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The blonde boy is alone in the dark alley, running for his life. He had just witnessed the murder of his parents and now the same man is coming after him. He cried for help but is only greeted with the sound of his echo. He couldn't believe that the alley is so long but he did not care, even ignoring the pain in his legs since they are bleeding pretty badly.

He looks behind him and that man is still chasing him. The man with those red eyes and it is really scary to him. He continues to run until he accidentally tripped and landed face first. His face is covered with dirty water and he tries to get up only to feel someone kick him down to the ground. He turns back only to be face to face with that man. The only things he can see in this dark alley are his shining red eyes. The eyes that seems to have no emotion.

"You will now suffer the same fate as your parents." The man said with no humor in his voice.

Naruto begins to sweat, "Please, let me go…"

The man gives an evil smile and suddenly, a knife appears in his right hand. Naruto watch in horror as the man raises his hand, the dagger shining brightly despite the darkness. Naruto watch in slow motion as the knife slowly gets lower, aimed at his chest when it finally plunges deep into his chest.

Naruto shot up, gasping for air with tears rolling down his eyes. He looks around him but he can no longer see the man. He is no longer in the dark alley. His eyes stung from the bright sunlight entering his eyes. He blocks the sunlight with his hand while he looks around him. He is no longer in that alley. He is on his bed and he finally realized that it was just a nightmare. A horrible nightmare that replays about the man that killed his parents when he was just five years old.

He wipes away the tears as he remembers about the horrible incident. His parents are both successful business people but were framed as drug dealers. Someone had smuggled drugs into his parent's house and alerted the police. His parents denied it but were of course found guilty. But just as Naruto watch his parents being escorted out of the courthouse, a person with red eyes stabbed the two of them and escaped the police. It has haunted him for eleven years.

His parents own a large company, selling clothes that are popular in Konoha and the Sand village. But since he is still too young to take over his parent's business, his father's assistant took over the company until Naruto comes of age. The sad part is that ever since his parents were framed, people has avoided him, insulting him and his parents that they are drug dealers and people would sometime even beat him up for that.

Even his friends would tease him in the past but they eventually befriended him, although they do keep their distance. But those that are not his friends insult him almost everyday. He has very little social life and is among the unpopular kind. But to even make it worse, even the people that are unpopular do not befriend him due to his 'framed' parents story.

Naruto has shed a lot of tears because of this but he has learned to hide his sorrow with a smile. Although deep down, he holds the pain in his heart, he is able to fool people that everything is alright with a simple smile. Just how simple that is.

Naruto looks at the time and it is already seven thirty in the morning.

"Shit, I'm going to be late!" Naruto says to himself and quickly runs to his wardrobe to look for his school uniform.

It is the first day of high school and he is going to be late. He found his white school uniform and his dark blue pants, also part of the school's uniform. But he decides to add something new to his look for today. He took out a very long orange-black jacket (Imagine the cloak fourth Hokage, only it is orange-black in color). And one last accessory is he wears a black bandanna on his forehead but it has the symbol of Konoha on it.

(If you guys have read a Naruto high school Doujinshi before, maybe you know how he looks like. He looks pretty cool)

Naruto admires himself in the mirror and he has to admit, he looks really good. His body is also one to admire. He has six packs, abs and anything a girl would want from a guy's body. But with his reputation in Konoha, he will always remain a single and that's that.

Naruto walks out of his room and was about to prepare himself some breakfast when he realized that it is already seven forty. He only has about fifteen minutes before school starts so he skipped breakfast, opening the door of his apartment and closing it behind him.

He has already missed the bus so there is no point of running to the bus stop and he can't run through the market place since people would just throw things at him and that will dirty his uniform. He has no choice; he is going to have to use a short cut.

Instead of turning to his left which would lead to the market, he turns to his right, into an alley. He continues running through the alley, even having to jump through a fence. When he is out of the alley, he looks around and when he read the name of the street, he knew he still has a long way to go.

He sees a garbage truck passing him and he realize that is the road leading to the school. He runs and was lucky to be able to jump on the back of the garbage truck, making sure to not let any dirt stain his shirt. When the truck is on the bridge, he jumps away from the truck and then jumps down the bridge. He can see the school right in front of him.

He looks at his watch and it is seven fifty five and he has only about five more minutes to go. He quickly runs to the school, hoping to make it in time. He is glad that all of his 'friends' go to the same high school. He has heard that some were transferred to the school in the Sand village but he wasn't close to any of them, so he didn't really care.

When he reached the school grounds, he can see that the bus he saw earlier was already there. He continued to run and he still has about three minutes left and he still has plenty of time to get his list of subjects for the day but when he opened the doors to enter the school, a huge crowd is blocking his path. A crowd of girls which can only mean one thing. Sasuke.

Now he is not probably going to make it since the girls are blocking his way to the administration office. It was just like in the previous school. No matter where Sasuke is, girls will always be surrounding him and admiring him, never giving Naruto even a quick glance. His friends all have girlfriends and he is the only one that does not have one. Shikamaru is with Temari, Ino, one of the most popular girls is with Sai and Neji is with Tenten. It is surprising that Sasuke is among his group of friends but Naruto didn't really care, as long as he is with friends.

Maybe if he hangs around Sasuke more, people will be closer with him. Besides, Sasuke is probably now the most popular boy in school, despite being a freshman. He is athletic, good looking and has the girls following him around. Right now, Naruto is trying his best to get through the crowd of girls, ignoring the girls that yell at him for pushing them aside.

While he was busy getting through the crowd, he takes a quick glance at Sasuke, acting cool as he makes his way to a classroom. The girls of course give way for him but they are still drooling over him. At first, teachers normally would try and stop the girls but over the years, they finally gave up. It seems that news of Sasuke attracting the girls have spread since he can see no teachers trying to stop the girls.

Naruto can also see his crush drooling over Sasuke. Just watching her like that breaks his heart. To his eyes, she is the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes upon, with her long pink hair and green emerald eyes. She is wearing the white school uniform and a blue skirt that ends about mid thigh, and a kind of blue scarf on her neck. (Looks like in most high school Doujinshi).

Naruto shakes his head. The good part is that his parents and Sakura's mom are close friends and so, Sakura is the closest friend he ever had. Naruto guessed that since Sakura's mom knows the truth about his parents, she probably told Sakura that Naruto's parents were well respected business people and not drug dealers. That brought a smile to Naruto's face as he opens the door of the administration office.

"Excuse me," He says to one of the well dressed woman, "But can I have the class list for today?"

"A freshman, are you?" The woman asks.

Naruto nodded and the woman takes out a long sheet of paper, "Name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto."

The woman glares at him with hate in her eyes. Naruto is not surprised by this since he receives the same glares everyday. There has not one day has he ever not received the death glares. The woman gave Naruto a list of classes with his teachers.

"This will be your subjects and teachers for the whole year." The woman said.

Naruto looks at the class list. So this means that it will be the same subject and year. Cool. His first subject is mathematics and the teacher teaching it will be Asuma Sarutobi at class number eighteen.

'Oh crap!' Naruto thought, "isn't that the class that I saw Sasuke heading into?'

Naruto starts to walk through the now silent hallway. Since Sasuke is in class, the girls must have went to their respective classes and Naruto is already two minutes late. When he reached class eighteen, it was what Naruto feared. It was the same class Sasuke entered. He sighs and straightens his outfit and then, enters the room.

The room is a mess with students throwing paper planes all over the place filled with laughter and people talking loudly. He looks around the class and sees several familiar faces.

He can see Shikamaru, Kiba, Chouji, Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura. He did not see Shino though but he shrugged. He only cared that Sakura is in the same class with him. He takes a sit behind her and then suddenly, the door burst open with a man wearing a dark blue long sleeve shirt and jeans enter the room, lighting up his cigarette. 'This is going to be a long year.' Naruto thought.


It was already lunch time and Naruto is lining up to get his lunch, carrying his empty tray. When it was finally his turn, even the lunch lady looks at him with disgust and gives him a very small portion of whatever it was. Naruto didn't even want to know what it is called but it is probably better than nothing. As he walks around the school cafeteria, he can see from where he was that someone is waving at him.

"Over here, Naruto!" Kiba yells at him.

Naruto quickly starts to make his way there. Out of his friends, Kiba is the one that does not care about what people say about him. Shikamaru is also like Kiba, he is only lazy but Naruto knew that deep down, he really cared about Naruto. The others, Naruto thinks that they are just pretending to be friends with him or something like that. But Sakura is the closest friend he has ever had.

He takes a sit between Kiba and Shikamaru. On the table with them is also Sakura, Sasuke, Chouji, Hinata, Neji and Tenten. Everyone is talking with each other and none of them even said hi to Naruto when Naruto took a seat.

"So Naruto," Kiba said, starting a topic with his friend, "How is the first day of school?"

"It's pretty boring," Naruto replies, "But I think I can get used to it."

"Yeah," Kiba agrees, "Say, what classes do you after lunch?"

"History, Biology and then ?"

Kiba smiles, "Same here. It is a shame we don't have any same classes before lunch though."

"Still, we can hang around after school, you know?"

Kiba nodded, "Should we bring lazy ass over here?" He points at Shikamaru who is lazily shoving food into his mouth.

"It is troublesome," Shikamaru yawned, "But I guess I should be with my friends."

"Great!" Naruto said happily, "So where should we go?"

"Not today man," Kiba said, "I have to help my sister at the vet clinic today."

"What about tomorrow?" Naruto asks.

Shikamaru nodded lazily and Kiba also nods. That brightened Naruto's mood. These are his two friends who did not care about what people say about him. Heck, they sometime suffer the insults because of hanging around with Naruto but they did not care. This is what you call true friends, friends that are willing to go with you no matter how bad they are and they are now very hard to find. Naruto then looks across the table at his crush, the pink haired beauty.

She is best friends with the most popular girl, Yamanaka Ino and so she too is among the popular group. Ino is not on the table though, most likely making out with Sai or something. Naruto just can't help but look at her pink haired which was the first thing that always catchi his attention. There can be nothing more beautiful than her.

"Hei, Sakura-chan," Naruto calls, "How was your first day?"

Sakura did not like to be interrupted in her conversation with Hinata and turns to face Naruto. She quickly put on a smile so that no one knows what she really thinks about him.

Yes, on the outside she smiled at him, talked with him and be his close friend just to make her mother happy but on the inside, she hated Naruto a lot. Ino has told Sakura that Naruto will follow in his parents footsteps and despite her mother telling her that Naruto's parents were good people, she listened to Ino. She told herself that her mother was too close with the Namikaze's to see that they are actually drug dealers. Sakura will not make the same mistake as her mother and wil never trust Naruto Namikaze, the son of the drug dealers of Konoha.

"It was okay, Naruto," Sakura said, smiling, "I am with Sasuke-kun in all the classes!"

"Really? That's great!" Although deep down, Naruto could feel a pain in his heart that Sakura is this happy. But to Naruto, seing the girl he loves happy is all that he needs.

As for Sakura, she has been thinking all day on how she is going to make Sasuke fall for her. She can already tell that she is pretty desirable since she has heard that most of the guys have crushes on her when she was young and some had asked her on dates. Even the boy that she hates, Naruto, likes her. So there should not be much of a problem with getting Sasuke and she does not have much competition since her best friend, Ino already has a boyfriend.

However, Kiba and Shikamaru can see that Naruto's depressed state. Sure, right now he is smiling but they are the only two people that can see that fake smile of his. Kiba sighs to himself. He has his own girl problem, trying to get that Hinata girl into his arms. But her cousin is too protective and her family also will not want an average guy like him to date their daughter.

Yes, the family of the Hyuga is well to do in their business. It is strange that just being eye specialists can be so beneficial in the world today and the Hyuga family is not going to let Kiba be in the family that easily.

The rest of the day is pretty boring and Naruto can't wait for school to end. The only thing that he likes about school is seeing Sakura and talking with his two best friends. He doesn't really need to pay much attention in school, just make sure his business studies are good enough and when he reach eighteen, he can take over his family's business.


After school ended, Naruto walks home alone. He wanted to walk with Sakura but she was too preoccupied watching Sasuke leave in his stupid sports car. Naruto can never tell what she sees in Sasuke. He is an arrogant, cold jerk that pays no attention to the female's feelings. He has heard his reputation as a playboy and has slept with countless girls, only tossing them aside when he has slept with them.

While Naruto was walking home, he is suddenly pulled into an alley, catching him by surprise. The next thing he know is that he can feel someone punching his gut hard, causing Naruto to fall on his knees, gasping for air. He never recovered but he could feel someone kicking his face, blood coming out of his mouth and then more kicks and punches delivered to him.

When the attack stopped, he is bleeding pretty badly but luckily for Naruto, no broken bones. Naruto groans in pain as he looks at his assailants and he recognised the well dressed men with sunglasses.

"Gatoh?!" Naruto said angrily, "What the hell are you doing?"

Gatoh smirks, his two large bodyguards standing next to him, "Naruto Namikaze, I am still waiting for your answer from all those letters I've sent you."

Naruto glares angrily, "You want my answer? I already told you, NO!"

"That is not the answer I want, kid."

"Then you're just going to have to live with it." Naruto spat, "I will never understand what my father saw in you to let trust you with the company."

Gatoh smirks, "Your father has always been an idiot. He trusts people too much."

"Yeah? Well, I will be taking over my family's business in two years time, so you can just forget with all those stupid letters asking me to hand you the company!"

Gatoh shook his head, "Oh, I will convince you to do so, Naruto. Even if it's by force. I will give you one year to make the right choice. If not, you just might regret it."

Gatoh snapped his fingers and starts to leave, his bodyguards following him. Of course, before they completely left, one of the bodyguards kicked him hard in the gut before they left, leaving an injured Naruto on the dirty ground. Naruto cursed, not from the pain but because his favourite jacket is ruined. 'But what's the point? I thought it would improve my looks but Sakura-chan didn't even notice me.' Naruto thought sadly as he struggles to get up.

Naruto's life is getting worse and worse. What more can add to his troubles, he wonder. He is despised by the citizens of Konoha, most of his friends avoid him or pretend to be a friend only to stab him in the back and now he has someone telling him to hand over his family's business.

When he reached his lonely apartment, he opened it and closed the door behind him, locking it. Although he lives alone, his father's old high school teacher and friend, Jiraiya does come and visit him from time to time since Jiraiya is his godfather. But Jiraiya is often busy with his stupid perverted novels and his history teacher, Hatake Kakashi seems to be a fan of his godfather's books. Naruto smiled. 'Maybe I can bribe Kakashi-sensei to let me pass history if he gets to meet perverted Jiraiya.' Naruto thought.

Naruto stripped his clothes and walks into the shower, letting the warm water clean him and help him relax his injured body. The only thing that can really make him happy, ignore all the pain is if he can get the love of Sakura. He would do anything for her but she has all her eyes on that stupid Uchiha.

Besides, Sasuke stands more of a chance with Sakura anyway. He has the looks and his family is also quite successful. Heck, his elder brother, Itachi is currently in the US, studying to become an eye surgeon or something. His family's business is the only one that can compete against the Hyuga.

Naruto sighs and walks out of the shower and starts to dress himself with a tanktop and boxers. Even though it is still early, he is tired from the attack earlier on. Naruto collapses on the bed and immediately drifted off to sleep, dreaming of Sakura.