Alright, here's the last chap. bondage-type-stuff in here. R&R and enjoy! oh, and i don't think i ever said this before, but the title of this fic is derived from H.I.M.'s song 'Vampire Heart' and i put a reference to it in here.

"You should've taken the offer." Temari said with a chuckle as she put Sakura's wrists into the shackles dangling from the ceiling in the middle of the room, "It would have been so much easier." The pinkette had been stripped of her clothing, and a collar was placed around her neck, "Fuck you." She growled darkly, "Oh ho ho, someone sounds pissed. Doesn't she sound pissed, baby?"

"She does indeed." Tenten walked up to the two, taking a drink from a blood bag, "Probably because we killed her boyfriend."

"That was you?!" Sakura's eyes widened at the brunette, "Well, technically Temari killed him, I just watched." She shrugged, "By the way, did you know he was a goat fucker?"

"Hey, Tenten, you wanna get in on this? I got another pair of shackles." The blonde grinned knowingly, "Hmm," Tenten looked thoughtful, "Rest, or get my ass raped and beaten by you and/or mistress Ino…" Temari grinned at her lover's face, while Sakura just stared in disbelief, "I'll take the rape and beating."

Sakura blinked at the brunette as she went out of the room to grab the shackles, "Oh, didn't you know?" Temari had a condescending tone in her voice, "When Ino breaks someone, she doesn't wipe your mind like most, oh no, she abuses you until you can't take it anymore. And in this case, she's gonna rape and beat your ass." Sakura's eyes widened, "What? You didn't figure that out from being naked and chained to the ceiling?"

"I remember when she did it to me," Temari sighed, "Took her three weeks. Couldn't walk straight for a month after that. But, I'll bet you crumble within the hour." As she finished, Tenten came back in with the shackles, "Ah, bueno. By the way, what's taking Ino?" Temari said as she took the shackles and added them to the chain that held Sakura's, "I think she went out. I didn't see her when I was out there." The brunette shrugged as she stepped forward and allowed Temari to bind her wrists so that she and Sakura were standing facing each other, with little room between them. "She did? I hope to god she doesn't expect me to fuck the both of you."

"No, I don't." the three looked up as Ino stepped into the room, dressed all in black leather, with only her hands and head showing, and a riding crop in her hand, and dragging a trunk behind her, "Uh-oh…" Temari said with a warning in her voice, "Little advice, Pinky, tap out early. Full body suit means bad juju for all involved."

"What's she doing?" Ino gestured to Tenten, "I figured since P-Uh, Sakura's getting it, and this is Tenny's fetish, why not get her in on it?" Temari chuckled nervously. There were very few times that Temari was afraid of her sire, and this was one of those times. "Fine. But make sure she knows her place." Ino brushed by Temari, and approached Sakura from behind, and placed her lips by her ear, "Sakura, my love," she whispered, the tone in her voice sending shivers down the pinkette's spine, "I'm going to give you one more chance to accept your new life, to accept me."

"Ino," Sakura's voice sounded sweet, "Go fuck yourself, murderer." Ino let out a sigh of defeat, and went over to the trunk, opening it and rifling through it's contents. She pulled out a strap-on and a bottle of lube, before fastening the former item to herself, and rubbing a portion of the former on it.

She went back up behind Sakura, grabbing her hips and jerking them back and spreading the pinkette's legs so that Sakura's back was slightly bent, and Ino had adequate leverage. "Hey! What the hell are y- ah!" Sakura was cut off when Ino started pushing into her slowly, with much resistance, "Temari, feel free to use the crap in that trunk." Ino said as she pulled out and pushed in a little further, building up a rhythm. "G-Get that thing out of me!' Sakura cried out, shutting her eyes and trying to close her legs, only to have Ino hold them open.

Tenten never peeled her eyes from Sakura's face. The pinkette's face was contorted in discomfort, her mouth open, emitting moans, cries, shouts, etc., and her body lurching forward with every thrust Ino made, her breasts occasionally bumping into her own. "Are you liking what your seeing?" Temari's husky voice sounded in her ear, "Yeah." The brunette licked her lips, "What was that?" she felt something cold and hard graze her leg. She loved when Temari played these games, "Yes, mistress Temari." she felt her sire rest her chin on her shoulder, and her hands on her hips, rubbing small circles, "Do you want to be a part of it?"

One of Temari's hands left her body, and she felt something probe her slit, "Very much so." The brunette spread her legs, yearning for Temari's toy to fill her. Her wish was soon granted when the toy was thrust into her, the ribs and bumps scraping her walls, "Ah!" she cried out as Temari pressed the cold metal of a razor blade to the skin of her forearm, and dragged it down, creating a red cut that healed almost instantly.

"Kiss her." Ino ordered, pushing Sakura's head forward, and Temari getting the message and doing the same with Tenten. The two fledglings' lips met in a clumsy kiss, but Tenten quickly regained herself and pushed her tongue into the pinkette's mouth, running it over her two budding fangs. Sakura kept trying to pull away with squeaks of protest as Ino held her against the brunette.

The pinkette could feel her climax approaching, and continued to squirm and struggle against her restraints. Ino reached around and groped her modest bust, releasing her head. "S-Sto-ah!" she cried, "Stop!" her hands clutched at the chain, and her hips started to buck. "Cum for me," Ino whispered in a husky voice, "Cum on my cock." Sakura's moans increased in volume, "P-Pull it o-ou-ah-out! I can't take it!" Sakura's eyes started to roll back into her head as the waves of euphoria washed over her. Her legs gave way so that the only thing holding her up was the chain.

Sakura panted for breath, "You, b-bitch." Ino smacked the pinkette's ass, before detaching her shackles from the chain, letting her fall to the floor. "Temari." Ino said simply, grabbing Sakura's short pink locks, and dragging her away from the chain. The taller blonde came over with them, standing by as Ino propped Sakura up on her hands and knees, "Take the face." She said as she knelt down behind her. Temari took off the strap on and tossed it aside, completely leaving Tenten behind, and laying down in front of the girl, legs spread.

"Wait." Ino said, "Put her there." She gestured to Tenten. Temari nodded in understanding, and went over to let down the brunette, bringing her over and laying her down so that her slit was underneath Sakura's face. Ino leaned Sakura down so that her face was in Tenten's crotch, before plunging back in.

After a few more hours, no one could tell how many, as they were al blurred together, Sakura had finally had enough, "All right! All right!" she cried as Ino continued to plunge into her depths, "I give up! No more! Ah! P-Please!" Hearing this, Ino pulled out, and let Sakura fall onto her back, off of Tenten, who was instantly scooped up under Temari.

Ino crawled hovered over the broken fledgling, "I submit." Sakura panted, but Ino didn't fully believe her. Sure, she believed that Sakura had given in, but she didn't believe that she was fully hers. She'd need to take an extra precaution.

The blonde rolled up the sleeve of her suit and bit into her wrist, drawing blood, and held it over Sakura's lips, letting the crimson liquid drip into her open mouth. Sakura licked the blood off her lips, before leaning up and attaching to the cut. She pulled away after a moment.

Immediately she felt something. Her head started to swim, her thoughts and memories bunching together in a slurry. Her body started to convulse as Ino's blood worked it's way into Sakura's system. Her mind seemed to flush. She still knew who she was, where she had come from, but she felt different. In her mind, she could only see a bright light, and a figure coming out of that light. Ino.

Ino now filled her mind. Her every thought drifted to Ino, and where just a few short moments ago she felt resentment towards the blonde vampire, now she felt something else. Love. She loved Ino. Of course she loved Ino, ever since she had first seen her. She could see it clearly now.

Sakura's eyes cracked open, her emerald orbs now brighter as she took in the form of the blonde standing over her, "My love?" she squeaked out, her voice weary from the hours of screaming. Ino grinned down at her, and pulled the toy off of herself, before laying down on top of the girl, "Forgive me." She said, "Always." They kissed, the first time Sakura actually kissed back.

"Let's go to bed." Ino stood up, pulling Sakura up with her. The two walked out of the room, arm in arm, but not before Ino called back, "Hey Temari," the other blonde looked up, "What's say tomorrow, we go to school." A wicked grin crossed her face, and Temari grinned back knowingly, "Let's."

Ino led Sakura back to her room, and right after they stepped foot inside, Ino placed a passionate kiss on Sakura's lips, before kissing along her jawline and down to her neck, "Oh, Ino," Sakura moaned, "I need you."

"Sakura, my love," Ino licked the length of her neck, "Hold me, like you held on to life, when all fears came alive and into me." She placed a kiss on her plump red lips, "Love me, like you loved the sun." Ino stared into her emerald eyes lovingly, happy that Sakura was now hers, and hers alone, even if she did have to brainwash her a little, "I love you, with every fiber of my vampire heart."


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