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Gwen's Love Spell

During a long ride on the Rustbucket Gwen were in the back while Ben was at the table playing his sumo slammer handheld game and while Gwen was in the back reading her spellbook just looking threw spells and more spells then she stumbles on a spell she hadn't notice. "A love spell maybe I could use this to make Ben be my slave and appreciate me but on the other hand he'll be crushing on me hmmm." She thought to herself.

While stopping for gas Grandpa Max called out "Hey Gwen, Ben come on out and see this!" "What is it?" they both said walking out of the RV. "Do you that city over there that's Metropolis!" he said pointing in the far distance. "Yeah I see it that's were Superman lives right?" she said as Max nodded to question "Wow is that were we're going Grandpa!" Ben asked hoping to fight crime next to Superman as one of his aliens. "Sorry Ben we're not we're going to stop at a rest stop past Metropolis and keep going to the next city to meet my old friend Lucius Fox " he said while putting up the gas pump and walking in the Rustbucket and driving back on the road no questions asked except for Ben's "So where does this Fox guy live anyway?" he asked "Lucius lives in Gotham City" Max answered.

Mean while back to Gwen and her spell book focused on how it would be fun to have as her slave but then seeing him giving her such a love sick look, while she was straight in focus she didn't notice Ben looking over her shoulder seeing that she was reading a love spell "A love spell I guess Princess Ugly really needs it cause no one will love you!" he said just to be mean "Oh yeah lets see if it works Pheramonia" she said as she cast the spell "You know Gwen I never realized how pretty you are" Ben said spell struck "Why thank you Ben" she said glad to see that the spell works and looking over to that her grandpa didn't see or her cast a spell on Ben, he didn't he was busy watching the road and listening to his favorite music on the headphones she gave him so her and Ben wouldn't have to listen, she got up from the table and gently walked the small bed room "Ben you mind if you give me a foot massage?" she asked giggling that he's under her spell "I don't mind" he said following her to the back of the RV seeing her sitting on the bottom bunk ready for her foot massage. "I'm ready Ben."She says seductive with one foot in the air, Ben takes hold of her foot sits down and gently massage it. Not knowing how gentle and effective his hands were she let out a slight moan as Ben continued to massage that one foot, as she drifts away her heart began to pace then her slight moan began to continue more and more.

And then what really snapped Gwen back to reality when she felt a bit damp between her legs she woke up from her wonder land yanked back her foot and rushed to the bathroom "What's this?" as she felt down her moist pussy "Am I getting wet from that massage?" she asked her self and looked directly at her wet hand "I have to put an end to this" trying to think straight. "But it felt so good" temptation crying out to her causing her to get wetter just thinking about continuing in the middle of fighting with herself which to stop or continue as she felt the RV come to a stop "Ben, Gwen we're at the rest stop I'll be back and in the morning we'll continue moving early cause I want to show you what Gotham looks like in the sunrise" Max said. When the door closed Gwen decision was made she will continue as she opened the bathroom door she saw Ben standing there in front of the bathroom door with a worried look on his face.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked "No… how good are you with shoulders?" She replied as they went back in the room and slipped in their nightclothes Ben wore a T-Shirt and boxer shorts while Gwen wore a baby blue pajama blouse with tie able lace on each shoulder and underneath is her training bra hoping to have perfect size breasts and with matching pajama bottoms. And as soon Grandpa Max came back and laid the passengers seat back and went to sleep. Gwen untied her laces showing her bare shoulders and Ben started to massage Gwen's shoulders. As all the tenseness slowly fade away she started to moan more and more "Lower" she said and Ben went down to her back rubbing more and more gently "Lower" she replied. And he as went lower he felt her skin get softer and softer so trying not to rough up her soft smooth skin he massaged even more gentler causing her to moan more and more and as she leaned back she softly said "kiss my neck" and as Ben started kissing her neck.

Gwen saw a dry wash cloth lying on the floor she had an idea and cast a levitating spell and brought the cloth to her hand and laid it on her lap as she loosened PJ bottoms and guided Ben's gentle hands to her inner thighs and order her spell bounded prince to continue massaging with out touching her pussy then she grabbed the cloth fold it neatly and slid it under her panties and pressed it against her dripping honey pot knowing she's reaching her end from the massages. And when she was one second away to her climax she grabbed Ben and kissed him to hide her screams of passion as her other hand pressed down using the cloth to absorb all of her cum trying not to soil her Pajama Bottoms and she laid her love slave down opened his mouth and squeezed out her cum from the cloth allowing him to see what her cum taste like.

And as she covered him up while he drifts to sleep she grabs her book and released the love spell and she also went to bed and as she thought about what happened and she wondered if Ben would do it on his own free will."Hey kids wake up we're here" Max shouted to wake Ben and Gwen up as Ben got up and walk to the table still drowsy and rubbing his eyes to see the city clearly "Wow Grandpa your right but why are we here so early its about 7:30?" the sleepy boy asked. "Because Lucius invited us for breakfast, hey go wake up you cousin she have to see the city while the sun is still rising." He explained while Ben started to walk to the back to go wake up Gwen " Wake up princess ugly come and see the city" the boy shouted waking her with an insult and as she started to wake she remembered what happened last night and she let out a small satisfied smile and glad her cousin was back to normal. Then as she got up from her top bunk and walked to the table and looked out the window to see the city in the break of dawn.

"Wow its beautiful Grandpa!" she said with excitement and as she saw Ben staring at the dawning city hoping for some crime to break out so he can go hero before he has to sit and listen to his grandpa and his old friends reminiscing about the good old days. But what he didn't know that he was being stared at by Gwen with lusty eyes remembering what she did last night made her feel so good. "What in the heck are you staring at?" Ben shouted out "I just realized how stupid you look when you wake up." She replied with quick thinking "Be nice you two we're almost there" Max said as he turned another street heading closer to Lucius house, Ben blurted out "Man that's one bad nightmare." Gwen looked at him with a nervous and somewhat guilty look on her face and asked Ben "what was it about?" trying to start a conversation. "It was like I couldn't control myself I was…. making out with y…you Gwen" Ben explained "wow an incest dream…. How did you feel while you were in this dream?" She asked, Ben blushed and replied "I…I don't know" blushing even more just thinking about his dream not knowing it wasn't really a dream. "Did it feel good dreaming it?" Gwen asked adoring watching him blush, she thought to herself "he is so cute when he blushing its making me want to kiss him so much!" "It did kind a feel good but she is my cousin I shouldn't feel this way about her but she has those same eyes in my dream. I feel the same way when I saw she escaped from those Wildvines back when we were looking for the creator of the Omnitrix. But there's more to this feeling like when I met Kai from our trip to New Mexico, oh no I think I'm in love with Gwe…" When the Rustbucket came to a stop Ben was cut off of thought by his grandfather "We're here so you two be on your best behavior especially you Ben!" said Max while getting out of the RV and walking towards the front door. While Ben gets up and walks out to clear his head from his and Gwen's conversation and as Grandpa Max walked up to the door and rung the doorbell, seconds later the door opens and a young man at the age of sixteen looks out. "Oh hi you must be Max Tennyson I'm Nick, Lucius's Grandson its nice to meet you please come in." said the nice young man. "Thanks Nick, oh and these are my grandkids Ben and Gwen." Max replied "Well Max Tennyson long time isn't? We'll be on our way as soon as our other two guest get here." Said Lucius (Knock, knock) "Lucius it's me Bruce we're ready when you are?" the final guest yelled out threw the door. "Bruce who's Bruce?" asked Ben. "Bruce Wayne that Bruce!" Nick replied. So after all the new and surprising introductions everyone went out to breakfast at this nice ritzy restaurant thanks to Bruce Wayne. And taking a tour around Gotham and it was nearly getting Dark.

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