"I'm okay with that. Sasuke?" Naruto looked at his boyfriend. Itachi had used a condom when he was with Naruto. But Itachi was clean and so were Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke paused, ruminating. He wanted to claim Naruto as his, but he didn't want to hurt Naruto, which, with his inexperience he might. He couldn't deny being taken by his brother sent chills up his spine. He frowned, though. Maybe next time. Maybe he could show Naruto how much he cared for him by letting him top. He nodded and his brother and his best friend looked at him.

"I want Naruto to top me," he smiled, a decisively crooked smile. "He knows what he's doing." He knew Naruto had done it for him and he wasn't really mad anymore, but he wondered if he would ever not be slightly bitter about it.

"Okay, koi, if you're sure." Naruto held Sasuke's chin and they kissed again.

"We'll make it good for you, won't we, Naruto?" Itachi put in, all reassurance and confidence that Sasuke would have a good time.

Sasuke also wondered if hearing his brother's voice would ever not get him instantly hard.

"Naruto, would you mind prepping him?" Naruto nodded happily, a devilish glint in his eyes that Sasuke did not trust.

"Um, is there lube?" Naruto asked, blushing.

"Sorry, Deidara and I used the last of it," Itachi lied easily. He didn't like using lube either; it didn't taste as good as…other things. "Be creative," Itachi advised, drawling. "If you'll remember how I did it with you?"

Sasuke tried not to grit his teeth; even he, the virgin, knew lube made things easier. Resisting the urge to hit his brother, he focused on the fact that Itachi's voice was different than how it usually was. Admittedly, it was still slightly pedantic. However, it didn't sound as detached as normal. Sasuke tucked that piece of information into his brain for later use. It was good to know that even Itachi lost a bit of his control when the hormones were raging.

Naruto traced soothing patterns on Sasuke back before once again trailing his tongue down the center of his back, stopping above the crack. Sasuke sucked his stomach in and he felt something small and wet touch his most intimate place. Was that…

"Naruto, is that your tongue?!" Sasuke yelped in surprise. He'd heard of rimming before, of course. He had thought it unsanitary but obviously Naruto didn't and neither did Itachi. Had Itachi done this to Naruto? Instead of the ugly head of jealous, all Sasuke felt was the flare of his arousal and he moaned wantonly at the thought of Itachi, the clean freak who was obsessed with taking showers twice a day, doing something so perverted and dirty and so un-Itachi, he wondered what Naruto's reaction had been.

Naruto's tongue—Sasuke still couldn't wrap his head around it, but apparently he didn't need to because it was happening regardless of whether he accepted it or not— pushed further into Sasuke's body, breaching the first ring of muscle that clamped down on the intrusion. Naruto imagined how he would be inside Sasuke's heat and as a result, humped the bed, the blood rushing to the head of his cock which throbbed with arousal.

Itachi smiled; he couldn't remember himself smiling so much. Ever. But this was a special occasion, so he didn't pass any remarks on it. Instead, he started to pump his brother who looked a bit desperate.

Sasuke threw his head back at the dual sensations of soft and wet versus hard and dry. He was going to go crazy, going to die a virgin. Naruto would never forgive him. Itachi would never let him live it down. Hell, he'd never forgive himself.

Sasuke was so busy losing himself in the feelings that he didn't notice when Naruto slipped in his ring finger alongside his flexing tongue. His body noticed the intrusion and squeezed the invading finger which made Naruto's eyes dilate at the tight fit.

Sasuke did notice when Itachi touched his mouth to Sasuke's in an openmouthed kiss and he reacted with enthusiasm. Naruto retracted his tongue and glided another finger to join the first, then another. Sasuke wasn't so oblivious and he screamed, hips jerking to get away from Naruto's fingers which felt uncomfortable.

"Calm down, Otouto. It's necessary," Itachi's calm voice whispered into the kiss and he ran trimmed nails over Sasuke's slit.

Defying gravity and the laws of science in general, Itachi suddenly flipped Sasuke, who was above him, so that he was flat on his back and under Itachi. Sasuke blinked and stopped squirming, too in shock at the switch of positions.

Naruto still had managed to keep three, no four, fingers inside him while Itachi had done whatever it was he had done. But it wasn't enough. Sasuke had quickly gotten used to the slow burn of Naruto's fingers, which he knew to be slender but had at first felt too big. Now, though, he wanted, needed, more.

"More, Naruto. Aniki, I need more," he whined pitifully instead. He was about to come, could feel it coming-

Cool fingers devised a ring around the base of his cock, preventing him from achieving release. Sasuke would know those hands anywhere. Itachi. The sadist.

"Why you-"Sasuke began, frustrated beyond belief. He'd never hated Itachi so much as that moment.

"Spread your legs and raise your hips, Sasuke," Itachi instructed, panting. Sasuke obeyed, still glaring. He would do anything if only Itachi would let him come. So he pushed down his howl, opening his legs and wordlessly lifting his hips so Naruto could get better access for…the thought made Sasuke's entire body convulse. Stupid Itachi for not letting him come, he thought hazily.

Naruto murmured his thanks as Itachi arranged his own legs so that he straddled Sasuke's chest, his cock in perfect alignment to Sasuke's face. Sasuke didn't think Itachi was capable of coincidences so wordlessly he drew the head of Itachi's cock into his mouth. Itachi's pre-come was coming in torrents and Sasuke was pleased that he didn't find the taste to be all that nasty. In fact, it was rather sweet. How ironic, Sasuke mused. Itachi and sweet weren't usually used in the same sentence.

Itachi had let go of his cock but Sasuke didn't dare orgasm. Itachi really would kill him, he didn't doubt. Still, Sasuke closed his eyes, knowing Itachi was looking at him; he knew if he saw Itachi's eyes he'd come right there and then.

Itachi's moan of, "Naruto," made Sasuke's eyes fly open. He sucked on the head like a lollipop but managed to turn his head to see what had made Itachi produce such a wonderful, sinful sound. He almost chocked on Itachi's cock – now wouldn't that be a humiliating way to die-and had to shut his eyes before the visual stimulation brought him to an early orgasm. He palpitated, knowing that the image would forever be locked in his brain. The sight of Naruto's other hand deftly fingering himself was almost enough to send him over the edge.

Itachi got off Sasuke and beckoned to Naruto who withdrew his fingers from Sasuke, both whimpering as they heard a soft sucking sound.

"On your hands and knees, Otouto."

Sasuke did as he was told, his own cock twitching in anticipation. He felt Naruto rub the tip of his cock against his crack before slowly pushing in. Sasuke let out a voiceless scream; he was sure it was Itachi taking him in. Naruto couldn't possibly be that huge. Sasuke felt himself jump slightly as a tan hand; definitely Naruto's, reached around him and gripped his cock confidently. Naruto began to stroke him in the manner he liked, soft and sure, tight at the top before twisting and sliding- Sasuke's pre-come served in place of lube- down. The ache and sting of being stretched didn't hurt anymore and he was suddenly impatient. He pushed himself backwards, impaling himself on Naruto's cock, needing more now. Tears sprung to Sasuke's eyes and he bit his lip once more. It was worth it to hear Naruto's gasp and strangled scream of pleasure of being taken in to such a hot, tight space.

Itachi would be lying if he said he wasn't aroused by the display before him. In fact, he was at the end of his rope. He put his fingers in front of where he thought Naruto's mouth would be. Naruto immediately laved at them, drawing all of them into his mouth at once and sucking hard, greedy Itachi gripped Naruto's hips as he withdrew his fingers. He put two of them inside Naruto's tight body and quickly a third, and then a forth. Itachi was extremely turned on by the way Naruto's body accepted them so readily. Naruto thrust his hips back, wanting Itachi to be inside him again and to have a repeat performance of Naruto's first time. Itachi's charcoal black hair was sticking to forehead and the back of his neck, usually it would have bothered him. But his mind was on other things. He forgot his annoyance immediately as he pushed into Naruto's body, which then plunged deeper into Sasuke, who groaned his appreciation.

Itachi stilled, resisting the urge to start bucking wildly. But it was hard; he'd hit Naruto's prostrate on the first try and the blond was a wailing mess in front of him. Still, he restrained himself. He might have been cruel but he wasn't heartless; he gave them a moment. Naruto decided he'd had enough of Itachi's generosity and squeezed his internal muscles on Itachi's cock. That did it for Itachi who let out a snarl. He pulled himself almost out of Naruto before quickly sheathing himself once more inside the slick heat. He repeated this several times, canting his hips and made sure to hit Naruto's special spot every time; he wasn't a genius for nothing.

Naruto was pleased and showed it by rocking forward into Sasuke. Sasuke yelled in surprise as the head of Naruto's cock brushed against something that made his entire body quiver. Sasuke leaned his head back and caught Itachi's eyes. They stared each other before twin smirks for and Itachi pushed forward and Sasuke dug his heels in and propelled himself backwards, eyes watering at the pain, the pleasure. Naruto's head fell back and he let out a yowl. Itachi watched as Naruto's head fell back and he peaked, calling out Sasuke's name to Sasuke's gratification, his release hitting straight onto Sasuke's prostrate. Sasuke responded with his own orgasm, calling out a name that was some combination of Nii-san and Naruto. His sporadically rocking backwards made Naruto slide deeper inside Sasuke's tightening insides. Itachi thrust inside Naruto once more, hard, and Sasuke fell forward, off Naruto and onto the bed with a light thump.

Naruto followed suit, crashing on top of the exhausted Sasuke, who turned his chin so they could kiss. Itachi frowned, feeling a bit left out and missed for a second having his own boyfriend. He shook his head. Itachi was an Uchiha and Uchihas didn't regret anything. He pulled on a smirk; it wouldn't do for Sasuke to have a heart attack all because his brother was slightly unstable, and right after his first sexual experience. Itachi watched his younger brother kiss his boyfriend and the visual erotic display made him grunt, whispering a name quietly as he sprayed his come onto the two bodies below him.

"So, Sasuke, did you enjoy it?" Itachi laughed when he got no response; Sasuke had fallen asleep, completely spent. He turned his mirth filled eyes to Naruto. "Not bad, Uzumaki. You just might be a natural seme."

Naruto blushed, a sleepy smile spreading across his features. "I learned from the best, Itachi-san."

Itachi let out a laugh at Naruto's use of honorifics and Naruto wished Sasuke had been awake to hear it; there was surely no other sound that could match it. Well, there was one sound… The thought made him pause.

"Hey, Itachi, whose name did you call out?"

Itachi glared at him. "If you didn't hear it, I'm not going to tell you," he replied loftily.

Naruto shrugged, it wasn't really any of his business. "'s okay. I won't, you know, come between the two of you. Sasuke loves you a lot Itachi."

"I know." Itachi's voice was oddly strained.

Naruto wondered if he really did know but he held his tongue.

"Sleep, Naruto." Itachi commanded. Inside he was touched, endeared to Naruto's natural sweetness.

Naruto shrugged again before pulling Sasuke to him, and the once he was satisfied at the arrangement, fell asleep.

Itachi smiled. And maybe it was a little sad, but no one was awake to see it. He got off the bed, ready to take his second shower. He spent a long time in the shower this time, long enough for the hot water to run out and he stayed there, the icy water making him feel alive. He reentered his room to the sounds of Naruto's snores and Sasuke's shifting out of Naruto's embrace.

Itachi took a mental picture of the situation before going about his own business. He rummaged around his room quietly, and pulled out his cell phone. He had five new messages. He expected them to all be from Deidara and allowed himself to experience a moment of shock when he saw who the third caller had been. He smirked; he'd been wondering when he would call. Itachi raised his arms up high towards the ceiling, stretching, and looked at the clock. It was 3 in the morning, too early for a sunrise. Pity, Itachi believed in signs when it suited him. Itachi grinned in spite of himself, feral and predatory.

There were two things Itachi needed to keep him happy, or from going on a killing spree: sex and challenges. He, being a genius, had found a way to combine the two.

This game with Naruto and his brother had been fun, but now it was time for something else. Someone else. Another challenge. It was the start, or rather, continuation of another game. If Itachi played his cards right, he ought to win that one, too.