I was stalking through the forest, trying to find our meadow on my own. The cool green leaves formed a pleasant canopy over my head. The rain that had managed to weasel its way past the leafy ceiling trickled over my face, blending with my sudden tears. Before now, my depression hadn't really been because I wanted Edward, because I missed him. It was futile distress at the fact that he would never come back. Now, I really missed him. I wanted to be in his cold arms again, I wanted to stare into his golden eyes. I wanted to be with him.

Suddenly, someone grabbed my arm. Their hand was like an icy vice against my damp pink arm. I screamed, but then was silenced as a hand flew over my mouth. It was a hand that I recognized. I spun and flung my arms around my captor, pulling myself towards him. "You came back," I murmured into Edward's chest. He picked me up and kissed me enthusiastically.

"I never meant to leave you. Bella, I was captured. Brainwashed, hypnotized, threatened, the whole bit. I've only just escaped." Looking at him, I could definitely see signs of a struggle.

"But who would do that?" I asked softly.

"Aliens," he answered coldly, wrapping his arms tightly around my waist.

"But," I began, "I didn't think aliens were real."

"Bella," he said, laughing, "None of this is real." I stared into his eyes, and suddenly, I could see what he meant. I was all on my own in the forest, and Edward was never coming back.