So it's been 13 years. They flew by. I don't even know where to begin. I guess the best place to start would be the proposal. Edward and I got engaged at the end of our junior year of college.


We were driving up the Cullen's drive, as we had many times before. This time, however, was different. Edward could tell I was freaking out.

"Love, why are you so nervous?" He asked and his voice soothed me a little.

"Oh gee, I wonder? It couldn't be the fact that we are going to tell our parents that we're...we are...that..." I sighed. I couldn't even finish the phrase.

"I believe the word you are looking for is engaged." He smiled. He knew, and understood, my issues with it. "I don't know why you are so nervous. Esme and Carlisle are probably surprised that we haven't made this announcement sooner." He grabbed my hand and just held it. That gave me enough confidence to get through this day. We were telling Charlie tomorrow and flying down to tell Renée next week. This was going to be a very stressful summer, and it was only May.

"Ok. I am trusting you on this. Although, if you are wrong you will never live it down." I smiled at him.

"I have no doubt." He replied. I didn't know if he was referring to his parents accepting this or living it down if he was wrong.

"Let's get this over with." I laughed nervously and went to get out of the car.

"I love you." He said and walked over to me.

"I love you too. I must otherwise I wouldn't be doing this." I smiled at him.

"Carlisle the kids are home." Esme said as she opened the door. "I'm so glad you're here." She said as she hugged us both.

"We missed you." I replied. It felt like it had been forever since we had been home to visit. It was probably when we came home for spring break. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward and myself had decided that the best way to spend spring break was to come home. We were all homesick by that time.

"We really did mom." Edward said.

"I guess I know who's the favorite." Carlisle laughed from behind Esme.

"You knew you just never admitted it to yourself." Esme laughed and let go.

"We missed you too." I said and went to hug him.

"Sorry dad. Mom gave us the candy." Edward laughed and hugged his dad too.

"Why don't we move this into the living room." Esme smiled and we all followed.

"So what are two doing here?" Carlisle asked.

"Well, like we said, we missed you." I said.

"We also have some news."

"Really?" Esme and Carlisle asked at the same time.

"Bella and I are engaged." Edward just spit it out. I was too shocked to say anything. So, I just stood there watching their reactions.

"Oh my." Esme said. At first I thought she was upset but then the biggest smile appeared on her face. "That's so wonderful. Congratulations. Edward I am so proud and Bella I am so happy that you will be a part of this family. Not that you weren't before but now it's just so..." I could now understand where Alice got her speed talking.

"I think the point of that rant was to say congratulations and it's about time." Carlisle laughed.

"So, when are you telling Charlie and Renée?" Esme asked.

"We are going to see Charlie tomorrow and Renée next week." Edward said.

"You to have to stay here tonight. Edward you two can stay in your old room or if you would prefer the guest room..."

"Mom." Edward said and sounded just like Carlisle. I laughed. "What?" Edward asked me.

"You just sounded like your dad." I smiled and they laughed.

"Anyway, we were planning on staying here tonight. If it's ok we were going to split this week between Charlie's and here."

"Oh that's perfect." Esme said.

"And my room's fine." Edward smiled and hugged his mom again.

"Good. Why don't you two go on up and get settled. We will call you down when dinner is ready." She said. Then they both shooed us upstairs. I felt like I could now relax. The rest of the night was spent in almost constant laughter.

The next day Edward and I walked over to Charlie's.

"How many nights did we use this path?" Edward asked. He knew this was the part that I was stressing over the most. Don't get me wrong. I was worried about telling Esme and Carlisle. My dad, however, was a whole different level of stress.

"I don't know. A lot." I replied.

"Either you would use it to get back to my house or I would to get to yours. Do you suppose our parents knew?" He asked, still trying to distract me.

"Yours might have but I know Charlie didn't. He would have murdered you." I smiled at him.

"I think you're right, although if my parents knew they would have made some comment by know. You know Esme. She would have said how cute or sweet it was." He smiled back at me.

"Yeah I guess she would." I laughed and for a second I forgot why we were now standing in front of my dad's house.

"You'll be fine." Edward said and squeezed my hand.

"I'm not worried about me." I said and looked at him.

"He won't kill me Bella." Edward said and rang the doorbell. I honestly didn't know how he could be so relaxed.

"Bells." Charlie said as he opened the door and gave me a hug. I smiled at his nickname for me.

"Hi dad." I said and hugged him back.

"Edward, it's good to see you too." Charlie said as he shook Edward's hand. My dad wasn't big on hugs. It was a rare thing to see or get a hug from Charlie. "So, how have you two been?" Charlie asked as he led us inside.

"Not too much." I said as we reached the living room.

"No trouble?" He asked.

"None." Edward said.

"Good. Have you seen your parents yet?" Charlie asked Edward.

"Actually we just came from there." Edward replied.

"Hey dad?" I tried to get his attention. I needed to get the news out there. I saw it like a band-aid. It was easier to just rip it off.

"Yeah Bells?" He looked back to me.

"Edward and I have something we need to tell you. Before we do, I would really appreciate it if you would try to stay calm." I started and Edward grabbed my hand at this point.

"Bells, what is it? What's going on? Are you ok?" He asked and looked so worried.

"Nothing, I'm fine. It's just Edward and I are engaged." I said.

"What?" Charlie asked. He didn't look mad. It was as if he couldn't process it.

"Edward and I are engaged." I repeated. Charlie went silent.I just let him sit there and process it.

"Have you told your Renée yet?" he asked.

"Not yet. Edward and I are flying down next week to tell her in person." I responded.

"Oh, that's good." He replied.

"Dad? Are you ok?" I asked.

"Fine. I guess this isn't really a surprise." He sighed.

"What?" I wasn't sure I heard him right.

"You two have always been inseparable, even as kids. Then you two started dating. I knew this was coming. I'm actually kind of surprised that it didn't come sooner." He said and appeared very calm.

"So you are ok with this?" I asked making sure.

"Yes and congratulations."He got up and hugged me. Then he went and hugged Edward which shocked both of us. "So when's the wedding?" he asked. He was taking this so much better than I thought.

"We haven't set a date yet. We are working on it." I replied.

"Alice may injure us if we don't pick soon. She's getting annoyed because this means that she can't set anything up yet." Edward laughed as he told Charlie. Charlie laughed too.

"That sounds like her. If I were you two I would pick as soon as possible." He laughed.

The rest of the week was spent, as planned, between the two houses. It was so nice to be able to catch up with Charlie, Carlisle and Esme.

It was now time to go and see my mother. I hadn't seen her in eleven years. She didn't even show up at my graduation. She knew when it was and yet still couldn't bother to come. Edward insisted that we tell her in person. I don't know why. She barely knew anything about my life. She would call every once in a while. She would talk to me for a bit, ask how I was and what's going on in my life. That happened about twice a year. The last time I talked to her was right around christmas. She told me she had gotten her life together. I believed that she had it together for now. She would go through times when she was great but, she always hit bottom again. Now in all fairness to her she was calling more. Which, I guess was an improvement. I honestly think she does care, she just didn't know how to be a parent.

"Bella?" I heard her voice before I saw her.

"Mom." I turned around and greeted her. I always called my parents by their names when I wasn't talking to them. When I was with them, they were mom and dad.

"Sweetie, it's so good to see you. I'm so sorry I missed your graduation. Phil broke his thigh bone in a baseball accident. I couldn't leave him alone. I was going to come." She looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Oh." I sighed.

"Why don't we get your bags and get going?" She asked with a sad smile.

"Ok." I said. Edward had remained quiet, taking everything in.

"So how have you been Edward. Bella talks about you and your family often." She said as she led us to baggage claim.

"I'm good thank you. How have you been." Edward always was flawless when it came to manners.

"Really good." She smiled and looked truly happy.

On the car ride home we made pleasant chit chat. I knew that eventually mom would get me alone and try to have a serious conversation with me. I was avoiding it like the plague.

"I can't wait for you to meet Phil. He is so nice. He plays in the minor league and he also coaches at the high school." Wow he actually sounded decent. My mom didn't have the best taste in men. None of them were ever truly horrible. Mostly they were just losers.

"He sounds good mom." I said as we pulled into her driveway. If he was as good as she made him sound then I was happy. She finally found a good one.

"Hey." There was a man standing right by the door waving and smiling. He looked younger than her. That didn't surprise me Renée never really acted her age. "You must be Bella. It's nice to finally meet you. Your mother talks about you non-stop." He smiled.

"Yeah, it's nice to meet you too." I smiled.

"And this must be Edward." He smiled at Edward.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you." Edward said.

"Well come on in." Renée said.

"The house looks nice mom." I said. She had moved a while back. She used to live in Arizona but now lived in Florida. It was a cute little house that matched her personality perfectly. It appeared she had her life together. I was almost in shock.

"Thank you. I thought it was cute." She smiled. "So, are you two hungry? If so I can cook something or if you'd prefer we could do take-out." She said and looked between me and Edward.

"I'd pick the take-out." I said and laughed so she would understand that I wasn't being mean.

"Hey! I took some cooking classes and I am much better at cooking, ask Phil." She said and smiled.

"She is a pretty decent cook." He said as he walked over to her.

"Thank you." She looked up at him and I could see it right there. She truly loved him. I then looked at him and saw the same look on his face too.

"Ok this I have to see and taste." I smiled at her. It was possibly my first real smile. I felt a little more relaxed.

"Perfect." She laughed.

"Would you mind a little help?" I asked, deciding it was better to get the conversation out of the way. There really was no point in avoiding it.

"I would love that." She tilted her head, gave me a questioning look but still smiled. She wasn't expecting that.

"Edward, do you like baseball?" Phil asked.

"I love baseball." Edward replied.

"That's an understatement. How many family games have I been dragged to?" I turned to Edward.

"I believe 'dragged' is being a bit dramatic." he replied with his signature smirk.

"Really? Because I love sitting in the cold and watching sports." I laughed and Renée and Phil joined in.

"There's a game on. I don't think that they want us interfering with dinner." As Phil said 'they' he pointed to me and Renée.

"Sure." Edward said and they went off to the living room.

"So what are we making?" I asked as I followed Renée to the kitchen.

"What do you two like?" She asked me.

"We'll eat almost anything. So whatever the chef feels like." I smiled.

"Sweetie..." She started.

"Mom, it's..." I tried to cut her off.

"No. Listen please?" She sighed.

"Ok." I said.

"When you were living with me, I know I was probably the world's worst mother." She said.

"Mom you weren't the world's worst parent." I interrupted.

"Thank you but, I still wasn't anywhere near the parent you deserved or needed. I know it's not an excuse but I didn't know how to parent on my own. I was used to having Charlie to help." she looked like she was going to cry. I knew if she started I would too.

"What about the eleven years when I haven't seen you once? You couldn't even call me more than twice a year?" I was upset.

"I honestly thought you wouldn't want to see me or even talk to me. When you were ten you knew that Charlie would be a better parent. I tried to be better but I never knew how to reach out to you. Then Charlie called and told me that no matter what I was going through I had to try with you. Phil helped me too. He told me that if I didn't try now, it was just going to get worse. I realized that I was slowly losing any chance I had at having a relationship with you. I couldn't deal with that. So I tried calling you more and I was going to invite you down here. You kind of beat me to it. Do you have any idea at how happy I was when you called and asked if you and Edward could come down here?" she asked and looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"I think I do now." I said and knew I had tears in my eyes.

"I am so sorry that I wasn't the adult." She said and got up to hug me.

"You're trying now." Was all I could say as I hugged my mom. I couldn't say it was ok because I wasn't to that point yet. I working on that and if she kept this up I would be there, hopefully, soon.

"I bet the guys are hungry. We should probably get started on dinner." She let go and smiled at me.

"Yeah, I guess we should." I wiped away the racks of my tears.

Mom was right. She was a better cook now. Apparently the cooking classes had payed off. We were all sitting around the dining room table, talking and laughing, when my mom finally asked the big question.

"So, not that I don't love it but, why are you two here?" She asked the question I had hoped she wouldn't, at least not now.

"Well, Edward and I have some news." I started.

"Are you pregnant?" She asked. She didn't look upset, which surprised me. She looked concerned.

"No." I knew I was blushing. I looked over to Edward and he was just smiling. Apparently he decided to let me handle this one.

"Ok, so what's the news?" She asked calmly.

"We are engaged." I said and looked to her for her reaction. I then noticed a big smile on her face.

"Congratulations." She said and ran over to give both me a hug. Then she moved on to Edward. As she hugged him she whispered something into his ear. I would ask him about that later.

"Congrats you two." Phil said and smiled. I could tell then that he was the calm in their relationship.

"When's the wedding?" Mom asked.

"Well we're thinking sometime this August. We haven't picked the exact date, and Edward's sister may kill us for that when we get back. I will call you as soon as I know because I would really like it if you were there." I looked down into my lap as I finished this. When I was younger I didn't count on my mother showing up anywhere. It was going to take some time to get used to her being involved or, at least trying to be more involved.

"I will save the entire month of August until you tell me the exact date. I will make sure that Phil is extra careful not to get injured." She smiled at me and at the last part glared at him.

"I promise." Phil said and smiled at her.

We stayed for four days with my mother and Phil. It was actually fun. I was glad Edward made us fly down to see them. They dropped us off at the airport and we said our goodbyes. I told her I would call her when we got home.

"What did my mother say to you when she was congratulating us?" I asked while we were on the plane.

"She told me that she knew I would take care of you. She could see that I had already." He said and kissed my hand and then my cheek and then my lips.

The rest of the flight we tried to figure out a date. Alice and Jasper were coming in from Seattle and so were Rose and Emmett. Esme and Carlisle were picking us up from the airport and the other four were expected at the house around seven. So we had to pick a date by seven otherwise Alice would kill us.

On the car ride home we figured out the perfect date, August 13th. I called my mother as soon as we got to Edward's house. Later that night, when Alice came in glaring at me, I told her the date. She was now so happy because she could actually start planning now.

End Flashback

So that was the drama of telling everyone. I guess the next logical thing for me to tell you about is my wedding. We got married that same summer. Alice wasn't exactly thrilled with that because it gave her less time to plan. Still, she managed to pull it off.

Another Flashback

"Alice you are my hero." I said and went to hug her.

"Stop. It will wrinkle the dress. You can hug me later." She smiled and I laughed.

"How's Edward?" I asked. I hadn't seen him in what felt like forever.

"Fine, just like he was five minutes ago." Rose laughed.

"I can't help it." I frowned.

"I know. We've been there." Rose smiled and lightly patted me on the shoulder. She and Emmett got married a few months before Edward and I got engaged. It was a lovely wedding. It was also huge. Alice and Jasper got married when she was a sophomore and he was a junior in college. Their wedding was the exact opposite. It was small, with just close friends and family.

"I'm surprised you haven't yelled at me yet." I laughed at Rose.

"What can I say? I'm actually trying to keep my hormones in check." She laughed back. She was now about five months pregnant. She told everyone when Edward and I got back from Renée's house.

"I appreciate the effort." I smiled and before I could even move...

"Don't even think about hugging her. Remember the dress." Alice scolded.

"Fine." I sighed. I loved my dress but I couldn't wait to get out of it.

"It's time." Alice said and right as she did Charlie appeared in the doorway.

"Ready Bells?" He asked and held out his arm.

"Let's get moving." I laughed and he did too. Alice and Rose led the way. Rose went out into the church aisle first. Alice was my matron of honor. So she went out right before me. Then Charlie and I walked down the aisle. I honestly couldn't tell you who was in the pews. Once I could see him, all I noticed was Edward. He looked stunning in his tux. The priest said what he was supposed and we repeated where we were supposed to. Then it came time for the kiss. It was possibly the best kiss ever. Unfortunately we had to stop. As we were walking back down the aisle, we were laughing.

The reception was more fun. We talked to our friends and family. When I got to my mom she started to cry and that led to me crying. Our first dance went surprisingly well. Edward was amazing and I didn't trip. There were a few toasts. Jasper was Edward's best man. Edward had said the only reason he didn't trust Emmett was because he knew that Emmett would lose the ring. Emmett was ok with that.

We flew to a nice tropical resort. Edward knew that the heat and sun would make me happy. It was nice, quiet and very isolated. We had our own private beach. The house was gorgeous. Everything was perfect. We stayed there for two weeks. It was beyond wonderful.

Esme and Carlisle picked us up from the airport. They asked us if we wanted to have a family dinner. We of course said yes. Edward and I had missed all of them. Rose, Emmett, Jasper and Alice were coming down from Seattle. We got back to the house and the four of them had beaten us there. Esme had cooked a wonderful meal, as always. We were now in the living room. I was talking to Alice and Rose about the island. Edward was talking to Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle. Then Esme came in holding her hands behind her back. As soon as Carlisle saw her he went and stood next to her.

"Edward, Bella we have a surprise for you. A belated wedding gift." Esme smiled. She handed Carlisle the envelope and he gave it to us. Edward and I looked at each other then at them.

"Well, open it." Carlisle urged with a smile. So we followed his instructions.

"This is too much." I said as soon as I saw what it was.

"Mom, dad seriously." Edward finished in shock.

"No it's not. You two are going to need it and we want you two to have it. Please, accept it." Esme said.

"But we already have a..." I started.

"That is not a home. Now you need a real home. Listen, it's not too far from here and it's also close to the university. You will also be close to Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose." Esme finished.

"Thank you. I don't even think thank you can cover it." I said and rushed over to hug them both. I was now crying.

"Thank you." Edward said and hugged them too.

"Welcome to the neighborhood." Emmet laughed.

"It's going to be so great having you two so close." Alice squealed.

The rest of the night flew by. I was in shock and I think Edward was too.

We moved into our new house the week after. Emmett, Jasper, Alice and even Rose came to help. Rose helped with the little things. When everything was at the house, we had a pizza night. They left late that night and Esme wasn't lying. They were on the same street as us.

"This is amazing. I can't believe your parents." I sighed as Edward wrapped his arms around me.

"I know. Everything is so unbelievable. I married the love of my life. I have an amazing family. Now, I have this amazing home to share with my beautiful wife." He said and kissed me.

"I love you." I said and kissed him back.

"I love you too." He replied.

End Flashback

After that, Edward and I went on to graduate from college. Edward is now in med school. I am currently working on my master's degree. Rose had a healthy baby girl, Emily Lillian Cullen. Rose wanted her to have the same middle name. This was the cutest baby ever. Shortly after, Alice announced that she was pregnant. About a month later I found out that I was pregnant. Edward was beyond thrilled. Alice was excited because all of our children would be fairly close in age. My mother was so thrilled that she told me anytime I needed her she would drop whatever she had going and come see me. I believed her. Our relationship was much better now and still improving. Phil was great too. Charlie was happy too. He was worried that I wouldn't finish my education but I assured him I would. Even if I had to give up going to campus and do online schooling, I would finish. Alice had the cutest little boy ever. They named him Jackson Matthew Cullen. I then had my baby girl, Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I know it's an odd name but it fit her. We called her Nessie for short. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the nickname. It reminded me of the Loch Ness Monster. I managed to finish my degree. Edward graduated and is now a doctor. Alice has her own little boutique. Jasper is a lawyer. Emmett is an accountant. It was a little odd to us too. Rose is co-owner of the boutique with Alice. I am currently writing the sequel to my first novel. It was a love story. Things are pretty good right now. Looking back I can't believe it took so long for us to get together. Alice loves to take credit for it. She gave herself the title matchmaker. I tried to argue with her once and it didn't end well. I at least learned my lesson. Never bet against Alice. Although I can't really complain. Even though I lost that bet in high school, look at everything I gained. So I will let Alice consider herself matchmaker because everything had a happy ending. Can you guess the ending to my next book? I think it's along the lines of...

They all lived happily ever after.