When she finally woke up the next morning Sam noticed that she was on her bed. She sighed realizing he must have put her there, She looked up and noticed that her walls were cleaned. She couldn't help but smile. It must have taken him a while to clean it. Her smile vanished when she saw three words written on a piece of paper taped to the wall.


She blushed. "Jerk." She glanced at the clock her eyes widening when she saw the time. "Oh no it's 12:00 pm already!" She shot out of bed. She had to prepare for Scam's visit. Sam smirked having an idea or two on how to keep him out.

As she walked down the stairs she didn't notice the box sitting there. She kicked it over and gasped as she saw pieces of shredded blue cashmere fly everywhere.

Another reminder of him.

Sam sighed realizing she was going to have to clean this up. She did it quickly then headed outside. There was a few things she needed to do.


By the time it was evening Sam was very much satisfied with her precautions. She had changed the locks on all her doors, closed all her windows, and even barred the door to make sure he stayed out. Sam ate her dinner and smiled as she realized that she hadn't gotten anything from him today. Except the cashmere.

"Maybe he's changed his mind about coming here" she said as she changed into her night dress. Sam wondered whether or not she should wear it. Maybe it was a better idea to sleep in her spy suit. "Nah" she mumbled. She loved her white night dress it was the most comfortable thing she had. Her only concern was that it was short, ending well above the knee and sleeveless.

"I can wear whatever I want. He isn't going to come." She smiled as she finished changing and after taking a glance around she began walking up the stairs. Sam smiled finally seeing her bed. She didn't bother to

turn on the light as she walked over to her bed and sat down.

She smiled before swinging her legs up and laying down, pulling the blanket over her. She moved closer to the centre of the bed trying to get comfortable. She sighed, her eyes closed when she felt an arm wrap around her waist. She froze. Sam turned to her side and felt herself being pressed against another body.

Her eyes widened as she turned around and switched on the lamp. She shouldn't have been so shocked to see him. Her hear beat rapidly in her chest when she saw him laying on the bed with her.


She watched him smirk. "And you didn't think I'd come." He grabbed her by the arm pulling her closer. "Like I'd ever change my mind about you." Sam felt her face press into his chest. She pushed him away screaming in horror. "Ahhhhhh!" He smirked grabbing her around the waist and holding his hand to her mouth. His face pressed into her shoulder.

"I'm glad you are so excited to see me." She glared pulling away from him and rolling off the bed. She ended up on the floor. She glared when she heard him chuckle. Sam stood up quickly and turned on the lights finally seeing him clearly

He looked devilishly handsome sitting there on the side of her bed. He'd removed his black leather jacket which she now saw sitting on her chair. His muscled shoulders pushed at the limits of his dark green short-sleeved sweater. She looked to his face and saw that he was smirking at her. Still she couldn't take her eyes off him.

Sam gave him a glare. "How did you get in?" He smirked. "I never went out." She groaned. "Of course he must have been inside the whole time."

He smirked again before standing up and walking in front of her. "Why did you come here?" she asked trying to keep the fear out of her voice. He chuckled coming closer. "Why do you think Samantha?" She took another step back effectively staying out of his reach. "This isn't funny." Tim chuckled. "I never said it was." She took more steps back and clenched her teeth when she realized she was about to collide with the wall. 'Stay away from me."

He raised an eyebrow giving her an innocent expression. "Why would I do that?" Sam's back hit the wall as she took the final step back. She closed her eyes in agony.

She was trapped.

He smirked coming to stand in front of her, his hands grasping her shoulders. She opened her eyes and gave him a glare. "What do you want from me?" Tim chuckled moving one of his hands down from her shoulder and tracing her arm. She snapped her arm away and then moved to her left taking a few steps forward to avoid the wall. She heard him follow her. Sam let out a breath as she turned around to face him. When she did she almost bumped into him because she hadn't realized how closely he had been standing behind her. Now that she had turned, she noticed that he was close. Very close.

She gulped taking a step back. He smirked seeing that his proximity did affect her. Sam crossed her arms over her chest. "Why did you do all this?" He cocked his head to the side. "I thought it'd be obvious." She raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Yeah it's obvious that you've officially lost it." She put her hand on her waist. "Seriously, Deadly Admirer?" She paused. "What were you thinking?" He raised an eyebrow waiting for her to continue. She shook her head suppressing the urge to laugh at his innocent act. "Oh I get it. This admirer thing was all a big joke." She smirked. "You using this whole admirer thing to ruin my Christmas and then attempt to get what you really want."

Tim smirked. "And do you know what it is that I really want?" She raised an eyebrow. "Uh huh. Same as always." Sam crossed her arms then stated her answer in such a factual tone that it almost made him laugh. "Get me out of your way forever." He closed his eyes suppressing the urge to laugh, smirking instead. "What makes you think that?" She blinked. "Oh come on Scam." Sam rested her hands on her hips giving him a glare. "It's so damn obvious. You've been wanting that for years." He took a step closer. "Am I not allowed to change my mind?" She shook her head no. "Sure you are but you don't want to. I mean come on." She began counting off her fingers. "The snake, the virus…" She paused glaring at him. "The car accident." He smirked and she frowned. "They were all attempts to kill me, you just didn't succeed."

He let out a laugh. "Were they really?" He crossed his arms over his chest. "Hmm Sam it seems to me that I did everything I could to make sure you DIDN'T die." She scoffed. "Yea right." Tim chuckled. "Are you purposely being stupid or are you just not as smart as you're supposed to be?" Sam gave him a glare. "Shut up." "Give me one logical reason why I would bother warning you about the virus before you opened the bottle?" She kept her mouth shut. "And why I would waste my time training that Cobra not to bite before I sent it to you?" She kept her gaze down realizing he was right.

She lifted her head. "What about almost killing me with the car crash?" He scoffed. "Yes and then making sure that you got to the hospital in time, giving you my blood.. I really needed to do all that to make SURE that you would DIE." She sighed. He came closer. "Why would I want to kill you when I worked so hard to make sure you'd be alive?" Sam sighed again. "Fine. So you don't want to kill me..yet." She still couldn't be sure he was serious about keeping her safe, he was probably still be lying to her somehow. The gifts were dangerous, even if he warned her. There was no questioning that. She raised an eyebrow, now curious. "So then what do you want?"

He chuckled at her innocent question. "You've enjoyed all your gifts I'm sure." He smirked coming closer to her. "Now all I want to do is enjoy mine."

Sam froze in shock, her thoughts all over the place. "Wait did he just?...no no that makes no sense. He can't mean that, he would NEVER mean THAT."

She looked confused for a moment. This was supposed to be a joke. He was just here to try and get rid of her once and for all, no matter how much he denied it. The whole admirer thing was a prank. That was it. She met his eyes in confusion. Her eyes widened when she recognized the look in his eyes. Pure lust and wanting. He took a step closer and she took a step back. He smirked before taking another step and closing the distance in between them. She gasped when he pulled her in his arms and kissed her. He took advantage of her shocked state and kissed her more deeply, kissing her over and over again.

Sam let out a reluctant moan before her hands moved to his chest and she shoved as hard as she could to try and break the kiss. It didn't work. He held her face in his hand as he continued to kiss her. The arm around her waist tightened its hold, trapping her in a death grip. Sam felt her eyes closing and she knew that was a bad sign. She moved one of her arms to wrap around his neck and when it got there she grabbed his hair pulling his head back and forcing him to break the kiss.

She gave him a glare catching her breath. "What the hell do you think you are doing?!!" Tim smirked not answering her question but instead crashing his lips onto hers again. Her eyes widened and she tried to pull his head back again. He smirked against her mouth removing the hand that was holding her face and grabbing her hand. He brought her arm behind her back holding it there, not allowing her to break the kiss.

Keeping his mouth against hers he walked forward making her walk backwards until her back hit the wall. When Sam thought she could not take this anymore he broke the kiss. She took a hungry breath of air intent on screaming at him as soon as she could breathe, but he never gave her the chance. His lips moved to her chin and down her neck kissing his way down to her collarbone. Sam gasped as she felt his teeth nibble on her skin. She felt her self-control beginning to slip away.

This had to stop.

"Stop.." she said in what was supposed to be a commanding tone but it came out as a weak request. Much to her dismay. His fingers moved to the strap of her top and she felt it being pulled down. Sam closed her eyes trying to clear her head. She had to get away from him. She lifted her leg and kicked him. Her knee hit his thigh and he grunted.

It wasn't a strong kick but it was good enough to get him to loosen up. Sam put her hands against his chest and pushed with all her strength. This time it worked and Sam ran without looking back,. She was determined to get away from him. She took a breath while running, and let it out in relief as she saw the stairs. 'Good" she said to herself. "Now it's just down the stairs and out the front door." At this point Sam was so concerned about getting out and away from his grasp that she didn't even care about being outside in the rain in her current state of dress. In her night dress.

She reached the top of the stairs and began to take her first step down when she felt her arm being grabbed. She didn't need to look back to know it was him. Sam gasped struggling with him, trying to get her arm free.

Sam snapped her arm away and ran down the stairs. She didn't get too far when he caught up with her and grabbed her arm again, this time in a tighter grip. His other hand reached out and grabbed her other arm. "Gah! Let me go!" Sam elbowed him in the stomach in panic. He grunted. She stepped on his foot making him swear under his breath. He had to make her stop. He smirked grabbing her around the waist and throwing her over his shoulder. "Ahhhh!" Sam let out a gasp and began screaming in protest.

It didn't take her long to start attacking his back and shoulder with her fists, in a desperate attempt to make him let her go. He grunted wrapping his arm around her back and shifting her body so that he was holding her bridal style. He smirked when he saw her angry face. "Much better."

Sam gave him another glare. "Let me down, right now Scam." He chuckled ignoring her request and turning around on the stairs making his way back up to her room. Sam panicked. "Let me go you bastard!" He only smirked. She shot him another glare. "Asshole." Sam felt her face on fire when he chuckled. How was this funny? "You know.." he said looking down at her glaring face. "Most people don't swear at the person who saved their life."

She glared harder. "They do if the person who "saved their life" was the one who caused them to need the saving in the first place!"He chuckled continuing up the stairs while watching her struggle in his arms, glaring at him. "Yes but what I did was necessary, how else could I be inside you?"

Sam felt her face turn all shades of red stopping at the brightest one. Did he even know that had a dual meaning? Sam, still-red faced tried punching him in the shoulder. He chuckled. "I was only talking about the blood Sam, I didn't realize you wanted it to be meant that way."

Sam blushed even harder watching him smirk at her. She looked down and noticed that the stairs had ended and that he was really close to her room. and if he got her in there…Sam's eyes widened. She didn't even want to start thinking what he would do to her if he got the chance.

He smirked finding her silent, he thought she was done struggling with him but that didn't happen. He figured that out immediately when her hands moved to his hair and she gripped it in her fists, pulling at it. "Damn that hurt."Tim grunted dropping her suddenly. Sam gasped as her bottom hit the ground. "Ow that hurt!" He smirked standing over her. Sam saw him leaning down and she crawled back. Then she got on her feet and ran at him.

It only worked because he wasn't expecting her to do that. She gave him a shove making him loose his balance and fall back. His shoulder hit the edge of the railing and he glared, wincing slightly. Tim stood up and held his shoulder as he watched her run down the stairs and out the front door.

Sam gasped for air as she got outside, slamming the door. As soon as she did the rain began to soak her dress. And Sam wouldn't have minded the rain normally, but she was wearing white. Sam glared moving away from her house and making her way to the back. If she could just get to the back she could get inside the house and hopefully up to her room without him noticing. And once she had her car keys she could escape.

Scam smirked watching from a window, as he watched her drenched form hurriedly move away from where he was "supposed" to be. It helped to know her so well, and before she even began to move to the back he had known she would come back in through there to get her car keys. He chuckled tossing the keys in his hand, smirking. "So predictable…my Samantha."

Sam kept looking back suspiciously for Scam. Why wasn't he following her. She let out a breath happy that he wasn't. She finally reached the back door and turned the knob, pulling the door open. Sam screamed moving back in shock. There he was with a smirk on his face and her car keys in his hand. Sam saw his hand reach out for her and she ran without looking back. She was forced to stop when his hands wrapped around her waist from behind. Sam swore under her breath trying to get free. He smirked lifting her up with her waist and swinging her around to face the wall. Her wet hair covered her face effectively stopping her from seeing.

Sam clenched her teeth, clawing at his hands. He smirked at her attempts. Sam gasped moving her elbow to his stomach, but was stopped by his hand midway. Her eyes widened realizing he had blocked her. Tim moved his mouth to her ear. "You didn't really think I'd fall for that again?"

She blushed being stuck in his embrace. He smirked releasing her waist and suddenly pushing her against the wall. She turned to face him and gasped when he trapped her against the wall, his hand holding hers tightly as his mouth moved to her neck. Her eyes closed.

He kissed his way across her neck making her squirm and moan. Still she did everything in her power not to surrender to him.

But it was tempting.

Sam snapped her eyes open at her own thoughts. He was a criminal. This was wrong. Sam ignored the fact that he was stronger than her and put her hands against his chest softly. His fingers moved to her dress strap as he kissed her shoulder. He began pulling it down, only to be shoved back. His eyes moved to his hand where he held part of her strap. Sam gasped, her face turning red as she saw it. Her eyes moved to her drenched, ripped, and almost transparent clothing. Sam threw her arms around herself suddenly feeling very stupid for coming outside in the rain.

She gulped when he came closer, his eyes trailing over her body. She had never felt as vulnerable as she did now, under his intense gaze. She didn't say anything as she ran before he could reach her to the door and inside the safety of her house.

He clenched his teeth in frustration. Getting to her was such a pain. He smirked. It didn't matter though. he had to have her no matter what. He grabbed the door knob opening it for himself and following after her.

Sam ran up the stairs and into her room. She had, had enough. If he thought he could just come in her home and do this to her, he was wrong. Sam looked in her drawer smirking when she found what she was looking for.

His gifts.

She took out the bottle with the virus, and the box with the knife. She placed the knife on the table next to her bed. She frowned at the thought of hurting him. She really didn't want to, even if he had completely lost his mind. She heard her door open and she sighed before looking up to see him.

He stood there at her doorway, drenched. His sweater now wet looked almost black and it stuck to his chest. His face was a mixture of anger and frustration. She saw his seafoam eyes darken when he looked at her. She sighed as she held the bottle with the virus.

He raised an eyebrow when he saw it. Surely she wasn't stupid enough to open that thing. Seeing her hand on the lid he smirked. Of course he had sent her a virus he was already immune too, he would not have taken such a big risk. He almost wanted her to open it so that he could smirk at her horrified face when he would stand there laughing instead of dying a horrible death. And he would have done just that if there wasn't the little problem that she wasn't immune. He shook his head. "You can't use that." She raised an eyebrow. "Oh and why not?" He took a step closer. "You're not immune to that." She smirked. "I'd rather kill both of us before letting you rape me and then kill me." He smirked. "You'd be dying in vain then because I'm not going to die with that thing. I'd have to be a total moron to send you a virus that would kill me."

She froze digesting this new information. He continued with a smirk addressing her second concern. "And I have no intention whatsoever of raping you." She relaxed a bit. "Okay so then if you promise to keep your hands off me then.." Tim shook his head amused. "I never said I'd keep my hands of you."

She shot him a look confused. "But you just said that you weren't…" He came closer standing over her. "I said I wasn't going to rape you." He smirked "And it's not rape when you want it too Sam." Her eyes widened as her face turned red. "Stay away from me." He chuckled. "I'm not deaf Sam, I heard your moans when I touched you and kissed you." Her face burned harder and she froze.

It took everything in his will power to not pounce on her right then. Her resolve gone, she looked broken. Ready to submit to him. And he wanted that so badly.

He heard her soft voice a moment later. "What are you trying to say.." Tim bent down to her and sat on his legs facing her. "I'm saying that you want this as much as I do." Sam blushed, then glared. "No..you're wrong."

He gave her a smile as he ran his fingers through her damp hair, bringing himself closer and holding her in his arms. Sam held her breath, slowly resting her head against his chest. "Am I really Sam?" His hand rubbed her back and she moaned softly. "You had chances, I never kept you from telling anyone about the letters, the gifts." She suddenly felt dizzy breathing in his scent. Unconsciously she snuggled in closer pressing her arms against his chest. She could feel the heat of his body under the wet sweater.

She looked up to his face realizing he had stopped talking. When she did he bent down to kiss her, but she stopped him by moving her head. "I didn't tell anyone because I didn't know it would be you sending me those things." His arm wrapped around her more tightly. "Yes Sam but you knew before tonight that it was me. Still you didn't tell did you?"

She frowned giving him a glare trying to show him anger that she was failing to feel at this moment. "Shut up.." she murmured hiding her face in chest where he couldn't see her blushing. She spoke against his chest. "I never got a chance to tell..and besides I was confident.." She peered up at his face. "Am confident that you lied about being in love with me." She placed her head back in his chest. "There is no way that was the truth." He chuckled. "Why not Sam?"

She frowned. "Because it wasn't. This was all a plan to make me suffer. We are enemies after all." She sighed. "Just admit it." He chuckled. "You're doing that on purpose aren't you?" "Doing what?" she mumbled. "Acting stupid." He smirked making her look up at him. "If I wanted to make my enemy suffer why didn't I go after Clover or Alex?" She stayed silent lowering her head. "I did all this so that you'd know." Her head rested against his chest again. "Know what?" He smirked. "Do the words "LOVE and ADMIRER" mean anything to you, or did you just skip over them every time I sent you the letter."

A small smile tugged on the corners of her mouth as she heard his words. She hid it when she looked up and pulled away. "This is wrong." she said in a convicting tone, a frown on her face. He smirked reaching out to grab her again. "No, denying what you want is wrong." She scoffed pulling away from him.

"I can't be in love with a criminal, it's wrong." He smirked. "You're a criminal too. Remember you hacked into W.O.O.H.P's files." She felt her face turn red. "I only did that to find you!" He chuckled. "It hardly matters Sam." Sam frowned. "You are a bigger criminal than I'll ever be." She stood up and looked away from him.

He smirked following her. "You'll catch up if you keep trying Sam, trust me." She gasped. "I don't want to!" Tim chuckled. "Okay then leave it to the expert." Sam smirked pointing a finger at him. "The only thing you are an expert with is annoying me!" He chuckled. "And that is the BEST thing to be an expert on."

Sam glared red-faced. "I HATE YOU." He chuckled coming closer to her. "I love your sarcasm Sam." She moved away. "I'm serious." He smirked. "More sarcasm...nice." She couldn't believe this man. Sam glared coming closer to him and grabbing the collar of his sweater. "Listen you-" She was silenced by his kiss.

Sam moaned before pulling away. "Let go of me!" He chuckled burying his face in the crook of her neck. "Oh come on Sam admit it..." He planted a kiss on her collarbone. "You were enjoying my letters and presents..." He kissed her again and spoke against her neck. "You enjoyed the attention I gave you."

"I did not!" She said even though she knew he was right. She struggled to get away. He smirked. "I was watching you the whole time Samantha. I saw every smile that was one your face when you got those gifts." His arms wrapped around her tighter. "You can't lie to me...even if you want to." His lips crashed onto hers again.

She moaned when she felt his tongue wrapping around hers. He wrapped his arms around waist pressing her soaked body against his. She moaned again before wrapping her arms around his neck and sinking her fingers in his wet hair. She loved the way his hair felt against her fingers.

Carefully he pulled her down on the floor. Keeping his arms around her he moved his mouth to her neck. He planted kisses against it making her moan. Sam knew she should stop him. It was the "right" thing to do but somehow she couldn't bring herself to do anything but moan.

She sighed a moment later when she felt his hands caress her shoulder pulling down her remaining strap. She frowned pulling away from him and standing up. She faced away from him hiding her blushing face.

He grabbed her leg making her loose her balance as she fell back on the bed. He heard her scream in surprise. He stood up trying to get closer to her but moved back when a book came flying his way. It flew over his left shoulder, hitting the wall and falling down. He saw her holding another in her hand, giving him a smirk.

"Stay away from me." Tim chuckled. "You have got to be kidding me." She threw another book and he dodged it. She threw a pillow next, which he ripped apart. Sam struggled with the blanket trying to throw it at him too. While she was busy he came closer grabbing her and making her fall back.

She gasped as his hands grasped her arms pinning her under him. She tried moving around to throw him off. "Let me go!" He smirked bringing his face closer to her angry one. "Why would I after all the fun I had getting to you?" Sam grabbed the knife from the table.

She held it to his neck smirking.

He gave her a smirk as he put his hand over the hand that held the knife. Taking the knife out of her hand he threw it. She gasped when she saw it get stuck in the wall. He turned back to face her. Looking at her shocked face, he spoke. "I've had practice." She watched him smirk as he lowered down to her again.

Sam's hand grabbed at her table and it closed around a trophy. She swung it forward hitting him on the arm. The sharp edge ripped through the skin on his arm as it fell to the ground with a loud thud. Sam gasped. She had never meant to really hit him. She looked up to his glaring face and then to his arm where she saw blood coming out steadily from the cut.

She gasped when he grabbed her hair in his fist and glared at her, while pulling her closer. Sam froze truly afraid. "You're bleeding.." she whispered. He growled. "I wonder why."

"I..." She gulped. "I have a first aid kit d-in the bathroom."

He gave her another glare. "If you didn't want me bleeding, you shouldn't have hit me."

"I, d-didn't mean to--" He cut her off. "Yes, throwing every FUCKING GODDAMN thing in your room at me and you didn't mean to hurt me. I'm sure."

The grip on her arm tightened as he gave her another murderous glare. She gulped again, not making eye contact. "I'm... I'm sorry." She paused. "Please..." She gulped again, truly afraid of what he was going to do to her. She could tell by the look on his face and the sound of his voice that he was furious. "Let me get the kit."

He narrowed his eyes for a moment before letting go of her hair and letting her go. Sam let out a breath quickly getting off the bed and going to get the kit. He glared after her as he inspected his arm. She came back quickly and sat in front of him.

She reached out to his arm and winced when she saw the damage her trophy had done. His arm was still bleeding. The gash was just above his elbow. "I'm so sorry" she whispered. He frowned but kept quiet. Her hand shook as she disinfected the cut. "I really didn't want to hurt you..I was just scared." Tim smirked. "I wasn't going to kill you."

She nodded. "I'm really sorry." He kept his gaze on her face. She bandaged his cut, running her fingers over the wound before doing so and then drawing her hand away. Tim looked at her with piercing eyes for a moment and then stood up moving away from her.

Sam raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "Where are you going?" she asked swinging her legs over the side of the bed and standing up. He sighed. "I'm leaving." She watched him walk out the door.

Sam froze. "Wait did he just say he was leaving? But that can't be right."She raced after him. Sam ran down the steps catching up with him.

"Wait..you're letting me go?" He smirked. "I know you're sometimes not the brightest crayon in the box darling but you're not deaf." He paused then finished. "Yes I'm leaving." He took another step but stopped when she held his hand from behind.

Sam bit her lip, she didn't want him to leave. She wanted him to stay with her, she wanted him to be with her... Sam smiled as she realized something.

She wanted him.

He looked to her expectantly. 'It's raining outside." He smirked. "Yea I didn't notice." Sam gave him a concerned look. "But you'll get sick." He chuckled giving her a small glare. "Says the girl who wanted to kill me."

She sighed. "But you didn't want to leave before." He frowned. "Yes, because before you didn't attack me with a trophy." She stayed silent for a moment then whispered. "But that doesn't make sense." He raised an eyebrow smirking. "So you're brain dead too now."

She walked around to his front still holding his arm. He raised an eyebrow watching her. She smirked. "Why would you let me go after all the "fun" you had getting to me?" She brought herself even closer giving him another smirk. "That's not very smart now is it?"

Tim smirked. "You must be brain dead." His smirk widened as he continued. "What kind of idiot asks her rapist to rape her." Sam winced. Okay so she had called him a rapist before but she hadn't meant it. She gave him a smile. "I like to be unique." She watched him smirk. "Unique is another word for retarded."

He took her hand off his arm and walked to her front door. Sam sighed running after him and making him face her. "Uh huh and what do you like better?" She traced her finger along his collarbone. "Me being retarded..." She smirked bringing her face closer to his. "Or me being resistant?"

She smirked when she saw him frowning. "Don't tell me you don't want this" she whispered as she kissed him. He smirked. "What if I've decided to change my mind?" She smirked playing with his ear before pressing her lips against it and whispering. "Then I just have to convince you again."

She missed his smirk as she kissed his cheek. Sam pressed her hands against his sweater pushing it up and over his head. It came off a moment later. She smirked. He gave her a curious glance. "What do you think you're doing?"

She smirked before answering him. "What does it look like?" He smirked. "You've lost your mind." She smiled. "And you are to blame for that." He gave her a smirk. "I'll gladly take the blame for that." Sam smiled hearing his words. His smirk widened. "If it means that you'll be mine Samantha." His hand moved to hold hers. "And only mine."

She smirked. "So you do love me then?" He smirked. "No this is my hobby. I did the same thing last year with another girl." She silenced him with a kiss before pulling away. Sam smirked gently bringing her hand forward and pushing him in the chest, causing him to fall back a step. She took a step backward smiling and he took two forward. She smirked bringing her hand up to push him again but he moved quickly and grabbed her hand, pulling her to him. His mouth captured hers. Sam moaned moving her arms to wrap around his neck.

He lifted her up and carried her to the couch. Laying her down he moved his lips to her neck planting kisses against her wet skin. Sam moaned arching her body against his. He smirked pressing his lips against hers. She moaned harder and held his face in her hands as the kiss deepened. His tongue slipped into her mouth and she felt her body melt as she kissed him back.

She had never realized how much she loved him until now. His fingers ran up her bare arm as he tugged on her strap pulling it down. Sam moaned wrapping her leg around his waist and pulling him closer. Her nails dug into his back as his teeth nibbled on the soft skin of her neck.

Sam sighed in bliss feeling his strong hands on her body. She led his hands down to her hips before moving to kiss him again.

Her phone's ringing made her stop.

Sam sighed in annoyance and he smirked before getting off her. She didn't bother straightening out her dress as she grabbed her cell that was sitting on the table. She glanced at the display and sighed when she saw it was Jerry.

Sam let it ring a bit longer as she walked back to Scam and made herself comfortable on his lap. "Hi Jerry." She leaned back as Tim wrapped his arms around her waist. "Sam, I just wanted to let you know that Tim Scam has escaped. "Sam did her best not to laugh as she felt the mentioned man kiss her shoulder. "That's awful Jerry."

She frowned when she heard Jerry explaining the details. She held the phone against her chest as she turned around and gave Scam a quick kiss on the lips. He leaned in, brushing her hair aside and moving

his mouth from her neck to her ear nipping her soft flesh with his teeth, while leaving his mark.

Sam suppressed a moan and brought the phone back to her ear. "..And that's all we know so far." She smiled. "Okay Jerry...Yea I'll be careful. Bye." Sam cursed under her breath when she heard Jerry ask if she was okay. "Yes I'm fine. I'm just heading out now. I'll be careful I promise. Bye." She ended the call

before he could say anything else.

She turned to Tim before standing up and taking his hand in hers. He smirked coming closer and picking her up in his arms. Sam smiled snuggling into his chest as he carried her up the stairs and to her room. When he got there he placed her on the bed. Sam dropped her phone on the table and smiled up at him.

Smirking he climbed onto the bed with her and took her in his arms while pulling the covers over them. She moaned when he lips crashed onto hers. She didn't resist or stop him when he pulled off her dress tossing it to the floor.

His hands moved to her hips, pinning her down as his teeth nibbled on her skin. Sam moaned running her hands across his back and feeling his warm skin. The only thought that went through her mind was that he wanted her as much as she had always wanted him.


Sam woke up in his arms the next morning. Her face was pressed in his chest and she was smiling. She couldn't have thought of a better Christmas morning. Sam snuggled in closer wrapping her arms around his waist.

She frowned when her phone rang. Sighing she grabbed it off the table before resting her head against his chest. "Hi Clover." Sam smiled when she felt his arm wrap around her waist. "Merry Christmas Sammie." Sam watched him open his sea-foam eyes and look up at her. Her heart skipped a beat and she blushed. When he moved to kiss her she placed a finger against his lips. "Merry Christmas Clover."

He froze for a moment before smirking and burying his face in the crook of her neck. "Are you okay Sam, it's taking you a while to answer." Sam pulled away from him. "Mhm, yea im fine." Clover sighed on the other end. "Are you sure." Sam smiled. "Yea I feel great Clover. Look I gotta go." She heard Clover pause. "Okay but you're still coming over later right?"

Sam moaned when he suddenly grabbed her around the waist and nibbled on her ear. "Sam?!" Sam blushed knowing that Clover ha heard her moan. "Yes Clover?" Sam gave Scam a silent kiss. "You are coming over later...right?" Sam wrapped an arm around Scam's neck, laying against his body.

She glanced into his eyes for a moment then smirked turning her attention back to Clover's question. "No I'm not Clover. Something came up. I'm sorry." Sam ended the call and tossed the phone back on the table. He gave her a smirk when she turned back to him. "You're staying?" She smiled. "Yes." Her arms wrapped around his neck as she leaned closer for a kiss. "I'd much rather spend Christmas with you." She kissed him. 'And besides..." She dragged her lips to his ear. " I still have to thank you for all the wonderful gifts you gave me."

He smirked before capturing her lips with his. Sam smiled against her lips. She had wanted to make this the best Christmas ever, and that was exactly what happened.

And it was all thanks,

To her Deadly Admirer.


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