200 years have passed. 200 years since I tore my way out of my mother's womb, 200 years since I met Jake.
He fought to stay with me, 200 Christmases ago he promised he would never leave me. But in truth that was a promise he could not make. Unlike me he was mortal – mostly.

But just 3 years ago on Christmas day he passed due to old age.

He stayed as long as he could, trying to hold onto his wolf form so he didn't age. He stayed when Billy was long dead, he stayed when his entire pack passed, and he stayed through good and bad to be with me.

This Christmas eve I strolled through the Quileute Cemetery, his final resting place. I remembered days with Leah, Seth, and the pack. I remembered days working on cars or strolling through the woods. I remembered hunting, playing, fighting.

I remembered getting married to the only man I would ever love. I remembered him telling me that he would have let himself pass with the rest of the pack if he didn't have me to live for.

I passed the graves of Leah and Seth Clearwater, of Sam Uley, of Embry Call. Finally I came upon the grave on my one and only love – Jacob Black. On the tombstone read the words that my mother and father helped me choose.

'Loving Husband, Son, Friend. May you rest in peace and be remembered for eternity'.

I held the bracelet he had braided me from his long russet fur. It made me remember days of running through the meadows with my hands entangled in his fur.

In truth 200 years way longer then I had expected to have him for. He could not become a vampire because the venom would only kill him, not turn him. He could not hold onto his wolf form forever – he had lost it about 50 years prior to his death. I did not think it was a curse however to have a mate who could die because he was the best mate ever.

We had come back to Forks only 1 year ago. We had found no evidence of the wolves yet but we knew they were going to come soon.

As if in answer to my thoughts a long howl came from the woods. One that chilled me to the spine and I knew it could only come from one of the Quileute Wolves. The low thud of paws on the ground grew closer. They broke through the clearing and stared at me with a tilted head.

The wolf was not large yet; it was obviously young. I wondered if it was the first wolf of the new pack that our move would inevitably create. He walked up to me, nudging the tombstone and then looking to me. He could tell I was a vampire and he must have wondered why I was at the tomb of one of the wolves.

I knew he wouldn't change until he trusted me, and I was truly curious who he was.

"I can show you why I am here." I said, holding out my hand. The wolf was still juvenile so he accepted my approach without much hesitation.

I showed him when I first met Jacob. I showed him how Jacob had imprinted on me. I showed him my wedding. I showed him the story of my life.

The wolf let off a soft whimper and ran into the woods to change.

When he came back he looked too familiar. I thought there were no more descendents of Ephraim Black, the line died because I could not have Jacob's child. I knew Jacob had a sister but I thought she never had a child.

"I am Robert Black; Jacob Black was my great great uncle. I never got to meet him," The mysterious wolf said.

"Jacob was my husband for 200 years. I never knew I had any nephews. Are you the only wolf now?"

He nodded. We continued this conversation for hours. This had been the best Christmas Eve ever. I visited the grave of my loved one, and was met by somebody I wished I knew sooner.