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NCIS office building; 8 in the morning;

"Explain yourselves!" Gibbs ordered. "What do you mean you found the killer?"

"Well to be exact Gibbs," Kate answered for both of them, "we didn't find the killer, we found the killers; plural."

"Killers?" McGee asked. "There is more than one?"

"I believe that Kate just said so, Probie." Tony answered.

"Would you mind enlightening the rest of us?" Gibbs asked, starting to lose his patience. "As I said before, some of us are unable to read you thoughts…"

"Should I start?" Tony asked Kate for permission.

"Of course, Tony." Kate answered with a smile, so Tony started explaining.

"Kate and I were taking a look on the case file last night and we noticed something; the Harris couple had signed a premarital contract. If they got divorced Christina Harris got nothing. We also did a little research to her personal life and realized she has a three years long affair with her employer, Ross Foster. So, under that new light we re-checked their alibis. It seems that Miss Harris has an alibi for her husband's murder, while Foster has an alibi for Officer Davis's. We also found out that someone had used late officer's Harris cell phone to call Officer Davis the day after he died. Two hours later she was dead too." Tony explained.

"Then we formed a theory; since the cell was never recovered or found anywhere near the victim we realized that the murderer must still has it." Kate continued. "We tried to locate it ourselves, but it was turned off. So we waited till today and we called the phone company to turn it on." Kate chuckled and looked at Tony, remembering he had actually forged their director's signature. Everybody gave her a questioning look, while Tony just smirked.

"Just an inside joke…" Kate said. "Anyways, they just called and we know who has the cell; Miss Christina Harris herself. And since she had an alibi for her husband's killer she must have gotten the cell from the killer himself. We couldn't prove that Foster was the killer of course so we called him this morning and I pretended being Christina's lawyer…"

"You should see her boss." Tony said. "She has the most believable fake southern accent I have ever heard!" he exclaimed. Ziva was ready to attack Kate and had actually clenched her fists so she wouldn't hit her. Kate saw her posture, but chose to ignore her and continue with her explanation;

"Anyways, I pretend to be her lawyer and asked him if he knew if Christina had an affair. He got furious and said that he couldn't know if that was true. Afterwards he called Christina and right now he is heading to her house."

"How do you know that he called or that he is headed there?" Gibbs asked.

"I wired his cell, so I know who he calls and when. As for how we know where he is going, well that was Kate's idea; she found out Foster is using a company car that has a tracking devise. She turned the devise on and right now if you look on that screen," Tony said and motioned at the display screen "you will see his current location marked with a red dot."

"So those two have one alibi each for two different but connected murders, make profit from the murders and are romantically connected with each other. And right now they are at the same place." Gibbs effectively summarized all that had been said. Tony and Kate nodded affirmative.

"Then why are we still here?" Gibbs asked and moved to the elevator. The agents got the message and followed him quickly out of the door, Ziva trying to tackle Kate on the way.

Outside Christina Harris's house; 10 thirty in the morning;

The five agents had just arrived at the house and Gibbs was explaining them what they were going to do. "As you might have noticed, our case is not exactly strong against them. All the evidence we have against them is that cell phone. If we don't get it we have nothing. Also you should be careful for one more reason; both of the victims were shot. That means those two are probably armed. No reason any of you gets shot today." He added in a grave voice, momentarily looking at Kate.

'Don't worry Gibbs' Tony thought 'I am not letting her get hurt. Not this time.'

"So we are going to arrest them?" McGee asked.

"That's the plan." Gibbs said. "It's actually simple, so stick to it!" He ordered, looking suspiciously at Tony.

"Don't worry Gibbs." Tony said out loud this time. "I'll do my best to behave." He promised smirking.

"All right then, move it people, we don't have all day." Gibbs ordered. They all exited the car and moved towards the house. Gibbs reached the door first and rang the bell. After he got no answer, he tried again while screaming; "NCIS open now!" he then turned to Tony and motioned him to open the door. With one shove, the road was clear for them. They all entered the house and started checking the rooms.

"I hear something from the upper floor." Ziva said and they all started climbing the stairs to the second floor. They started checking the rooms when Tony saw the worst thing he could ever imagine. Foster was holding a gun and pointed it at Kate. Everything felt like in slow motion; he saw McGee arresting Christina Harris and Foster getting ready to pull the trigger. He acted instinctively; he shoved Kate out of the path of the bullet, while at the same time shooting at Foster. He knew he had hit him. And he knew he was hit; he could tell by the pain he felt on his left shoulder. He fell backwards the moment he heard Kate screaming his name. He could feel her coming closer and collecting him in her arms.

"Tony! Please baby look at me! Say something!" Kate screamed at him. Tony really wanted to talk; he just couldn't find the strength to do so. Black spots started forming in the corner of his eyes, blocking his view. He tried to make them go away. He knew he was soon going to be unconscious soon, but he, childishly, didn't want to lose sight of Kate's face. 'She is crying.' Tony thought 'She shouldn't be. At least she is safe, that is all that maters.' He heard Gibbs screaming at his cell for an ambulance. He heard Probie mumbling incoherently to Ziva. And of course, he could also hear Kate whispering to him;

"Please Tony, I beg of you, don't die on me… Please don't die." Tony could feel her rocking his body back and forth. He felt something warm on his cheeks but he was to dizzy to realize it was Kate's tears. The last thing he heard before the darkness claimed him was her voice whispering;

"Please Tony don't die… I love you so much…"

'And I love you Kate.' Tony thought and slipped into unconsciousness.

Two days later; Hospital room; 11 in the morning;

Tony was trying to open his eyes, but he couldn't get his eyelids to obey. He tried to remember why he couldn't open his eyes. He remembered arriving at Christina Harris's house and Gibbs giving them a lecture about what they were going to do. He had promised to be careful, he remembered that much. And then he remembered Foster aiming at Kate and what he had done to save her. 'Kate.' He thought. 'Wake up for Kate!' Tony ordered himself.

He could now feel that someone was laying his head on his bed and the same someone was holding his hand. It was a smaller hand than his and he could have recognized it anywhere. Her scent was also in the air, now that he had started recognizing scents again. He finally got his eyelids to obey and looked at her. Kate was sitting on a chair near him with her head on his bed, sleeping. 'She looks stressed out even in sleep' Tony realized. He turned his head around and realized that he was in some short of a hospital room. His movement, even if it was almost unnoticeable, proved enough to wake Kate up.

"Tony you are awake!" She shrieked and hugged him tightly, making him whimper. She had unwillingly applied a bit more pressure than he would like on his wound.

"Kate I am thrilled to see you too," Tony said, his voice soft, "but do you think you could not suffocate me to death? I need to breathe in order to survive you know…" Kate let go of him like she was struck by lightning and quickly said;

"Tony I'm so sorry! I should have been more careful not only now but back in that house too… You could have died." She said and her voice cracked as she started crying. "Do you even realize how I felt when I saw you hurt? What was I ever going to do if you… if you died, because of me?"

"Come on now Kate. Don't cry. I'm fine, you are fine, the bad guys are in jail… come to think of it, are they in jail?" Tony asked, trying to diverse the conversation from the subject of his demise. It worked, since Kate whipped her tears and said;

"Yes, they are in jail all right. Once Gibbs made sure you were going to make it he got back and interrogated them; I have never seen him so angry. Both of them where crying their eyes out by the tome they confessed. We were right in case you are interested; Foster killed Officer Harris and Christina Harris killed Officer Davis. They said they sent the parts in the boxes in order to make us believe this was the work of psycho killer…" She explained.

"Well, they are not completely sane themselves, so I guess the got the 'psycho' part right…" Tony said, making Kate laugh, besides the tears that were once again falling from her eyes. "Hey! What did I say about crying?" he asked Kate.

"Yeah I know, it's just… the doctors said that you had lost a lot of blood. The bullet missed all organs but it did hit an artery. If we were a few more minutes late you wouldn't have make it. Don't you see?" Kate asked, close to an emotional breakdown. "You would have been dead because of me!"

"No, Kate! None of that!" Tony said seriously as he reached with his right hand to touch her face. "Foster is the one who shot me, you did nothing wrong. He came from behind you, from a room we hadn't checked yet. You couldn't have known where he was." He said and then added; "As for me, I am glad I pushed you out of harms way and I would do it again happily."

"But…" Kate tried to protest.

"Look, Kate I know what it feels like to be without you and I don't want to have to go through it again. Frankly, I don't think I would make it if I lost you again and to your information I don't intend to find out. I love you Kate." He said. Kate looked at him trying to realize if what she had just heard was the truth or not.

"And I love you Tony. More than I ever thought was possible. Even if in the beginning you got on my nerves…" Kate said, making Tony laugh. "And that's why I want you to promise me that you will never do something like that again. To your information I don't believe I could live without you either." She added.

"Just to make everything clear, do you want me to sit back and do nothing the next time some crazy guy tries to shoot you?" Tony asked. "Sorry, but no. I can't promise you that. I will always try to protect you, no mater what." Just looking at him, Kate could tell that he meant every word he said.

"Can you at least promise that you won't die on me?" Kate asked.

"As a mater of fact, I'm planning to stay with you for quite a long time, if you are willing to take me of course." Tony answered. Kate just smiled and pulled him in for a hug. Tony felt the pain in his shoulder intensifying, but he couldn't care less. "I take this as a yes." He said joking.

"You'd better!" Kate said and kissed him. Tony kissed her back not caring that his colleagues were at the moment looking though the door into his room or about anything else in the world. All that mattered to him was in his arms in that hospital room and he was unwilling to ever let go.

'I will do everything to make sure we will be together Kate.' Tony thought. 'Now and for the rest of our lives.'