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The orange tint of the morning sun crept in through the window of Konoha's number one surprising ninja. It inched across the room until it reached his bed and eventually his eyes, which earned it a cold shoulder and a grumbling Uzumaki. Just as sleep was beginning to retake his consciousness, a loud thump came at the door. There was only one person he knew that would knock that loud this early in the morning. Speaking of which, he glanced over at the clock to realize it was ten AM.

"She's gonna kill me!", Naruto realized as he slid out of bed. When I say he slid out of bed, I mean he tried to get out of bed as quickly as possible, but tripped himself up on his bed sheets, somehow managed to land on his feet, but stumbled over a chair on its side and landed flat on his face.

"Naruto U-zu-ma-ki, I know you're in there. I heard that thump." Sakura shouted through the door. "You know we've had this training session planned for weeks with Yamamoto. "You're going to get a punch for every minute you make me wait." Sakura threatened.

Naruto's eyes were as big as saucers now and he swore that he had to have set a new world speed record for getting dressed and ready.

"Three", Sakura spoke as they headed away from his little apartment. Naruto had never been so scared of a number in all his life, even when he was at the academy and they had handed out the tests which looked like some sort of foreign language to him.

As they headed up the road to the training ground he felt a little relieved that he hadn't gotten his punishment from Sakura yet.

"Maybe she was just pulling my leg and didn't really mean it", he thought hopefully to himself. No sooner had that thought crossed his mind, than a fist quickly ended his optimism knocking him a third of the way to the training that he was over an hour late for.

Sakura had insane control over how much strength she used… most of the time. She wound up and knocked him another third of the way. She chuckled to herself a little, thinking about the new game she had created "Naruto Golf". She was a little less angry with him after her first two strokes, but she still thought that she better not skimp or he'd think she was going soft on him. She couldn't bear to think of what he'd say if he saw her give an inch. In addition to being the most surprising ninja, he must also be Konoha's number one thick-headed ninja, which worked out well when she wanted to dole out punishment. A lesser shinobi might die from the punches she threw.

She found him lying on a cart of straw with a very confused farmer who had just saw a shinobi fall from the sky. Halfway considering letting him off and just dragging his sorry butt the rest of the way, she decided she might as well finish the hole. She couldn't see the grounds exactly due to the trees, but she'd been there o many times that she guessed at it and knocked him skyward. Unfortunately, she hadn't been playing her new game long and had a wicked slice landing him smack dab in the middle of a squad 8 training session notably on top of a very surprised Hinata Hyuga.


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