Things were good, Naruto Uzumaki decided as he walked outside on his way to have lunch with one Sasuke Uchiha. He hadn't slept through any of his morning classes and no teacher had called on him, probably guessing, correctly, that he didn't know the answer. The sun was shining, the bees weren't stinging him, probably because he wasn't wearing his orange shirt, and Sasuke was smiling. Wait. Sasuke was smiling. Mr. Ice Prince smiling. Naruto stopped and stared, completely dumbfounded. What was the world coming to?

Naruto couldn't believe it and was almost afraid to ask what was going on. He set down his lunch tray tentatively next the still smiling Uchiha and slid into the seat opposite him.

"Yo, Sasuke. What's up?" He eyed Sasuke's nonexistent lunch tray. Since when did Sasuke not eat? "Not hungry?"

Sasuke looked at him, the smile never once wavering.

"Oh, I'm just not very hungry." The smile got even bigger. "Itachi's coming home for winter break," Sasuke continued casually.

Naruto started, but quickly tried to hide it. Sasuke was still in la la land and didn't notice. "Ah, um. That's great. So, we're still on for tonight, though, right?"

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah…No, wait; I don't know. I might be doing something with the family; you know how it is." He rolled his eyes but Naruto suspected he didn't mind.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

Naruto sighed and rose as Sasuke did the same. Naruto glanced at his tray; he hadn't eaten very much. The thought of Itachi Uchiha being in the same vicinity did nothing for his appetite; well, the hunger for food was gone, replaced with a baser desire. Shrugging off his thoughts of the elder Uchiha- that was over, Naruto was forced to remind himself - Naruto concentrated on the one in front of him.

Naruto realized he didn't have any afternoon classes with Sasuke so he said, "Teme, I'll catch you after school."

"Yeah, sure," Sasuke waved him off, still smiling. He walked away from Naruto, whistling, to his next class.

Even though his class was in the opposite direction, Naruto ran after him. For some reason he couldn't explain; surely it wasn't guilt, Naruto glanced around to make sure no one was there, for instance, Sasuke's crazy fangirls; no one was, before quickly stealing a kiss from Sasuke.

The Uchiha blinked before kissing him back instinctively. Naruto now had his complete attention. Finally, Naruto couldn't help but think. Then Sasuke realized where exactly they were and pushed Naruto away. "The hell, Uzumaki?" He cast a furtive look around.

"I'm kissing my boyfriend," Naruto told him plainly. He crossed his arms, looking petulant.

Sasuke's eyebrow rose, a move he'd learned from Itachi but would die before admitting to such a thing. "Right, right. We'll continue this later." Sasuke gave Naruto a wolfish grin, his eyes darkening ever so slightly. He looked at his watch. "Shit, we're five minutes late!"

Naruto turned, ready to run for it, but then Sasuke was shoving him against the school building.

"I thought we were gonna be late?" Naruto breathed against Sasuke's ear. Then he grumbled, "Leave the jacket, it's fucking cold outside," which then promptly turned into a moan as Sasuke slipped a too hot hand inside his jacket and went downwards, pulling urgently at his shirt, yanking it out of his pants. Naruto thanked whatever gods that watched over horny teens that Sasuke was able to multitask. Sasuke, the godsend, unzipped both his and Naruto's jeans and hurriedly pumped Naruto them together with his left hand. His right hand grabbed a handful of golden curls and pulled hard. Naruto let out a breathy scream- he'd always had a thing for hair pulling- and came in Sasuke's dexterous hand, with a shudder and raspy, "Sasuke". Sasuke felt Naruto's scream melt through him, felt the cold December air nipping at his neck, felt the heat of Naruto's breath of his neck, and came.

"Couple more minutes won't make much of a difference, will it?" Sasuke whispered hotly against the still recovering Naruto who had fallen forwards into his arms.

Naruto looked up at him, his eyes an astonishing shade of electric blue and shook his head, smiling.

A few seconds passed before Sasuke pushed Naruto away gently. They hastily cleaned and rearranged themselves so as not to look suspicious. Naruto watched Sasuke leave before running to his own class. Even though they'd just done…whatever it was that they'd done, both of their thoughts weren't about each other, but rather, centered on a certain Uchiha prodigy who was drawing closer with every passing minute.