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It was a rare occasion when the Host Club's King would be absent. Most of Ouran's female population were quite disappointed and not to mention depressed without their prince charming. Even the rest of the club did not know why he wasn't present (yes, even Kyouya, who practically knew Tamaki best, was stumped).

"I wonder why Tono(1) didn't show up?" one of the twins questioned, curious and maybe even bored.

"Do you think he's sick, Takashi?" the cute little senior, Hunny, asked his rather tall cousin, who merely shook his head.

"He seemed healthy yesterday." Haruhi stated not in the least bit worried. . . .yet.

"Do you know, Kyouya-senpai?" Kaoru, the younger twin, questioned the be-spectacled sophomore.

He slowly looked up from his laptop, thinking about his response before answering a barely audible, "No."

Just then, amidst the curiosity and anxiety, a girl with long auburn hair dressed in the yellow Ouran uniform came into the Third Music Room. She had light pink eyes which greatly accented her soft ivory skin. She looked like an angel who fell from heaven.

"Is Suou Tamaki-kun here?" she inquired in a gentle voice that matched her face.

"Our apologies, Hanako-hime. Tamaki did not attend school today. . . ." Kyouya had answered in behalf of his awe-struck companions.

"Is that so, Ootori-san? Do you happen to know why?" the girl, referred to as 'Hanako-hime' replied, walking toward him with angelic grace.

"Unfortunately, I have no idea." he said in response, frowning slightly, disappointed with himself.

She too was apparently dejected at his lack of a better, more informative answer. "Do any of you have any idea why?" she then questioned the others who just shook their heads in unison.

"Ne, Hanako-chan, why are you looking for him?" the ever-adorable Hunny inquired, approaching the slender girl.

A smile graced her lovely features as she bent down to Hunny's height before answering, "It's for me to know and for you to find out." She winked at him, giggling softly at the response she got from the guys. Then, she turned back towards the door.

"Why can't you tell us?" Hikaru questioned, finally regaining his composure enough to be impatient.

She did not stop from crossing the threshold but before closing the door she looked back at them still smiling and said, "You'll know when Tamaki-kun decides to tell you." And then she was gone.

"Who was that?" Haruhi was the first to break the lingering silence.

"Hanako Sakura from Second Year Class B." Kyouya said, his tone matter-of-fact.

"You mean she's the heiress to the Hanako Corporation?" Kaoru queried, uncertain. "That was her?"

"She's very pretty! Right, Takashi?" Hunny stated, the thoughts of the members innocently.

"Ah." Mori agreed, monotonously as always.

"Hanako Corporation?" Haruhi was not so familiar with these sort of stuff.

"That's the biggest Media network in all of Japan." Hikaru informed her.

"She must be really wealthy." Haruhi concluded as if it wasn't already obvious.

The boys ignored her comment and proceeded to their musings.

"I suppose she has something to do with Tamaki's absence." Kyouya stated, earning the surprised looks from the others. So he continued to explain, "She hasn't step foot in the Host Club since the very first activity."

"You think she did something to Tono?" Hikaru began.

"Or did Tono do something to her?" Kaoru added.

"Either way, the chances of that are high."


Many questions were left unanswered. First of all, why didn't Tamaki come to school? Second, why was Hanako Sakura looking for him? There were no clues or hints that would give any answers away. Their only lead was Kyouya's theory but still that was vague. Uncertainty hung about the members of the Host Club and there was only one way to make everything clear. It was time for the guys to pay Tamaki a visit.

(1) - I'm not sure if it's "TONO" or "DONO", I see both on fanfics I read. If anyone would kindly tell me the correct one, that would be awesome!