Happy Christmas, Turkey!! (many hugs)

You deserve lots of presents this year - sorry I didn't manage to do you a MimiMaddy!


"Max, what's with the green stuff?" Tyson asks, prodding it. It rustled; he jumped.

"It's tinsel!" Max said happily, flinging more over the table.

"What's it for?"

"For Christmas, tomorrow!" Seeing Max's face, Tyson managed not to ask what that was. He knew. Yup, yup. Some Western Christian thing with a fat man dressed in red, right?


"So, what's Christmas all about, then?" Ray asked. It was later on in the day, and Max had stopped his manic "organising" to get a pencil, paper and scribble lists with his tongue sticking out. Anything to distract him, Ray thought, was good. Max did have a tendency to get obsessed.

"It's when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ." Max chuckled. "Even though he wasn't actually born then. But yeah, really it's an excuse to hang decorations and stuff everywhere and give people presents!"

"Sounds typically commercialised," Kai said sarcastically, making one of his magical appearances. Ray pointedly turned his back to him and gestured for Max to continue.


It was Christmas morning, and they had all been persuaded to stay the night, and then allowed themselves to be woken by Max at eight in the morning, "for presents!"

Tyson rugby-tackled Max to the floor in delight; Max had heard his complaints (hadn't everyone within a six-mile radius?) about Gramps not letting him have his CD player volume up loudly enough and had given him an MP3 player with red headphones.

Kenny grinned as he opened his present, a comfy foam wrist-rest for when he was typing for hours on end – much wanted.

Ray watched as Kai unwrapped his present; a plant and a scrap of paper with something written on it? So confused by this was he that he didn't notice he didn't have a present until he realised that Max had got up and, studiously avoiding his eyes, gone to phone his mom to wish her a "Merry Christmas".


"Merry Christmas, Ray." Suddenly, Kai was kissing him and Ray felt his head whirl. It went on for … oh, a long time, Ray's brain lost the ability to count seconds … minutes, maybe?

"What?" he managed to gasp at last, drawing just enough away to talk, brushing Kai's nose with his own. Kai showed him the bit of paper Max had given him, and Ray smiled. Max always seemed know everything, no matter who it was or how well it was hidden.

Look up "mistletoe".

Then tell Ray I hope he liked his present.


To everyone else I know who's reading this and anyone who I don't, Merry Christmas!!

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