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Dan: The main characters are, Sakura and Hinata. Pairings? Have not been decided.

Tsunade was stood in the graveyard along with Sakura and Hinata, " There really gone, for real this time" Sakura wispered, yet a single tear never fell. Tsunade forced a shaking hand into her shirt's pocket and pulled back out moments later. "Girls," Hinata's and Sakura's attention "I have a mission for you -" Hinata shook with fury, "How the hell can you think about a mission now?!" Hinata yelled. The blond shook her head "Trust me, you will not regret taking this mission. Its a life long mission, you need to go back in time and try your best to make sure this dosen't happen." Tsunade looked at the girls who were truly happy looking about this mission. "Hell Yeah! Wait Tsunade write a note for us to give to the forth hokage and let him know about the attack nd the past you to come help out in the fight!" Sakura suggested, as Hinata passed Tsunade a peice of paper and pen. Tsunade nodded and wrote on the paper. A few second passed and the blond passed the paper back to Hinata. "Well well well whats happening here?" a new voice asked, Tsunade hugged Sakura and Hinata, "Go and I'll hold off Sasuke!" Tsunade yelled as a bright blue light appeared and took them back in time.

... Somewhere ...

"SAKURA HARUNO GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW! IT'S YOUR SHINOBI GRADUATION!" Sakura's mom yelled from the kitchen. ' No way, mom your alive!" Sakura thought as she got up out of bed and walked towards her wardrobe, and pulled out her red dress with the green biker shorts "Ick I cannot believ I wore that..." Sakura threw the dress to the floor and pulled out a pair of black capris a red long sleeved top, and traveled to the hall way. "MOM DO YOU STILL HAVE THOSES BLACK AND RED HEADBANDS?"Sakura yelled and her mom yelled back, "YES THERE IN THE BACK OF THE WARDROBE IN THE BIG ROOM!" Sakura made her way to the big room and went into the wardrobe amd pulled out the headbands and a pair of black basic shinobi shoes. She ran back to her room and opened 4 boxes in the corner of her room and smirked she went to go have a shower soon after.

... Else where ...

Pearl eyes opened, and looked around the room, she gazed at te clock, 'What 45 minutes to get ready?! Ok think Hinata think, Sakura's bringing-'

Sakura: 'Hey Hina-chan, I'll bring our headbands and weapon. Just bring some breakfast theres no time for us to eat at home.'
Hinata: 'May god damn your bloodline, ok what colours are we wearing?'
Sakura: 'Black and red.'
Hinata: 'Black and red? I like it.'
Sakura: 'Just hurry up and meet at the park. Bye.'
Hinata: Yeah, see ya.

Hinata quickly picked out some good clothing, which were dark red shorts (Like sasuke's in Series 1 but a bit less baggey), a black short sleeved top and red shinobi shoes, and hurriedly showered, dressed and went to the kitchen to get some food "Hinata." Hinata heard her father call but ignored it, "Hinata" he called again, and she ignored, "HYUUGA HINATA!" Hinata turned around with cold eyes to see Hanabi and some of her other cousins, and suprisingly Neji was there too, "What do you want father? Can you not see im busy?" Hinata asked fearlessly. Everyone stared, "Well," she started again whilst packing the remainder of breakfast. "If you don't mind i'll be taking my leave." Hinata left through the front door and sped to the park.

... At the Park ...

"Hina-chan! " Sakura yelled whilst hugging her friend, "Here Saku-chan!" Hinata said whilst giving Sakura the breakfast. "Hinata you've gogt a choice Black or red headband " Hinata pointed to the black one and Sakura gave it to her and two weapons. They soon finished and ran to the academy.

... At the Academy ...

"It looks like Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Hinata aren't here." Iruka said. Ino burst out laughing " Looks like i win Sasuke-kun!" "Cool your jet streams" Sakura and Hinata said in unison. Everyone snapped their heads towards the duo. "You two are late so -" Iruka started. "Shut the hell up and get on with it." Hinata hissed and people where shocked, whispers went around the room. Sakura's eyes turned an Icy blue. "You know this isn't the time for stalling" Sakura yelled and walked to Ino, "And Ino, You can have that Uchiha Bastard for all I care." Then her eyes changed from Icy blue to Onyx. "Ya know now is not the yime to be using your bloodline to scare the crap out of people." Hinata yelled and Sakura just shrugged as she bit her thumb and did some hand signs ans a poof of smoke and Sakura walked to her with a wolf cub in her hands. "Haruno Sakura undo this Jut-" Iruka was interrupted once more " Save your breath we know which teams we are on." Hinata started, "I'm in Team 8 and assigned to Yuuhi Kurenai with Inuzuka Kiba and Arubrame (SP) Shino," "And I'm in Team 7 and assigned to Hatake Kakashi, with Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke." Iruka looked shocked. "But thats impossible!" "No, Iruk, It's the power of seeing the future."

... Hokkage's office ...

'But how did they know?" "Fox, Call Haruno Sakura and Hyuuga Hinata." Sarutobi ordered and the Fox masked AMBU nin left off. Shortly after they returned. Hinata and Sakura just ntered without knocking."WEREN'T YOU EVER TAUGHT TO KNOCK?!" Sarutobi yelled in frustration. "Hey, there's a letter here from Tsunade" Sakura mumbled and Hinata passed the letter to Sarutobi, who read it 3 times over.

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