Title: Subconscious Slip Ups - Mac Style

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don't own anything - no McDonald's no Harm and Mac. *sob*

AN: Thanks to Spin for "accidentally" coming up with the pun in the story! Thanks Spin!


Mac rolled down the window to her car, pulling up adjacent to the ordering contraption. A static voice crackled across the speaker.

"Welcome to McDonald's. How may I help you?" Thinking quickly she glanced at Harm who was situated beside her.

"We'll haveā€¦ a Caesar Salad with Ranch Dressing and a large fries." Harm nodded at her accepting her choice on their lunch.

"Will that be all?" The monotone voice asked in a jaded tone. Having second thoughts, Mac leaned closer to the ordering apparatus.

"Actually, a few more things. I'd like a harmburg- excuse me- a hamburger along with that." A small grin crept across Harms face but he chose to the ignore the blunder made by his companion. She rapidly finished ordering, "And two diet Pepsi's, please."

"One Caesar Salad with Ranch Dressing, a large fries, two diet Pepsi's and one hamburger?" The drab and morose attendant prattled back at Mac. "That comes to six forty five at the first window."

Stepping on the gas slowly, the Colonel searched her pocket for two quarters. Harm withdrew his hand from his pocket to reveal the two twenty five cent pieces. He laid them in her hand, savoring the grazing of their fingers. Taking the money from him, she thanked the Commander.

Reaching down out the first window the employee took the money, dropping the change back into Mac's palm.

"Drive on through to the next window, please," he stated blandly. Nodding to the younger man, Mac pocketed the loose change.

As they received their lunch and a brief smile from the last employee, Mac tossed the brown bag to Harm.

"There you go, Stickboy." Picking up the hamburger he unwrapped it, making a revolted face. Passing the burger to his partner her remarked teasingly,

"One Harmburger for Colonel MacKenzie, coming right up." Grabbing it from him, she jabbed him on the shoulder. "Ow. Watch it there Ninja Girl, go easy on me."

Pulling out of the drive through, the pair headed back to JAG headquarters, Harm grinning innocently while Mac did all she could to withhold a smile.