A Change of Strategy

Severus Snape had once been given the chance to escape. When he first left the Dark Lord's service, Dumbledore had given him a choice. Spy or leave England. The Order was willing to smuggle him out to the continent in return for the information he already had with him. Two things had kept him around. First, Lily. Now that the Dark Lord was hunting her she would need real protection, the kind Potter would not be able to give her. Second, though he hated to admit it, and never did out loud, Black. If he left, if he ran away, all the times he'd been called coward by Black over the years would be justified. Leaving would be cowardly, and Severus Snape was no coward.

Then the Dark Lord fell, and Severus stayed on teaching brats, to continue to atone for his deeds. The Dark Lord rose again and he again made the choice to stay. He was never tempted to take Dumbledore up his offer, though it remained open.

Until now, anyway.

Through it all Severus had managed to… fake it. He bowed, and groveled, and watched torture and death without blinking. But this, this he would not do. The Dark Lords latest 'Get Potter' scheme. Severus was to befriend the boy, gain his trust, and then at a crucial, undetermined moment he was to use this trust against the boy and turn him over to the Dark Lord.

At least this time they don't have to worry about this one working. Merlin, he didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

Then Dumbledore decided that they should go along with it. And Severus decided on cry.

Dumbledore's reasoning was simple, but flawed. He claimed it was a harmless task, no one would get hurt and maybe a generational feud would be resolved along the way. The flaw, Severus didn't want to. He liked hating Potter. It was his hobby. The one constant that had followed him from his childhood. Before the discussion really got going Dumbledore was called off to battle the Ministry, and that was the end of that.

And so Severus Snape was sent to Little Whinging to collect Harry Bloody Potter after the insipid little nitwit decided to show off a few spells in front his muggle cousin.

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