Hi everyone and Merry Christmas. This is a Christmas gift for my friend Poison's Ivy. It was supposed to be a oneshot but I've decided to divide it up to make it easier to read. I hope you guys like this, especially Ivy.

The room was dark, except for the little light coming from her night lamp. Sam frowned while looking at her calendar. Of course she had known for a while now that the holiday season was already in full swing, and that Christmas would soon be on its way. She just hadn't expected it to come so soon. "Damn exams," she mumbled under her breath knowing that she had spent the last week dealing with them and finally they were done. But that did not mean relaxation.

No, far from it.

It meant line-ups (in malls), stress (finding the perfect gift especially for Clover was stressful work), and frustration (if that gift just so happened to slip away).

Sam's frown widened. She hated sounding like Scrooge in the holiday season. She glanced again at the calendar. Starting tomorrow there were 11 days to Christmas Eve. Her mouth curved into a small smile. Twelve days was enough time to make this work out. She switched off her lamp, putting away her calendar and sliding into bed. Her smile widened as she closed her eyes. Heck with a little effort, she could even make this the best Christmas ever.