Disclaimer: Character's are Stephenie Meyer's.

Summary: To Conquer. Because some things are worth fighting for. Blackwater.

I'm not overjoyed with how this one turned out but I'm posting it anyway because there can never be too much of this pairing.

To Conquer

This part was always her favourite. The past hour had been great in itself but there was nothing like this. The burning need had faded to a dull ache and settled at a warmth that made her tingle from head to toe.

She was caught in a heady bliss. Unable to go to sleep but she couldn't keep her eyes open either. Her senses were clouded. Noise from the rest of the world filtered in but it never seemed to reach her. If she was anywhere but in his arms she would be terrified.

She felt soft lips on her forehead and a strong arm pulled her closer. Sighing, she tipped her head back and rested it upon a hard chest. Fingers entwined in her hair and trailed heat down her face until a warm hand stopped over her heart.

She knew what he was doing. It was the same reason she turned her head into the broad chest behind her. They were checking that this perfect moment between them was real, and not a sweet dream too swiftly ended.

Like Me and Sam. She thought. Even now the name sent a sickly wave of bitterness through her. So many memories recalled with one word; so many dreams that would never be realised. The days of dozing in Sam's arms were over.

The arm that held her close wasn't the same that had carried her books home from school. The lips that rained kisses upon her skin and eyes and hair, had never whispered sweet promises in her ear then broken every one. The heart that beat beneath her fingertips had never been given to her and then cruelly snatched away and offered to someone else.

This was a warrior's arm. A lover's lips. A fighter's heart. And together they had battled to keep her by his side.

Fate had already made plans for him and he had held her close and promised he would fight it.

His destiny had been written in stone but he had kissed her lips and vowed to deny it.

The stars themselves had trembled under the force of his love for her and he had fought nature until she had no choice but to release him from his chains.

He had given her his heart in celebration.

Sam had once told her that there was nothing on Earth stronger than imprinting. He was wrong. There was something a million times more powerful and she had found it. It beat in her chest in place of the one she had given away and it was all she really had left.

Fate and destiny had turned their backs on them and all they possessed was a fortress built upon hope and faith and trust. That would be enough for them.

He wasn't Sam. He wasn't shackled to her by cosmic order and his love wasn't forced by some supernatural bond. He could leave her any day, but this man had fought the stars for her and he had won. How could she ever again waste one tear on the man who had never even tried to fight?