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Hinata and Sakura Sat on the roof staring out at the sky, Sakura Sighed, " Mannn, I'm so bored..." She whined to Hinata, who in response nodded back,and after a few seconds gasped at an idea. Sakura looked over at Hinata, "Erm, maybe we can go fly around in the forests. IN the appropriate outfits." She said. (I have a feeling when Hinata said fly you were like "Fly? What The Fuck?" Well some of you might... lolment).

Hinata and Sakura made there way to a specific store that sells just the outfit they wanted. Sakura's pastel pink hair darkened as she entered, "Ah! Sakura-chan! Hinata-chan! My best customers. So what Is it today?" The store Clerk asked, Grining showing off his long K9's. He had short spikey jet black hair with his big blood red eyes, which stood out from his pale skin, and he was wearing Black tripp pants, a black tight tee outlined in red, Black jacket and red Shinobi shoes. "Our Usuals Aiden-kun" Sakura and Hinata said Simoutainiously. " Black and purple right." The two girls nodded "Gimme a few secs." Aiden said as he went to the door at the back of the room. Soon after coming out with A plain black dress With black Thigh length Lacy socks with purple ribbon on each of the outside of the leg, around their stomach, in their hair and on their wrists, and a purple tie with a black cross emprintend onto the bottom. The shoes, I almost forgot, They were ballet flats, which were purple. Aiden handed them the outfits and Sakura Got out her purse but stopped when she saw Aidens hand shake from left to right a couple of times, " No, No, No, This one is free! Big dicounts for my best costomers." Sakura put her purse away and grinned, "Arigatou!" Aiden replied with a "No probs" as he gave both Hinata and Sakura a hug and Kiss on the cheek before they left. "Ja ne!!" Sakura and Hinata waved to Aiden as he waved back. As the door shut he went back behind the counter, and sighed, " Mannnn, their never without each other are they?" He asked himself chuckling and Grinning, as he waited for other costomers.

The two girls walked back to Sakura's house and discussed the outfit. " Ne, Sakura-chan, ya know those Chunin exams things maybe we can get an outfit for them." Hinata suggested, Sakura glared at Hinata playfully, " I was gonna say that, oh welllllll.... OKAY!!" Sakura yelled, Hinata Sweatdropped, " It only Six, so lets work on the outfit now, and fly later!" Hinata said, going into Sakuras Art room pulling out papers, pencils, and coloured pencils. They sat at opposite sides of the tables, about an hour later there was a knock at the front door, Sakura went to answer in and Hinata stood at the bottom of the stairs, Sakura opened the door to see and ANBU member, "The Hokage has requested you and Hinata-sama." The ANBU spoke, Sakura and Hinata Nodded Pullin on there shoes and poofing to the Hokage's office.

"Ah, Sakura-san, Hinata-sama, please take a seat," Sarutobi said, and the duo said, "Hokage-sama." bowing and took a seat. "ANBU watch the door on the outside" The ANBU left, "Ok I read the letter and thought it over and I believe you, and I need you for an assasination mission tomorrow morning, Just the two of you and It will be about three days long, come here tomorrow at six for briefing." Sarutobi announced, Sakura and Hinata Nodded and left. The duo walked into the shop they were in earlier, and walked to the counter, and Say a girl about their age, pale white skin, Dark green eyes and Black hair with red highlites. She looked up from her book, "Oh, Hinata-chan, Sakura-chan. Whats up?" She asked " HI! Kira-chan!" The duo said in unison, and Hinata continued, "Is it possible for you to make us an outfit for when the chunin exams start?" Kira grinned, "Of course, So drop the design to me later!" Kira said, Sakura spoke up, " That will be in about 40 minutes maybe." She said, As she gave Kira a hug and Hinata copied her actions and left the shop, The duo ran home and Quickly and neatly finished colouring, and changed into the outfits they had reacently got, and left to go to the shop, on the way there they had entered a sweet shop and bought 3 bars of chocolate, 3 bars of high quality made dark chocolate. They got to their destination and headed in, they saw blood on the floor and a teenaged girl with dark red hair and orange eyes with a tint of yellow, who looked the girls way, her eyes widened " Noo! Run!" She sceamed, and they did... the exact opposite and walked in and saw Kira with glowing red eyes and bloodied hands, " Kira cool it." Hinata said as Sakura cared for the the girls wound, which happened to be a massive hole in her stomach. Kira jumped at Hinata who dodged all of her attacks, Hinata Jumped next to Sakura with her hand held out like a high five, Sakura Slapped the hand and stood up, "My turn, huh?" Hinata bandaged the wound as Sakura stood and waited for Kira to attack, which she did. She ran at Sakura at a speed no human could see (Sakura: Who said I was Human?), Her fist was pulled back and he shot it forwards, Sakura caught it effortlessly, twisted her arm behind her back and pushed her up onto the wall, "Listen to me and listen good, Calm yo ass down before the matters become even worse, and before I have to do anything else, that will make you regret this and have nightmares about." Sakura spoke quietly and darkly into her ear, her Eyes grew softer and it's glowing red washed itself into it's narural dark green. Kira Stared into the wall and Sakura let go, she slid down the wall and Sakura stuffed her hand in her pocket and pulled out a pack of tablets and threw them to Hinata,who caught them and who ran to the door in the back. Everything went silent.

Hinata opened the door and ran to the Kitchen, got a Glass, filled it with water and dropped the tablet in to the water, She grinned as she watched the once transparent water turn red, Running back into the store from the back room she ran to Kira and said " Drink this." She looked toward the glass and Hinata put the glass to her mouth, Kira swallowed it, When she finished she thanked Hinata, and walked over to the no longer Injured Girl " Gomen." She said and held her hand out which the girl took, when she gasped in realisation " Are you a -" She was cut off by Hinata "Yup. We are, Don't tell anyone." Kira ran in the back room and came back with a mop and cleaned up the blood, and soon after put it away. The door opened and Aiden walked in, The first thing he smelt was blood, " Alright what happened." It wasnt a question it was a statement,Kira came in, " Kira Attacked, ummm" Sakura stopped talking as looked over at the girl, "Ikari Akira" She jumped in, Hinata continued, " But we have it all sorted now but she promised to keep it a secret about us." Aiden nodded, " Kira, it's ok, You have yet to get used to it, i'm not angry." Kira gave a sad smile, "I'm not mad at all either," Akira Grinned, " I'm happy I finaly got to meet some of my own people."

Everyone looked towards her, " Sorry but my powers are locked away so thats why I couldnt do crapppppp to defend my self." The four Smirked at each other, " Guys what are you smirking at?" She said, Which made them smirk even more at her, " Weeeellll you might like this Plan of ours," Sakura Started, " You see If I can find this book I have," Aiden said, " A book about us" Kira injected, " We may be able to break the seal on you powers." Hinata Finished, Akita stood there staring.







" WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" She ran up the walls, on the ceiling, after a few minutes she calmed down " I think i might have this book you guys are on about, but I don't know where my parents hid it," Kira Stuffed her hands in her pockets, " But becuase they got the brainy asses killed I don't know where it is. But I definatly know Its In my house somewhere. And could you tell me your names please."

" Haruno Sakura."

" Hyuuga Hinata."

" Kuroyuuki no Aiden."

" Kuroyuuki no Kira. Aiden's younger Sister."

Akira grinned, " Lets goo to my place!" Sakura Opened her bag and Pulled out a folder an a two bars of chocolate " Kira-chan here are the designs and two Chocolate bars for you and Aiden-kun." The Siblings smiled, Kira took the Chocolate bars and placed the folder on the desk, the five of them left the shop, Akira changed the sign to closed and Aiden locked the door as Kira gave him his chocolate. They Followed Akira As the walked passed the Yamanaka Flower shop and the Hyuuga estate, they now were just walking past the Ichiraku ramen, " Sakura-chan!!!" the five turned to the loud voice, " What?" Sakura asked, Naruto ran over, " Come eat ramen with us." Naruto said (Shouted more like) " Us?" Hinata asked looking behind Naruto she saw Sasuke and Kakashi, " You guy go, i'll catch up." Akira rose a brow " How so? You don't know where i live." Hinata smirked, "Thats where I come in, I'll leave a Chakara Line for Sakura to follow." Akira nodded and they continued walking.
Sakura turned to Naruto and looked at him, " Why so dressed up Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked, Kakashi and Sasuke came closer to see what he was on about, and stared at her, Kakashi's eye Cresed, "Sakura That is not a good Shinobi attire." Kaashi Lectured, Sakura rose a Brow, " So? Maybe we should go to my house and look at my wardrobe." She said sarcastically, "So you like wearing those outfits big deal, can we just eat, or i'm gonna leave." Sasuke interveined. Sakura roled her eyes, then whistled a low whistle, they guys looked at her, " Akira lives farrrrrrrr. Sorry but i must refuse your offer and prepare for tommorow." Sakura said Jumping from infront of them onto a nearby building and Jumped to Akira's House.

Akira's house was nice, the inside was homey, not to stylish not to plain, Akira looked at Aiden, "Whats the book called?" He replied, " Den Muskogee: trollformler, tätningar och vapen" Akira rose a brow, " In English it's: The Creek: Spells, Seals and Weapons" A voice said " Sakura-chan kept up with her language skills I see." Aiden said.

After about two hours Kira found the book in an old chest that was full of spell equipment, "Akira, do you want to go through the procedure now or after Sakura-chan and Hinata-chans Mission?" Kira asked, Akira thought for a few seconds, ' If I do it now I now I could rest up and get in a good amount of training. If I do it after I could Lose valueble time.' She spoke up, "Now, if its not a bother." As she shown them the seal on her neck that had to be drawn out on the floor, Sakura Took a peice of Chalk from the chest and Drew out the anti-seal on the floor for Akira to lie upon. The anti-seal was a Large Circle with four points on the outside, and on the inside there was a small circle with four lines leading from the circle to each of the points, and broke into three lines. Aiden, Kira and Hinata Looked at the book Practicing the seal hold, once they got it they gave the book to Sakura who had to read out the anti-seal chant. " You ready Akira-chan?" Hinata asked, the said girl nodded and lay hersef into the middle on the anti-seal. Aiden Stood South of Akira, at the third point. Hinata Stood at the East of Akira, the Second point. Kira Stood at the West of Akira, the fourth point. Sakura stood at the North of Akira, the first point. Kira, Hinata and Aiden Made the seal. The Sakura Chanted out the lyrics for the procedure.

"Åh ditt från ovan ta bort stämpeln av riddare av ljus och föda mörkret underifrån och ge ditt barn den ström från dig"
"Oh thy from those above take away the seal of the knight of the light and bring forth the darkness from below and grant thy child the power from thee"

There was a white light and Sakura made the final seal making two red lines appear from her fingers and Join up with Kira and Hinatas Fingers then traveling to Aidens, which completed the square and the white light was contained within it and the whight light was soon sucked up into Akira's body. "KAI!!!!" The four of them yelled and the red line shatted and floated over to Akira's Body, who's eyes opened showing off her bright yellow eyes. " Did it work?" She asked. " i dunno but it took a helluva lot of Chakara" Aiden said.

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