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Chapter 1: Weirdo

I hopped off Ikuto's motorcycle. With a kiss on the cheek and a wave goodbye I rushed towards my first class (I was late again, of course). As I neared the door of the school building I heard a scream,

"HEY! WATCH OUT!!!!!" BAM! It felt as though a bowling ball hit me. The force of the blow made me fall to the ground, flat on my back.

"Ooooh! Sorry!" I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes. Standing over me was a girl with red hair past her shoulders, and she had side bangs. Her eyes were so blue they almost resembled Ikuto's. She had freckles all over her face.

She wasn't wearing one of the uniform jackets and under her skirt she had on dark denim jeans. Her white shirt was stained with paint and her tie looked like she'd colored on it with markers. She also had on gray tennis shoes accented with red and it didn't entirely match her outfit.

"You okay?" She offered me her hand.

"Err... I think so..." I took the girl's hand. She smiled at me; I am ashamed to admit this, but my first thoughts about this girl were: "She's not that pretty, and she doesn't seem too bright." but for some reason I felt we could be friends. Maybe it was the befuddling way her eyes stared at me, and reminded me of Ikuto, or perhaps it was her smile that was so warm and genuine.

"I'm Sorenson Emily!" (A/N: That's not my real surname.) "I just moved here from America!" She announced gleefully. I wasn't too shocked, there was nothing Asian about her features and her accent was off.

"I'm Hinamori Amu. America, really? Where did you live?"

"Um... San Francisco, California." The girl was lying. I could tell, and she knew I could tell, so she immediately corrected herself, "Well, actually, I live in a city near there, called Pleasanton. I came to Japan 'cause I've been learning Japanese for five years now, and my parents promised me that they'd send me to study abroad if I really wanted."

"Oh, cool. Are your parents staying with you?" I asked her.

"No, I'm living on my own, in an apartment. Its great! I've never been one who liked depending on others, nor have I ever needed anything fancy, so this life is great for me!"

"Really, on your own! But you're so young!"

"Nah, I'm a junior in high school! I can take care of myself." I was about to respond with another question when I remembered about classes. I swore loudly,

"Uh got to go!"

"Yeah, bye!" As I left she waved goodbye with a huge smile on her face.

"See ya Amu-chan!" she called.

Lunch time. I was grateful. I strolled through the trees towards no particular place, trying to find a nice, quiet place to eat lunch and do the homework for my next class that I'd "forgotten" to do.

I found a fair looking tree and sat under it. I took out my lunch and my homework. Starting on both at the same time I made quick progress.

"Amu-chan! Yo!" I heard a familiar voice. I turned around in time to see Emily jump from a branch directly above my head.

"Eh!? What were you doing up there?"

"Climbing trees. Its fun." She did a thumbs up sign and laughed joyously. Her laugh was different than the laughs of most people I knew. It was probably best comparable to Kukai's.

"By the way," I started. She looked at me curiously as she took a seat next to me, "What had you been doing on the roof when you fell this morning."

"Oh, right, I'd been trying to character transform."

"What?" I couldn't believe it. She'd said those words: loud and clear, but I hadn't seen her Charas. Plus, how could she just talk about Charas so openly, she didn't even know if I had Charas. Ami had taken Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia to second grade with her.

"You know! Character Transformation! You have Charas, I can tell!"

"W-w-w-what? How can you tell?" She stared at me like I was stupid and pointed held up her hand, using her fingers to count down all the ways she knew.

"Ichi, you just admitted it. Ni, You belong to the Guardians, but – I looked up all the important people in the school – you're weren't that special before you joined the Guardians in Elementary School. San, I can tell from your attitude and your grades that your in charge of your little sister a lot.

"Y-y-you looked up my grades!!!!!"

"Eh? Oh.... eto..... yeah, sort of, but don't worry I looked up all the Guardian's grades. Damn that Kairi has like a 6. one million GPA!"


"Anyway! Yon, your surprising skill in nearly every extracurricular activity I can think of. Cooking, Art, Music, and any physical activity. Plus its been recorded that you have a tendency for mood swings. And last but not least, go." Emily's face turned serious. Her eyes, I noticed, had a brilliant tint of green. Why was that? "Your aura."

"My... aura?" Emily nodded,

"There are too many colors and to much power, not to mention what a mass of confusion it is. Oh wait! I thought of one more."

"What?" I was almost affraid to ask.

"You have the Humpty lock! I heard legends about it. It's true owner is the Joker with three Charas."

"You did a lot of research." I sweat dropped. What was with this girl?

The girl laughed and her expression was as if she thought she was blushing but she was perfectly pale, except for her freckles that is. Emily was such a weird person, but I couldn't help liking her. There was something about her that was so contagiously fun. I started laughing too.

When the laughter ceased I asked,

"Can I meet your Charas?"

"Oh! Sure! Guys come out!" Four Charas came out from Emily's purple backpack (which was covered in pins that had a bunch of words that were in English so I couldn't read them).

"Four Charas!?" I exclaimed looking over the adorable looking girls.

"Yeah! Isn't it great!" She smiled hugely and pointed to the first one. The Chara had a jester hat (you know the crazy looking ones that have those four things coming out of them and are often multicolored). The Chara also wore a shirt that reminded me of my character transformation with Miki and a skirt that reminded me of Ran.

"This is Sakura." (A/N: If you want to know what she looks like just imagine that outfit described in bright green and blue and having the face of Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. She's one of my favorite characters eva :3)

Emily pointed to her next Chara. The Chara reminded me of Kiseki. She had a little crown and tight pink curls. Her dress was pink and a yellow/green with pearls along the skirt.

"This is Takara." Then she moved her hand to point at a cute little girl with short brown hair and wide eyes. She also had pointy ears and owl wings.

"This is Michiko." The she poked a Chara with lavender hair and a deep purple witch hat. The Chara also wore a cloak of the same color.

"This is Tsukiko. Don't you love her?"

"All you Charas are really cute!" I declared, "What are their personalities?"

"Hmmm... well Takara is a total Queen, but once you get to know her she's a nice girl. And Sakara, well she's the type of determined and courageous person who knows when to ask for help and is good at sports and everyone loves her, while Michiko is kind of a nerd. She's brilliant, but a lot of time stuck up about it. Tsukiko, she's sarcastic and a bit evil. She has a dark outlook on the world, and is a pessimist. But I love her she's so cute!!!! Err... sorry I spazzed at you. I'm still so psyched about Tsukiko, she's my newest Chara, and yet she represents the dream I've had the longest."

"What dream is that?"

"To be a fantasy author." Emily answered without hesitation. I was taken aback slightly. I looked at Tsukiko again. I supposed the dream of Emily's did correspond with her Chara's fashion. Suddenly Emily asked,

"Hey! Hey! What's your dream?"

"Eh? My... dream? I... I..."


"I don't know. That's why I have so many would-be selves, because I don't know who I am." I hugged my knees. Why was it, that with every friend I had there would always be one of these moments.

"Psh! That's not what I asked." I looked up at Emily in great surprise. That response was neither what I'd been expecting nor was it something anyone else had ever said to me before.

"What did you ask then?" Emily looked me in the eyes. Her expression was completely serious.

"I asked what your dream was. Your dream! Like my dream to be a writer. Surely you must have something you want to do in the future. You can't be a Guardian forever!" something snapped in me. I knew it was a crazy idea, but I liked it still.

"Watch me!"


"I will be a Guardian forever! Somehow, I'll find a way!"

"Is that your answer?"


Emily suddenly threw her arms around my neck.

"SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed enthusiastically. Then she looked up suddenly.

"Uh... got to go!" she got up ran away. I sat there, confuzzled. What the hell was that? There was no doubt; Emily was either crazy or just weird (probably both).

Author's note: Yeah, this chapter was originally MUCH longer. It has many parts that all should have meshed together in one chapter, but sadly was too lengthy. So yeah, I'm making it two chapters, maybe three. On second thought, probably three. No wait. Maybe just two. Uh... you'll have to get back to me on that one.

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