The sun was dipping; the sky seemed to be bathed in a reddish color. I lowered my gaze to the girl in the fishless pond; she sat so calmly playing with the ball that floated near. Her eyes were lowered a bit; no smile on that pale face of hers, long black hair fell across her shoulders and gently onto her face. Her crimson eyes showed no emotion but they always seemed to a little joyful as she played.

The wind began to pick up speed, she might have shuddered a bit but it wasn't so visible, her hand rested on the ball trying to push it under slowly. "Come in now child it's late and getting cold", "Yes Grandmother". I walked to the bridge and offered her my hand, "Let's go Mistress". Like a child she shook her head slightly and handed me the ball to hold while she stood up herself, her wet dress clinging to her. It may have been the light because her eyes seemed moist as she walked past me.


I found Mistress sitting under a waterfall, two nights after she went missing. Mistress had left without informing her Grandmother or any one of us, and after the entire search this is how I find her.

The water fell harshly on her body; her legs were pulled up to her chest, arms around her body, and her face in her lap. I moved closer to get a better look (the mist was hampering with my view), "Mistress, what are you doing in a place like this? We have been everywhere for you? Why….." I couldn't say whether she was crying or had been crying but I had never seen such sadness in them. When she felt my presence and looked at me, she stretched her hand towards me with a pleading look. As I moved closer, stepping into the water and letting it seep through my shoes and the leg of my pants, I realized that she was undressed. I removed my jacket and made my way towards her draping it around her shoulders, "Mistress, if you weren't feeling well you should have told us, speak to us, we are always there for you…… why Mistress….. Why…?"

"Ren….. I am glad that you found me; I didn't want others to see me like this…. I had left because I was lonely and this night reminds me of the day when Sentarou betrayed me and buried me. I have been so lonely, afraid to speak." She buried herself into me as she spoke, "Though I have hardly any emotions, I kill them every time I have to ferry a soul who may be innocent…. I am tired, Enma doesn't free me and….. I don't want to bother any of you with my feelings", "Mistress you are mistaken, we care for you, so does your Grandmother. Let's go home now…."

We reached back the next day with everything back to normal, Mistress still hardly spoke but wasn't that cold with her feelings but that night, she slept in my arms, her face peaceful and happy, she knew that someone cared for her. I held her closer with one hand while patting her head and cupping her cheek with the other, "Ai…. Aisheteru….."