off. Almost as suddenly, the Accord stalled letting the Neon race to victory.

The flag man set up for the next heat. He held up his hands. He then dropped them and the two forklifts took off at a snail's pace.

Marcie drove up to the race scene in a blue Hyundai Tiburon. She found Steve waiting in his Probe. "Looks like a party." she said.

"Sure does." said Steve. "Where's this Jill girl?"

"I sent Pete to look for her." said Marcie.

Jill drove around the area in her Civic looking for the race location. She pulled up to a traffic light. The short guy Steve knew pulled up next to her in the Paseo. "Hey, are you Jill Boyd?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah." she replied.

"Pete Rivers. I'm a friend of Steve's and Bobby's. Bobby gave me a description of your car. I'm supposed to take you to the race."

"How did you know where to find me?" asked Jill.

"It wasn't hard." said Pete. "Just look for a white Civic with Alabama plates."

"So, where are the races tonight?" asked Jill.

"Follow me." said Pete.

When the light turned green, Pete drove ahead of her. Within minutes, they had reached the docks.

An African American man leaning against a silver Mitsubishi Galant reached over and tapped his companion. "This that newbie Steve was talking about?" he asked.

"I think so." said his friend. "I'd like to have a minute with her."

"Oh, come on. Can't you go without being a salesman for one night?"


Jill and Pete parked and got out of their cars. They then walked over to Steve and Marcie.

"Jill Boyd?" asked Steve. "We meet at last. I'm Steve and this is Marcie Thatcher. If you need anything done to your car, she's the one you want."

"Sweet." said Jill.

"So, what kind of driving can you do?" asked Marcie.

"Maybe if I get a chance, I can show you." said Jill.

"Well, there's an easy way to gauge that. Ted!" said Marcie.

"Yo!" yelled the guy who was driving the Accord against the Neon earlier. He was dressed like a gangsta rapper.

"New girl wants to race you." said Marcie.

"'Kay." said Ted.

"Next heat." said Marcie.

"Got it." said Jill. She and Marcie went to her Civic.

Jill climbed into the driver's seat while Marcie took the passenger seat.

"Okay, here's what you need to know about Ted." said Marcie. "In his mind, Hondas rule, American cars suck, and gangsta rap is the dominant musical style."

"I prefer modern rock myself." said Jill. "I had Third Eye Blind on my CD player all the way to Louisiana. Plus, I've seen some amazing things being done with domestics."

"Or DUMBestics as Ted calls them." said Marcie. "In my experience, it's not the car. It's the driver. On that note, ignore what he does and race like he's right on your ass."

"You got it." said Jill.

The black guy who was leaning against the Galant ran over to the window of the Civic. He knocked on it and Jill rolled it down. "Welcome to our world." he said.

"Jill Boyd, meet Caesar King." said Marcie.

"What's up?" asked Jill.

"Just wanted to see what the hype was about." said Caesar. "Also, I wanted to see what kind of hardware you're packing."

"Mostly AEM stuff." said Jill. "Intake, computer, cam gears, fuel delivery."

"Good start." said Caesar. "When you want to upgrde, you might want to swing by Speed Zone."

"Thanks for the advice." said Jill.

Caesar then walked out in front of the two cars. He then raised his hands above his head. Ted began setting up his engine management computer. Jill did the same.

"Let me try that." said Marcie. She pressed one of the buttons a couple of times and set it. "That should help you immensely."

"Thanks." said Jill.

Caesar looked between the two cars then dropped his hands. The Civic took off like a shot. The Accord advanced about six feet before a loud grinding noise burst from the engine bay. A flickering orange glow could be seen under the hood.

Caesar opened the hood of the Accord and was greeted by a gout of flame. He quickly closed it. Someone ran over with a fire extiguisher and Caesar reopened the hood. Ted distraughtly climbed out of the car.

At the other end of the dock, Jill slowed to a halt after crossing the finish line. "So, how'd I do?" she asked.

"Not bad." said Marcie. "And Ted." She looked back and saw the firefighting efforts.

"Oh shit." laughed Pete.

Jill drove back to the start. She passed the Accord on her way back to Steve and Pete.

"That's why I told you to ignore him." said Marcie.

Meanwhile, Caesar returned to his friend. "So, what's she got?" asked his friend.

"AEM stuff mostly." said Caesar.

"Probably picked it because of fellow Alabamans R.E.M." laughed his friend.

"Tony, R.E.M's from Georgia." said Caesar. "Anyways, I gave her a plug for the Zone."

"Good man." said Tony.

Jill and Marcie climbed out of the Civic. "Does that happen often?" asked Jill.

"Yeah, the thing is Ted is kind of an idiot." said Steve. "Maybe he'll get it right someday, but I doubt it."

"See you got a talk with Caesar." said Pete.

"Yeah, who is he?" asked Jill.

"He's probably the smartest person here." said Steve.

"Thus making him the polar opposite of Ted." said Marcie.

"The guy is a tuning expert." said Steve. "He's just not good with his hands, so you probably won't find him under the hood anytime soon. He and his friend work at a performance parts shop called..."

"Speed Zone?" asked Jill.

"He suggested it, didn't he?" asked Steve.

"Yeah." said Jill. "Who's his friend?"

"His name is Tony Basilotta." said Pete. "You know, like the singer who did 'Mickey'."

"He's actually a shift manager at Speed Zone." said Steve.

An engine rev broke the quiet and a group of cars pulled in. The lead was a white sports coupe with right hand drive.

"Oh, now you've done it." said Marcie. "You've drawn out the big guy."

"Who is he?" asked Jill.

"Scott Temple." said Steve. "He's one of the biggest racers in the city."

"What kind of car is that?" asked Jill. "I've never seen one before."

"It's a Mitsubishi FTO." said Pete. "And the reason you've never seen one before is because they only sell them in Japan."

A tough-looking young man climbed out of the FTO's driver's seat. He looked over at the smouldering ruins of the Accord and said "Well, I see Ted showed up."

"Want to introduce yourself?" asked Steve.

"Already?" asked Jill.

"Gonna meet him sometime." said Marcie.

"Okay." said Jill.

Jill walked over to Scott.

"So, what's happening tonight?" asked Scott.

"A few races, nothing major." said Tony.

"So, you're the big guy around here." said Jill.

"And we've got a new girl." said Tony.

Scott turned to see who was talking to him. "You this new girl Tony just mentioned?" he asked.

"Jill Boyd, out of Montgomery."

"Alabama?" asked Scott.

"No, Montgomery, New York." said Jill. "Of course I mean Alabama."

"Which is your car?" asked Scott.

"The white Civic." said Jill.

"Get in any races?" asked Scott.

"Not exactly." said Jill. "Ted did that in the attempt." she added while pointing to the Accord.

"Yeah, well Ted's not one of the higher bosses in the game." said Scott.

"So, you're saying he's the equivalent of the training level." said Jill.

"More like pushing the start button." said Scott. "Maybe we should go at it so you can get an idea of what the competition's really like here."

"I'm always up for that." said Jill.

"Alright." said Scott. "Let's set 'em up."

"What's the stakes?" asked Jill.

"This one's for free." said Scott. "I just want to see what you're made of."

"Can't argue with that." said Jill.

"Let's go." said Caesar.

Jill ran to her Civic while Scott got back into his FTO. The two cars pulled up to the starting line and Caesar ran to act as flagman again.

Caesar raised his hands above his head. He looked to Jill, then to Scott. He then looked to Tony and suddenly looked scared. He then ran from his position to his Galant.

Jill looked over her shoulder to see the scene in complete chaos. All of the racers were running for their cars. Panic was the attitude of the moment.

Jill rolled down her window to see that Scott had done the same. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Cops!" yelled Scott.

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