This sucks. Why am I even writing this? *cough cough* *Marie Elaine Cullen*

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June 15, 2020

Dear, thing.

I do not dare say 'Dear Diary'. Oh, who am I kidding this is a diary! It even says 'Diary' with Bella's neat printing on the cover. Let me just tell you, I am definitely not the kind of guy (well… vampire) who writes in a diary. I am doing this for Bella. It would hurt her feelings if I did not write in here. She is watching me from across the room right now....

What do people write in these things anyway? What is the point? I remember Bella saying something about 'letting your feelings out' or 'getting to know yourself better'. Don't get me wrong, I love Bella dearly, but her idea of me writing in a diary is just absurd!

But still, I love Bella, I would do anything for her. And anything includes writing in a diary, so here I am, me, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, writing in a diary (Only for Bella's sake of course.)

Nobody in my family will ever find out about this little diary thing. I would be the laughing stock for centuries.

A guy (vampire) who does not write in diaries,

Edward Cullen.

I'll try to update soon with more.

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