Author's Note

Please read before going on with the story in order to properly understand the plot.

O.K. first things first, this story DOES NOT ignore twilight completely. It begins in 2005 right after Ziva takes Kate's desk. The story is and will be Tony-centric. Although Kate is not dead, the only one who knows that is Ducky who performed her 'autopsy'. What exactly happened to her will be explained in latter chapters.

Tony in this story will be something between well… his normal self and a bit more sophisticated, smarter and sadder Tony (well, what did you expect? In this story Kate is the love of his life and he thinks she is dead).The story is off course completely AU for all episodes post Twilight (although some major cases will be mentioned) and though I know that Kate died a long time ago in NCIS I just miss the chemistry between her and Tony .With those said, on to the story!

DISCLAIMER; As much as I beg, I can't expect that I will ever own anyone of the amazing characters from NCIS… Anyways I can always give it a try… Could I pretty please own the NCIS characters, or at least Tony? Pleeeease (insert puppy dog eyes here)… No? Damn at least I tried… Well, as you might have already guessed, I don't own any of the NCIS characters mentioned in this fic.