New Roommates



Not Everyone Enjoys A New Challenge. Too Bad He Does.



The Beginning Of A New Story

Touya, Rima is a stubborn, intelligent, beautiful girl who got herself into quite a situation.

But that's beside the point. Actually… it's the whole point.

Anyways, how can a girl that looks like a porcelain doll- so fragile that one little touch can make her break- get stuck in a new moon dormitory with a new roommate, not to mention the fact that he was a boy.

I mean she's too sweet to do anything that could get her mother so enraged with her to ship her off to a school, or military prison to be more exact.

What she needs is to go off to a journey! An adventure! A quest where she can gather random characters and make one of the weirdest heard… uh… group and save the lost child! Just one little problem: she was imprisoned with her new roommate.

Scribbling mad in her journal, Rima faced her window. It was dark out, about 10 o'clockish. She had plenty of time to finish at least five pages of intense-blowing-off-steam-writing. But fate had different plans for her. Like meeting Shiki, Senri for the first time. That first impression would determine her whole fate if she would be happy for the rest of her school life. That first impression would determine if they would be friends or enemies. That first impression would determine the fact if he would go out and buy her some chocolate pocky that would make her jump for glee.



Knock. Knock.


Chirp. Chirp.

As fast as lightning, a pencil could be seen hitting a bird that rested on a branch right outside the window Rima had been staring out.

God rest in peace, Mr. Chirpie.

Now: silence.

Knock. Knock. Knock.


Doorknob turned.

Rima stood there, not moving to reach the handle. She awaited her fate. And as she waited, she could feel her heartbeat fasten. They had hearts? Her eyes had lay upon one of the most gorgeous faces that she had ever seen.


She didn't expect the character that entered her room, they're room, to be straightforward and to greet her with enthusiasm; but she didn't expect to get ignored either.

Shiki walked past her reaching for a book on his desk. It looked like he was reading it before knowing that a bookmark was on a saved page.

Rima took a glance at the cover and read the title. Disastrous. Disastrous. Her roommate didn't have taste, did he?

Shiki sat down on his bed and opened to his page. Rima noticed that he read fast since his eyes were going from left to right in a matter of milliseconds.


Mr. Chirpie would have filled up the silence. RIP. And to think he was with us a few minutes ago. Ahem…

"Hello. I'm Touya, Rima."


No reply, eh?


That got his attention.

"Why did you just hit your leg with an umbrella?"



What was wrong with Rima? She never acts like this. She's usually quiet, stubborn, and a bit rude. She wasn't the gloomy type, but she wasn't Ms. Perky either. And what was with introducing herself. Pffft. She doesn't need this.


"She dies at the end."


Oh, what a nice start. Not only is she acting out of character, but she also ruined the book to her new roommate who she'll be living with for a while.

Frustated with herself she threw a pen this time outside the window. May whoever get hit be okay.

Next thing you know: Mrs. Chirpie is going down, down, down. Good luck in hell, Mrs. Chirpie.

What a nice beginning to her new story.



- Extra Stories -



"Oh, dear. Where should I go put my new nest with my new family? I'm just too excited to choose."

Mr. Chirpie was having a hard time picking a lovely branch to begin his new chapter.

"Aha! What a nice chirp spot." All the bird wanted was to move his family to a bigger, better home, but of course, someone had to ruin it.

Stupid porcelain doll. With her stupid beautiful, orange hair. Her stupid baby blue electrifying eyes. Her damn annoying pale skin. Yeah, dreams don't come true. One reason why: because of that damn girl who threw that pencil.

Was it going 90 mph?


Mr. Chirpie went down, down, down. He landed on the hard, concrete floors. His tongue was sticking out meaning that his time was at the end.

Moments later, Mr. Chirpie's wife, Mrs. Chirpie- now a widow- found her husband dead.

"Oh my! Sweetie! Wake up! Don't leave me with the hideous creatures, er… I mean… our children! Don't die on me!"

Mrs. Chirpie looked through the window and saw a girl standing up and a boy sitting on the bed.

"Awe, what a cute chirp couple."

Did she forget about her husband...?

"I wonder how long it will take for them to be together?"



Two little birds- one was all covered in blue, which resembled his mother, and another had a white, flulffy patch on his stomach, which resembled his father- flew by their mother and started to jerk their head in all directions they could.

"W-where's daddy?"

"Who? OH! Well, there's no easy way to tell you this; but... he's dead."

That was easier than I though.

Gregory and David were speechless. Two little tears started to roll down their cheek. Their father was never coming back?

Maybe if they sacrificed...someone?




Perfect person to sacrifice.

All they need is a plan!


The two birds whipped their heads toward their mother- whip lash? - and saw her falling down on the floor.

Who beat them to it?!

That stupid girl...who we know as Rima.



R.I.P Mr. Chirpie.

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