"Don't be silly mom, you look lovely." I said for the hundredth time. Trying to reassure my mom was like trying to make a flea stop jumping, it was just impossible.

"Are you sure honey?" she asked, smoothing down her perfectly straight hair in her rear view mirror.

"Yes mom, I'm sure, would you watch where you're driving please?"

"I'm sorry, of course, driving..."

We were headed towards a blind bend in the road, but my mother knew this road like the back of her hand, everything was okay. Yet I had the feeling that something was going to go wrong, but normally nothing came of it, so I tried to relax. We started round the bend, then everything slowed down, my nightmare prolonging this agonistic memory.

The drunk driver in his HGV was heading straight towards us, there was nothing we could do. I knew what was going to happen, I had lived through this, my mom had not been so lucky. I heard the sound of crunching metal, my screams as my legs broke and the flying glass left me blind, I heard my mom's screams as she died...

I woke screaming and screaming. I heard Charlie, my dad, clamber out of bed and run through to my room, the door burst open and he was beside me on my bed, trying to calm me down.

"Bella, honey, its okay, it was just a dream, it was just a dream."

My screams had stopped but I broke down into strangled sobs, every night following the accident it replayed in my head. It had been two months now, but those last moments of my mom's life, those last moments that I had been able to see still stuck with me. My guide dog, Endesha, licked my hand and I patted the bed so she would jump up. The tears slowed as I pressed my face into Endesha's soft fur, I was told that she was a beautiful golden retriever, I wouldn't know myself.

"Are you okay now honey?" Charlie asked as he stifled a yawn.

"Yeah, thanks dad, go back to bed, you have work in the morning."

"Bells, have you forgotten that tomorrow is your first day of school?"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot, will you give me a ride in the morning?" I asked hopefully.

"Of course I will honey, I'm not exactly going to make you walk am I?" He laughed softly.

"You've explained my, uh, situation to the school, yeah?" I asked warily.

"Yeah, its fine, you can take Endesha with you everywhere, it's no problem."

I sighed in relief and I heard Endesha rolling over on the bed, Charlie was probably stroking her tummy, she loved that. The bedsprings groaned as Charlie got up and he strolled back through to his room to sleep some more. As I lay back down I felt Endesha wriggle to the top of the bed and I put my hand out to her. She bumped her nose against it.

"Night Endesha, love you, try not to get me lost tomorrow, 'kay?"

She licked my hand in response and I snuggled into my duvet, trying to block out the fear that tomorrow would be one to add to my pile of worst days ever...

I woke to Endesha licking my face as my alarm went off. She's a silly dog, but I love her. I wiped dog slobber off of my cheek and wandered to my window to open it, it always got really stuffy in my room. I couldn't feel heat as I stood at my window, so it was probably overcast today, I stuck my hand out of the window and it was raining, yet again. Living in the Olympic Peninsula was definitely getting to me. I found a pair of jeans and I fished a shirt out of my 'brown' drawer. I had different coloured clothing in different drawers, so I could at least try to colour co-ordinate, but, I didn't always get it right, being blind was such a hassle sometimes... Once I was dressed I needed to get downstairs for breakfast, I whistled for Endesha.

"Where's your lead?" I said to her, she understood perfectly.

I heard the scrabble of her paws on my door as she jumped against it to get the lead hanging there, and I heard the metal clasp scrape along my wooden floor as she dragged it to me. She bumped her nose against my leg and I crouched down and held out my hand for the lead. She spat it right into my hand and then sat still so I could attach it to her collar. Once that was done she led me downstairs, into the kitchen, and sat by one of the chairs, which I then walked into.

"Steady Bells, you don't want to be falling over before you've even got to school." Charlie chuckled.

"Yeah, thanks for the vote of confidence dad." I said sarcastically.

"Hey, don't worry, it's all going to be fine, you'll see."

"Hmm, not so sure about the last part dad." I said, laughing at my own joke.

Charlie didn't get it for a while, but when he did he laughed as much as me. Man, he's slow in the morning. I rooted around my kitchen for something to eat, I found a bowl, a spoon and the milk without much hassle, but I couldn't tell which cereal was what. I settled for smelling them, I found one that smelled of strawberry and poured some into my bowl, using my finger as a way of telling how much was in there. I poured milk over it and held the bowl up against my chin, it was the easiest way of eating without it going anywhere. It also meant that I didn't have to try and put it successfully on the table, with possible misplacing and dropping, I thought just eating standing up would be safer. Once I had finished, I found the sink and carefully placed my dirty dishes in it. I heard Charlie fold the newspaper he must have been reading and heave himself to his feet, clomping about the kitchen in his boots.

"Come on Bells, grab Endesha. Your shoes, coat and bag are all out in the hall already."

"Thanks dad. Come on Endesha." I said as I crouched once again to grab her lead.

I had no trouble with my shoes or coat but the bag was confusing.

"It's a one-shoulder strap bag, I thought it would be easier for you." Charlie scuffed his feet off the floor, uncomfortable as always when showing his emotions.

"Oh, uh, thanks." I said awkwardly. I hadn't been used to being taken care of before the accident, now I guessed I had to try and get used to it. Endesha led me to the cruiser, I got in and she snuggled between my feet.

"Comfortable Endesha?" I asked her while tickling her ears.

She barked and licked my hand, I took that as a yes and shut the car door. We were at the school in no time, it was just off the highway apparently so it took a grand total of 10 minutes to drive there. I thanked my dad for the lift as I opened the cruiser door and he wished me good luck. I found that funny as good luck tended to avoid me at every possible situation. Endesha led me to what I supposed was the office, she was an amazing dog.

"Hello?" I said warily, not knowing exactly where I was.

A voice at my left elbow made me jump and I turned towards the voice.

"You must be Isabella Swan, and this must be Endesha. Welcome to Forks High School."

"It's just Bella," I corrected her hastily, I hated anyone calling me by my full name. I then remembered my manners, "Thank you." I said.

"Here is your timetable and your map of the school both in Braille of course," I nodded and smiled gratefully as she handed me the pieces of paper. She then handed me an A5 sheet, but that wasn't in Braille, my brow furrowed as I tried to figure out what it was for. The receptionist then explained, "This is a slip for you to get each of your class teachers to sign and you are to come and hand it in at the end of today, okay?"

"Thank you." I said again, knowing that people had gone to extra trouble for me.

"You're welcome honey, have a nice day."

I walked outside with Endesha, I could hear other pupils arriving now. I could feel the looks I was getting, and I heard the whispers as they walked past, I felt self-conscious, blushed and looked down even though I couldn't see them. Involuntary reaction I guess. Endesha started to follow the rest of the pupils walking round the school while I studied the map and my timetable with my fingertips. I didn't feel the change in direction of Endesha's leash until it was too late and I walked straight into someone.