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Naruto knelt down in the foyer of the quaint little house that made for his love nest with his new bride, sat down on the step leading into the living room facing the door and began to peel away the boots that were soaked in the sweat of a three day hunt for a rogue ninja.

"Let's see… Hinata's out on that mission for the next few days, so I think I'll go see if Kiba or Shikamaru are busy." he finished and plopped them in their normal location. He stretched his arms up and twisted them to work out the kinks that had developed on the trip home. He felt two arms wrap around his chest from behind.

"Welcome home," Hinata smiled and eased his fear.

"What are you doing home?" he asked, surprised to see her.

"They pulled me from the mission," she smiled almost coyly.

"Why? You're not hurt are you?" he looked her up and down.

"No," she almost laughed, "but it was a medical reason."

"You're not sick are you?" he felt her forehead.

"MM-mm," she shook her head.

"Then what happened?" he looked at her a bit confused. She pulled out from behind him, grabbed one of his hands and placed it on her abdomen.

"They don't want to risk losing a future shinobi," she said and stroked his arm gently. For a second, Naruto still seemed confused, but it slowly dawned on him and his face lit up like fireworks in a clear July sky.

"You're-" he pointed.


"That means I'm-"



"Oh they're still seven months away. I'm not even showing yet," she rubbed her belly.

"Wait, 'they're'?" he questioned.

"Oops, let that one slip. I didn't want to get your hopes up, but Sakura said she wasn't sure, but she thought she sensed twins when she was looking, but it is way too early to tell for sure."

"Wow," he was taken aback.

"I haven't told anyone yet. I wanted to wait until you got back, so Sakura is the only one who knows. She's probably just about to burst if we don't say something soon. She was so happy for us."

"We should go tell everyone!" he grabbed her and pulled her up excitedly.

"Woah," she was caught off guard by his sudden pull.

"I'm sorry. Did I pull you up too hard? I need to be more careful." he looked scared.

"It's okay I'm fine. I'm not that far in that I'm that fragile, though I would appreciate you getting used to being a bit more gentle for when I get big." she laughed a bit.

"You've got it," he kissed her and they stepped out the door to spread the good news.

"Alright, dismissed," Tsunade signaled for the group of ninjas to go.

"Granny!" Naruto could hardly contain himself as he blew through the departing group.

"Calm down a bit will you?" she rubbed her temples. "Oh, hello Hinata," she seemed a bit happier to see Hinata.

"How can I? I'm going to be a father! Isn't that great?" he was so excited people could hear him in the hall.

"Yes, I know. Congratulations. Sakura had to tell me, but I haven't said anything to anyone about it yet," she smiled and rested her head on tented fingers.

"Thank you," Hinata gave a little bow.

"You're not the only one expecting though," she smirked.

"Who else?"

"My lips are sealed"

"There's no way I could be… We've been too careful. It wouldn't hurt though to know for sure.," Sakura took a pregnancy test from the drawer. and put a label on the back.

"I'm taking a short break. I'll be back in a moment nurse," she waved at the attending nurse.

"Understood Ma'am" she waved back.

Sakura took the test and returned to her offices with the test hidden.

"You have a patient waiting in room three ma'am" the attending nurse updated her.

"Okay," she slipped in and set her test out of the way.

"What seems to be the matter?" she looked at the clipboard.

"Oh, my arm has been cramping up lately. I've tried everything I can to help it, but I don't know what to do," she extended her arm a bit.

Sakura manipulated her arm a bit.

"I see," Sakura ran her hand over the patient's arm and began to heal the problem spot.

"Looks like someone is going to be a mom, though I guess you couldn't tell me who" the patient managed to see the test.

"What?" Sakura finished and ran over to the test. Her eyes must be deceiving her. This wasn't possible.

"I'll… just show myself out," the shinobi with her healed arm snuck out of the room.

Two green eyes blinked with great effort at the pages of the book as she sat on her father's lap. His voice calmed her and she struggled to stay awake. Her finger was braced thoughtfully to her lips as if deep in thought.

"And the little pony found her friends again, and they laughed and played the rest of their days in the wonderful little pony valley," he finished and slowly closed the book to which his daughters head dropped to the side and she was fast asleep. He picked her up and carried her to the crib and tucked her in.

"We made a pretty good kid," Temari hugged Shikamaru from behind.

"Yeah," he smiled and watched the gentle breathing of their little child.

Just as they had stopped to enjoy the fruits of parenthood, a knock came at the door.

"I'll get it," Shikamaru drew up his wife's hand and kissed it softly.

"I'll be there in a minute," she slid over to let him by and watch their little one coo and wriggle.

"Shh, Chiyo is sleeping," he raised his finger to his lips. "What brings you here?" he looked at the two, who were wearing smiles as big as Gamabunta by now, curiously.

"We're going to be parents too," they clasped their hands tightly together.

"Congratulations." he said surprised.

"How far along are you?" Temari, who had overheard the conversation on her way over, asked.

"Oh, only a couple months along, but we're really excited."

"Well, come on in," he motioned them inside.

They all headed in and sat down in the living room.

"Do you have any questions about anything?" Temari asked.

"Not right now. I'm just really coming to grips with the fact that I'm going to be a mom," Hinata smiled.

"Well, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. It was hard on us, but we got through my pregnancy with Chiyo together and we learned a lot of things, so I'm glad to help."

"The only thing that really worries me is that I might be carrying twins," she squeezed Naruto's hand.

"Wow, that's going to be a handful," Temari said as she sat down.

"Especially if they take after their old man," Shikamaru smirked and was tapped in the shoulder lightly by Temari.

"Oh come on, I wasn't that bad," he awkwardly laughed and rubbed the back of his head. As he finished he looked over at his loving wife and a warm glow shot up around them as they smiled at one another.

"I wonder if they can even hear us right now…" Shikamaru whispered to Temari, to which she almost snickered and pulled closer to him.

"So have you made "The List" yet?" Temari directed at Hinata who seemed to just wake up from a good dream.

"What list?" she looked at her puzzled.

"The list of things you'll need to get or get done before the baby comes. I know it's early, but the sooner you get it done the easier it'll be on you later when you aren't as mobile," she snuck in beside Shikamaru.

"Well at least make the list. It'll help picking up odds and ends after the shower and making the whole thing a lot less troublesome," he smirked.

"I'll be glad to help you get started," Temari smiled, "I know Sakura probably gave you some things, but you really don't know what you're getting into until you've had one of your own."

"Thank you, I really appreciate it," she gained a tiny bit of worry, but she was so happy and knew of all the support she'd have that it diminished.

Chiyo started crying a little from the other room.

Shikamaru got up to go take care of her.

"Hey, Naruto come here," he called from the other room.

"Have you ever changed a diaper before?" he asked as Naruto entered the room.

"No, it hasn't ever come up," he scratched his head.

"Well you're going to have to learn, especially with twins on the way," he set Chiyo on the changing station, First, you need to have everything ready and at your fingertips. Kinda like packing for a mission. We keep ours at an easy reach for us, but out of Chiyo's. Next, you need to have a new diaper ready underneath the old one in case she goes while you're changing her. Any questions so far?"

"Not really, seems pretty straightforward," he made a funny face that made Chiyo laugh.

"I'll give you a list later as to what all you need, but for now here comes the tricky part."

Temari and Hinata had snuck in behind them and were peeking in from the doorway as the lesson continued.

"I think he'll be a fine dad for those kids. I just hope you'll have the energy to deal with them if they have his temperament," she patted her on the shoulder.

"That's what energetic husbands are for," she laughed.

"There, all done," he handed her off to a surprised Naruto who cradled her the best he could with some guidance from the Nara.

She reached up with her little hands and touched the whisker marks on Naruto's face. Her hands slid down as she yawned as she slipped back into sleep. Naruto felt his heart almost skip a beat at the cute little one reaching for him and sleeping so peacefully.

"And that is what lifts you up after a long day of keeping up with them. I've had rough days, but when I come home to see that little girl and she smiles up at me I can't help but be amazed at every little coo. It's some kind of magic."

"Let's put her in the crib Naruto and we'll head back to the other room," Temari guided him down and tucked her in.

The parents and the parents to be talked about pregnancy tips and other things for a while.

Seven months later an exhausted Hinata viewed her two children, one boy and one girl. They looked at each other and then down at their little bundles of joy. The journey of pregnancy had drawn to a close, but the new journey of parenthood awaited them and their two little ones just around the bend. They named them after Naruto's parents.

Sasuke and Sakura had their child not too long afterwards and the three grew up together and became great friends. The child was named Itachi.

Naruto eventually became hokage and through much effort Sasuke became the head of ANBU. Shikamaru became Jonin commander and later had a son.

Naruto had another child and Sakura and Sasuke brought the Uchiha count up to five, including mom and dad.

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