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June 25, 2020

Dear thing,

I am leaving for Antarctica in about 5 minutes.

I finally have decided that is where I will go with my Rose, I will overcome my fears! Even though it might be difficult… why do penguins hate me??

The thing is it will not only be my Rose and I like I was planning… Bella is coming too…. I can't believe I didn't realize that she wouldn't let me leave without her! So along the way I somehow need to figure out how to tell Bella that I'm afraid of… um… the black and white things with wings that don't fly… I mean, I need to tell her just so she is prepared…

Right now Alice decided that Bella didn't pack enough clothes… so Alice is doing some last minute packing for Bella. And I just decided to write this down quickly before I leave….

I just heard Alice yelling, "BELLA, WHY DID U TAKE THE BIKINI OUT OF THE SUITECASE?!!!????!!??"

Wow. Alice's thoughts are saying the exact same thing… weird….

Who needs a bikini on Antarctica?

Anyway… I've been doing some research… on… penguins… I went to Google (yes, vampires use Google) ((I wonder if there's such a thing as vampire Google?)) (((Self note: look it up))) ((((I can't believe I just wrote all that down!! Of course there's no vampire Google!! What was I thinking??))))

So … I typed in penguin… then pressed the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button, because I was feeling lucky… but then Club Penguin came up… so that wasn't much help.

After that I just did it the old fashioned way and went to Wikipedia…

Here are some interesting penguin facts I found on there:

There are penguins that are 3 ft and 7 inches tall!!! I didn't know that!! That's so BIG though!

It says they use their wings for flippers…. more like to slap my face… OW

What are Emperor and King Penguins???

There are a bunch of movies that are from over a decade ago about penguins… how do kids watch these things?? Some listed are Surfs Up, March of the Penguins, and Happy Feet

Penguins are scary. (Well, it didn't say that directly… but it's true!)

Uh – oh .. Bella's ready to go…

Okay. I guess we are leaving now and I'm sure Bella will make me write all about it when I get back….

I use Google,

Edward Cullen.

Yeah, not my favorite either…

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