Alright, first off, let me say, Merry Chirstmas. Eve. thing. Second, for those of you who are coming here and saying 'wtf? why isnt he updating europe's darkest hour?' here's why, i have serious writers block with that one. i took a break from it, and now my writing juices have stopped flowing. And, while i was on vacation this past weekend, i had a windfall, this. so i figured, 'what the hell, maybe this will help with my block.'

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Now, about this one, lol. the other day i was reading Blood Lust, just for the sake of reading something i've written, and i realized, i kinda liked it. there were a few plot holes and such, but anyway, then i thought, 'i can probably improve this...' then i threw that idea out the window, because, i don't like hollywood directors remaking my favorite movies, so why should i remake something that is already good? so, this one kinda combines blood lust with high school bites. so you'll see a few... similarities to them, but hopefully it'll come off as a completely original story. I put the same 'lair' as in blood lust, just because i like that setting.

And, one thing you'll notice, i'm going to be saying 'vampire' 'blood' and 'fangs' alot more than i used to, only because now i'm confident enough that i can use them without sounding generic. and the vampires will be out in daylight, and heres why, the vampires' sensitivity to sunlight was an invention of the cinema, starting with the 1922 film Nosferatu. IT IS NOT A TRIBUTE TO TWILIGHT, I AM MAKING IT KNOWN NOW THAT I HATE THAT FRANCHISE WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING!

Anyway, R&R, and enjoy! Rated M

'You are faster than the mortals'

The woman panted as she ran through the darkened forest,

'Stronger, smarter'

She was afraid, blood stained her chin and the front of her white nightgown,

'Why do you run? There is nothing to be afraid of.'

The voice sneered in her head. She yelped as her long blonde hair became momentarily tangled in a stray branch,

'Ino, don't run any more.'

The blonde woman caught her bare foot in an exposed tree root, and fell forward with a thud. She heard the person, no, the thing she was running from land next to her with a soft thump.

"Ino, Ino, Ino." He sneered as he approached, "I don't know what you're so afraid of."

Ino looked up, her bangs clouding her view. The man towering over her had grey skin, piercing yellow eyes, dark red lips that were pulled up into a sneer, showing off sharpened canine teeth. His greasy black hair went down to his shoulders, where two scaly, bat-like wings protruded, and were folding up.

"Orochimaru." She snarled, "Now, now, why take that tone with me? You're the one that just killed your own father." He sniggered, "You're the one that made me into this… this monster!" Ino growled as she staggered to her feet, "You made me this way! And I…I…"

"You lost control. Succumbed to the Hunger." Orochimaru sneered, "And now look, you've killed your own father, the ruler of this land," he started to walk around behind the blonde, "Just to satisfy your own thirst."

Ino felt his breath on her ear, and a clawed finger tracing her jaw, "And now you're being hunted, as all vampires are." He chuckled, "And I'm your only way of escape, little fledgling." His arm encircled her waist, "And if you ask nicely, I might help you."

"I'll take my chances with the people." Ino threw his arm off and stepped away.

A smirk played across the elder vampire's lips, "Well, I don't think they'll get here in time, because, I can't have one of my own brood going rogue on me." He flexed his claws, "so, I'll have to end your existance here."

Before Ino could react, he lunged, fangs and claws bared…


Ino shot up in her bed, sweat glistening off her brow. That was nearly five hundred years ago, but the memories of her first kill, and those of her sire, Orochimaru, still haunted her.

"About time you got up." Ino looked over to her doorway, "What do you want, Temari?"

"I think you know." Temari cast Ino a sly grin, "But, that'll have to wait, it's Saturday night, and the clubs are ripe with fresh pickings."

"We went to the club last night." Ino said as she threw the covers off of herself, earning a hungry stare from Temari at her lingerie, "No, we went to Anko's club last night. A.k.a., a vampire club. I'm talkin' about a mortal club, where the blood is warm, not that refrigerated crap they spray out the fire sprinklers (1)."

"You sure you wouldn't rather just fuck? I really don't want to go out tonight." The blonde vampire groaned as she stood up, "We can do that afterwards, now let's go, before all the good pickings are gone!" Temari tossed Ino her clothes.

"Temari, I hate you." Ino said as she pulled her dark grey sweater over her head, and fixed her hair, "Just keep telling yourself that, babe!" Temari chuckled as she exited the room. "I swear, she thinks more about drinking and getting laid than anything."


"Sure beats the hell out of one of our clubs, eh?" The sandy-blonde shouted over the pumping techno music, "Yeah, sure." Ino spoke unenthusiastically, before breaking off from her companion and plopping down at a table. Not five minutes later, she caught a few glimpses of Temari grinding against three different guys, "Oh good god."

Ino shook her head, 'Whore'

Temari shot a dirty glance at her, 'Skank'

Ino cocked a brow and looked down at her outfit, which comprised of a dark grey sweater, a black leather skirt that stopped just above her knees, black stiletto knee-high boots, fishnet stockings, and a choker with a cross dangling from it.

'I'm a skank? Remind me to kick your ass later.'

'I'd rather you'd paddle it.' Temari cocked a sly grin during her dancing, giving her partners the right, and wrong idea.

The platinum blonde vampire merely shook her head and looked around the club for someone to feed on. 'Too fat…too tall…too buff…too chesty…too-' Ino halted her search when her eyes fell upon a girl on the dance floor.

Not just any girl, this girl was gorgeous, her waist was slim, but not too slim, and from what Ino could see, she was toned. Her chest was the perfect size, her legs were long and chiseled. And when she opened her eyes to look at the guy she was dancing on, Ino saw that they were bright green. But the most fascinating feature about this girl, her hair was bright pink.

'Well hello there.' Ino continued to eye the girl, and was curious about the man she was dancing with, they seemed too familiar with each other to have just hooked up. The man had a slender, yet muscular build, dark eyes, and hair that looked as if it was a black duck's ass.

'I think I've found another companion. Hell, maybe even a bride.'

"Find someone you like?" Ino was brought out of her trance by Temari and her three victims, "Because if not, I'm sure one of the boys here would be happy to join you for the night."

Ino glanced back to where the pink-headed girl and her supposed 'beau' were grinding against each other, "No one's caught my eye." She said with a shrug, "Well then, David, how would you like to cheer my friend up here?"

"Sure." One of the men sat beside the blonde, "Well then, we are going to go to a motel. Have fun you two, and feel free to join us at any time." Temari winked and led the boys off, both of them thinking how lucky they were to be able to get a woman into bed without buying her a single drink. Lucky indeed.

"So, what's your name?" David attempted to strike up conversation, "Ino." Ino cast one last glance at the unknown pinkette before turning her attention to her meal for the night, "Well, Ino, would you like to dance? Or, perhaps…" he trailed off and put a hand on her thigh.

Ino chuckled inwardly, 'How did I know he was gonna go there?' Ino decided not to bullshit around tonight, I think I'll take the 'perhaps'." She flashed a seductive smile at him, "Well, my car's out back, unless you want to go to the motel."

"The car will be fine."

'Buddy, you won't even get a kiss.' Ino chuckled as she followed the man out the back, constantly checking for when they'd be far enough from the main hall that no one would either see or hear him die.

It was a quick and very messy kill, they were no more than a few steps from the back door when Ino pounced on him, wrapping her legs arounf his waist, and tearing into his jugular with her teeth, relishing every drop of blood that flowed down her throat. He screamed, sure, but that was short lived, after all, it's hard to scream without a head.

She finished cleaning herself off before returning to the bar. She scanned the dance floor for that girl, but she was nowhere to be seen. Ino searched a bit more and saw her and her boyfriend leaving out the front door, "Oh no you don't." Ino followed after them, taking to the rooftops right after exiting the club.

The two climbed onto a motorcycle, the man handing her a helmet, and revving the bike to life and speeding off. "Let's see where you're going." Ino followed them at a quick pace, almost losing them on several occasions, until they stopped outside of an apartment complex not too far from the lair Ino shared with Temari.

The girl climbed off the bike and removed her helmet, saying something to the boy with a smile decorating her face. The man said something back before speeding off, leaving the girl looking depressed. She let out a sigh and went into the building.

"Hmm, she seems like she'd be an easy take, just go in, kill her family, the douche on the bike, and take her for myself. But where would the fun in that be?" a smile played across Ino's ruby lips while she spoke to herself, "I think I'll toy with her, bring her to me. Then kill all of them. But I need some information on her first."

With one mighty leap, Ino leapt across the gap from the building she was on, and dug her claws into the brick wall of the apartment building. She crawled around until she found the apartment she was looking for.

She peered inside, and saw the pinkette sitting on the couch in a red tank-top and lounge pants, watching TV. "So, Sakura, did you have fun at the movies tonight?" Ino heard a voice call from the kitchen, probably her mother, "Yeah, Mom, riveting."

'Sakura. I like it.'

"Did you finish your homework?"

"Yeah." Sakura spoke in an annoyed tone (2), "What do you want for dinner?"



Ino pulled back from the window, 'So she's nothing but a schoolgirl, eh? I like 'em young.'

"Oh, and Hinata called, said something about student council?"

"Thanks mom!" she shouted, "Trying to watch some goddamn TV here." She muttered.

'Hinata? Hinata Hyuuga? Well, this could work out nicely.' Ino climbed up to the roof, "Temari probably won't be back until sunup. What say I pay Miss Hyuuga a visit?"

(1) Watch the beginning of Blade, the club in there was pretty bitchin.

(2) Seriously, how many of you just want to tell that annoying parent to shut up while ur watching TV?

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